Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To Shower or Not To Shower

To shower or not to shower, that is the question! I know,
what a stupid & silly question that is...of course
the only sane answer is to shower. Or is it!
Now maybe my aversion to showering can be blamed on being
born in the 'PSYCO' generation. Having seen that movie 100's
of times, it does prove a frightening fact... that you are
quite vulnerable while alone in the  shower. ;)
But I can't use that excuse, although I think it's a pretty
good one! No, I have many reasons I have this daily
dialog in my head...what a waste of killing
perfectly good brain
cells, right.
Most people would never admit this to the world, but since
I've decided to write what ever I want on my blog & I just
don't give a shit about what anyone thinks,
I'm sharing one of my secret quirks.
When I was younger & probably most of my life, I did shower
every day. I was an active child, involved in many sports which
makes sense that I'd need a bath everyday. In my 20's & 30's
I always loved to have my hair freshly done & my basic
make-up on just to go about my usual life. In my 40's, which
I think were the best years of my life, I started to shower
every other day or so. The main reason I did this was because
I always liked my hair best the 2nd or 3rd day. Now in my
50's & headed to 60, I have to say...I Hate taking a shower!
Hate it!! To me, it's a complete waste of time & there are
SOOOOO many other things I'd rather be doing then that.
I know, I'm such a fucking weirdo!!!
I like to blame this fact truly on genetics. The Brewer side
of my family has DRY skin...I mean seriously dry skin. We
lack oil of any kind on our skin & hair. I remember when
my grandmother was in her later years, she would cry when
she was made to take a bath. Now that my Dad is 80, his
aversion to bathing has him at a once every few weeks
schedule...ha,ha, ha. And now with me, I'm running on
a couple times a week...completely gross, right.
Since this bathing phenomenon has me thinking & feeling
like such a loser, I decided to do some research on bathing
to see if I'm completely alone in my ideology.
Here's what I found...
               1. If you take daily showers, you may be doing more harm to your body
                than good. A new study shows that bathing too often is actually really
                bad for your skin.
               2. You are also washing away good bacteria that naturally helps your skin. 
               3.  "Cleansing Reduction" is a new trend that happens to leave you with
               better hair and skin. This means bathing only once a week to stop stripping
               the skin and hair of essential oils and good bacteria.
               4. Eco friendly, a great way to save water & to create a smaller Eco Footprint.
OMG...I may be on to something here!!! :))))
Basically it seems that a large part of the NEED for showering
has to do with your lifestyle & where you live. I live in southern
California, which happens to be in a HUGE drought. I also live
on a mountain top where the average weather is dry & cool. I am
not as active as I know I should be, I spend most of my time
inside creating whatever it is that I decide to make that day. I am
a constant hand washer because I HATE getting sick! {I actually
had a flu shot this year & have not had a cold all season, even
being surrounded by a sick husband, daughter & grandchild.}
I am completely anal, even in the most literal term & don't go
to the bathroom without using wipes on EVERYTHING!
There you go...WAY to much information about ME!! lol
That's what I said, Susie tells her truths & talks about what's
on her mind, politically correct or not!
I guess this post is geared towards the other dirty people
in the world. As James Taylor says...'Baby, you've got a friend.'
You are not alone, I feel you. And for the haters, just keep
this in mind...Prince Harry says he hasn't washed his hair
for 2 years, so I'm doing GOOD! ;)
Loved this article on the Mother Nature Network
Peace Out...
Simply Susie

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Timing is Everything

"Timing Is Everything"
by Garrett Hedlund

When the stars line up
And you catch a break
People think you're lucky
But you know its grace

It can happen so fast
Or a little bit late
Timing is everything

You know I've had close calls
When it could've been me
I was young when I learned just how fragile life can be
I lost friends of mine
I guess it wasn't my time
Timing is everything

And I could've been the child that God took home,
And I would've been one more unfinished song
And when it seems a rhyme is hard to find
That's when one comes along
Just in time

I remember that day
When our eyes first met
You ran into the building to get out of the rain
Cause you were soaking wet
And as I held the door
You wanted to know my name
Timing is everything

And I could've been another minute late
And you'd never would've crossed my path that day
And when it seems true love is hard to find
That's when love comes along
Just in time

You can call it fate
Or destiny
Sometimes it really seems like its a mystery

Cause you can be hurt by love
Or healed by the same
Timing is everything

It can happen so fast
Or a little too late
Timing is everything
I LOVE the music in 'Country Strong'...this being one of
my favorites. Ain't it true, Timing truly is Everything!
Simply Susie...

My Journey into Blogland

That's it right there...that was the moment that I had an epiphany,
sitting in the Barnes & Noble in Baltimore on a vacation to visit
my brother. I picked up my very 1st copy of 'Artful Blogging' &
I was hooked! It was May of 2009 & I read this addition from cover
to cover while sitting & drinking my Mocha Frappuccino & all I
could think of was...this speaks to my inner soul. This is not only
who I am, but it who I want to be. I want to be artful & I want to
share my joy & inspiration with the blogging community & so I
dreamed it & so it was done...that's just the way I roll! ;)
June of 2009 I wrote my 1st post & over the past 6 years this
world has lead me on oh so many adventures. Every goal I
had set for myself has basically been fulfilled through my
blogging experience. It introduced me to people & places &
a creative community that I never knew even existed. It took
me to Round Top & a solo trip from the southern coast of
California to Texas on my infamous 'Texas or Bust' tour.
I was introduced to the Junk Gypsy's whom I adore & even
sold some of my wears to them for a few seasons. I got to fall in
love with the whimsy of Magnolia Pearl & although I could
never quite afford her...a few pieces hang in my closet from
the kindness of others & a $200 check I wrote for a homespun
vest. I still think pickin threw baskets of doily's was one of the
high points of my trips. I wanted to start doing digital design
& create blogs for others, check! I wanted to be published in
a Stampington Magazine, check, check. I wanted to meet Jenny
Doh, the editor & chief of Stampington at the time...check, check,
check. I wanted to create a blog full of beauty & inspiration
& I think I managed to do just that...a big check.
And then I just got bored with it all.
Facebook just kinda took over the world & seemed a simplier
place to find out what friends & organizations were doing. I didn't
have to make a big deal over anything, I could simple click like &
that was the extant of my communication. So much less time
consuming then an actual blog. You have to work a blog, you have
to think about content & all those beautiful images you wanted to
share. Facebook was a one stop shop into the world of everyone
& anyone you ever wanted to know & maybe even into a few
you could care less about. And sooooo, Facebook nudged out my
blogging for a while, but as of late I am feeling ever so disenchanted
by it's lack of intimacy. I'm a face in a sea of faces, a sound bite
in a never ending barrage of sound bites. I'm just not feeling it
& it's time for a change...I think it's time for a BIG change.
 Heading toward 59, with 60 right around the corner, I'm looking
for something more. I want a place where I can live my real &
whole truths out loud, not just a pretty & sweet, candy coated
version of me. A place where all my imperfections & madness
can be exposed, along with my beauty & joy for creation. An
open letter to the universe that reveals my tough skin & my soft
underbelly, flaws & all & maybe especially my flaws. There's
a favorite line I have in the movie 'Gone Girl' where the main
character says..."I love to have strangers pick at all my scabs".
I totally get that...she really didn't, but sometimes it's necessary
to be able to share your truths.
So from this moment on, this will be my raw & honest blog, 
probably filled with the curse words I use everyday. Probably
offensive to some & not always the happy place I use to try
& give my readers. This time it's for me & anything goes &
if not a soul reads it or comments on it...I am soooo cool with
that. I'm just going to put it out there, my own personal journal
because I've never been good about jotting thoughts down on
a piece of paper & besides...everything is better with a few pics!
Simply Susie...

Monday, December 22, 2014

More Vintage Christmas Ads!

Well here we are again, just a few days away from the Miracle
of Christmas & I'm thinking...'What would be a fun thing to
blog about?', when I remember one of my most popular
posts was the one I did 3 years ago on...
Vintage Christmas Ads!
They always make me smile & even provide a few Holiday
chuckles, which is always appreciated right about now.
For example, look at the wonderment & joy all the street goers
have when they see this top of the line, Smith Corona typewriter.
It's reminds me of walking by the Apple store today & look at
the little girl. She's so darned excited, she's got her nose
pressed up against the window! That's a secretary
in training without a doubt, right!
This ad is truly appropriate, because really...who wouldn't want a Rolex
for Christmas. I would just like a Rolex before I die,  although I'm
quite sure THAT will never happen. The part of this ad that
is disturbing for me, is that I'm pretty sure this gentleman
is stalking someone under the Christmas Star!
Now, I know I'm being very paranoid & I DO watch way to much of
the Investigation Discovery channel...but look at the scene. He's
dressed all in black, he's wearing gloves, he's got binoculars,
it's pitch black outside & he's lookin at his new Rolex.
Something's up here people, just sayin!
 The gift of a Holiday Ham, I totally get it. What says Christmas
better then a choice cut of pork? I watched 'Christmas With
The Kranks' & that's REAL!
Oh, I just had to include this ad cuz I NEVER knew how much
fun TAPE could be. That's right, TAPE! All the movie stars
& celebrities have it & they're decorating EVERYTHING
with this amazing sticky stuff. You can even tape all of
your Christmas cards on to your tree,
way to go BING!
From my last post we all know how much cigarettes are loved &
wished for by everyone on your Christmas List. I mean the slogan
says it all...'Make it a Happy Go Lucky Christmas! Give
cartons of Luckies!' Well, I couldn't imagine wanting
anything more, that is except for...
a new ZIPPO Lighter!!! Look at the joy the shop owner has playin
with fire with those cute little kiddos! How old do you think
those little guys are?? Maybe 5 & 7...you're never too
young to learn about how to work a ZIPPO.
 These kids are even YOUNGER, standing at the door of their parents
room early Christmas morning, each with a personalized ZIPPO
lighter for Mom & Dad. Even the dog looks excited! Looks
like little Johnny may have been practicing with his. I
hope they don't hear any fire trucks in the background,
as they frolic with their holiday cigs & flames. ;)

Even though white twinkle lights ALWAYS make everything
look better, I still love the glow of a hot, colored bulb on an
old tinseled Christmas tree. I can remember burning my
arm on them when I'd be decorating the tree, but
who cares, hot or not, they looked Great!
Even today, the gift of a Holiday FILL UP is probably one
of the most prized gifts a person can receive. Yes, the prices
are dropping, but there is still nothing like saying, 'Filler
up with Ethel' at 50 cents a gallon & not even having
to get out of the car. Ahhh, those WERE the days! 
Oh my GOODNESS, you bet I'll never forget the Christmas I
got my first Cadillac. That's cuz it NEVER happened &
I'm pretty sure it won't be happening any time soon.
But one can always hope & of course, ask Santa
again next year! DREAM BIG!!
And last but not least, a Christmas wish from someone
we all love & respect...
Happy Holidays from OJ Simpson & the words that will go down in
infamy. "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit." And we did
my friends, we certainly did. LOL
I hope you enjoyed our blast from the past with all of the Wonderful
Vintage Christmas Ads & if you'd like to see my 1st post like this,
you can find it here. Dearest friends, I'm wishing you a Holiday
filled with LOVE & Laughter & a New Year Blessed
with PEACE. Big Hugs....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vintage Handtinted Christmas Postcards

Happy Holidays Sweet Hearts!!!
I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving, with Christmas right around 
the corner. I adore the holidays, but the older I get TIME just seems
to get away from me. Sooooo before it gets too far into the season,
I'd love to share some of my favorite Angel & Christmas
Vintage Hand Tinted Postcards with you.

There's so many ways you can use these gorgeous images...

once printed out, you can make them into name tags...

adhere them onto fabric with glitter to make ornaments...

print them on fabric to make sachets or small pillows...

your imagination truly is the only limit you have!




Celebrate the Season!

Peace, Love & Joy...


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Birthday Book & A Hopeful Reunion

Greetings Sweet Friends...
What a wonderful summer we've had this far, so many
adventures shared with loved ones. We just got back
from Casinos in Nevada, National Parks in Utah
& my Sister's Ranch in Colorado, all with
our grandson Kai...the perfect vacation!
But today, I want to tell you about a little book I bought at an
antique store years ago, it's well worn  pages turned so many
times they are now coming apart. It was a gift to Miss Lottie
Burkett on her 19th birthday in 1909. 'The Year And The
Day, A Tennyson Birthday Book' & Lottie filled it in
with all her loved ones births & deaths, all her life.
She got this book before she was married, but
it includes her husband, children &
grandchildren's important dates.
Who could part with such a treasure?
This is a question I have asked myself so many times over
the years, finding myself drawn to vintage record books
but once getting them home & scouring through them,
realizing they are a missing piece to someone's family
 history. And because family history is so important
to me, I can't imagine it not being important
to someone else.
I have attempted to find that person over the years who is a
descendant of Lottie, some one who would treasure this
little book as I have, but to no avail. This morning I had
an idea & the time to actually work it through. I would
create a Family Tree on Ancestry.com & research her
family line, hoping to ultimately find a family
member who is also researching her.
Because of Lottie's excellent record keeping, I was able to do
just that...starting with her Grandparent's & taking the tree
down to her Great Grandson, I have now contacted another
Ancestry member to see if they can assist me in reuniting
this amazing family heirloom with it's rightful owner.
{I believe this is Lottie's grandson Arnold}
This is a joy for me to do & a way to pay back the Ancestry
community for the many gifts it has given me, photographs
with faces I thought I would never see, generosity &
kindnesses I can never repay. I'll keep you posted
as to what happens next, it will be exciting! :)