Friday, May 7, 2010

A Daughter's Refection

Mother's Day is always a little bittersweet for me. The Bitter...I am a motherless daughter & have been since I was 16. I got married without a glowing mother standing by my side. I had my only daughter without a mother's guidance, love & support. Alone, her father & I tried to figure out what 'to do' with a newborn. And when I got to experience the joy of watching my own grandson being born, I longed for a mother's touch to share in that joy. In each decade of my life there has been a new thing to miss about not having a mother. I am also not alone.

The Sweet...The joy of my life has been in being a mother. The beautiful gift of having my own child, of understanding the true & pure feeling of unconditional love, of being able to mother her in the way I wished I had been mothered & to have come full circle through that joy to the unimaginable love I feel towards my grandchild has healed my soul.

In Celebration...I still celebrate with an open heart the beauty & tribute of Mother's Day. I celebrate all the women in my life, family & friends, who have taken my hand & helped guide me to become the mother I am. I celebrate my sisters as we have mothered each other through our life's journey & who without their love & kindred souls I would have felt alone. I celebrate the memory of a mother lost & the knowledge of a mother found in simple nuances that are me. I celebrate the mother that my daughter is with her sweet & gentle touch & tender, encouraging words to my beautiful grandson.

And, I celebrate a father who has been both parents to me, my confident, my protector, my advocate & my friend. Life is truly sweet my friends, for in every twist & turn of it, I have been so blessed! Whether I've gone to the deepest of valleys or been tossed, wind blown from the highest of hills, in all places, I have found love & felt loved. Thank you God, thank you universe, thank you my if saying a prayer, I whisper thank you.

So on this Mother's Day, my wish for you friends in what ever form it takes, is...LOVE!
"My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tune." ~ Graycie Harmon


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congrats Judy & more for rosa & josie's

Congratulations Miss Judy for winning my 100th Friends Give-Away! I love the idea that even if I never get a chance to visit New Zealand, my handcrafted brooch, ring & necklace are going on an amazing adventure. They will travel in trucks & be loaded onto planes that will fly over vast oceans, that will land on an island & be delivered to the front porch of a friend. Life is amazing! {if only they could write, lol}

My wonderful friend, jewelry artist Diane Cook from rosa & josie's , & I worked together on another postcard design for one of her upcoming classes 'Rhinestones & Rosaries'. Her jewelry design is awesome & I'm extremely excited about the opportunity to feature some of her beautiful pieces here at my shop.

If you have a chance, stop by her lovely blog to say hi & take a look at some of her gorgeous jewelry, along with her scheduled upcoming classes & workshops. I sooooo wish I lived in Texas & could learn from the best, how to make my own vintage inspired art jewelry. {I don't know when, but I do know I WILL take one of her classes, it's part of my 'MUST DO' list!}
And to you Diane, a HUGE Thank You for all of your business, for your patience with me while I learn, for your insistence of excellence, for your referrals, for your lovely post & most importantly...for your friendship! I can't wait until September Friend!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Yipeeeee...Today's The Day!!!!

{all images from Getty Images}
Hey, Sweet Friend...Do you know what day it is today???

Today is the day that vintagesusie announces the WINNER of her 100 Friends Give-Away, I can't believe it's finally here...we've waited almost a month for this.

"Oh Kim, do you think it could be one of us?" Lucy asked excitedly!

"I don't know who the winner might be" thought Linda, "but I'm not willing to take a chance being caught not looking my best."

Even the children could feel the excitement as the time grew near for this much anticipated announcement!

Diane sat back in her chair trying to remain calm, thinking of the sweet mountain of bootie that could be hers, if only her name was chosen.

Others, who will be nameless, could not contain their greed & tried in vain to find out the winner to no avail.

"It's time, it's time..." screamed Sylvia, unable to control her emotions one second longer. As the drum roll started the contestants fell into an eerie silence.

The time had finally come and vintagesusie took the stage. Initially, she was slightly confused & wasn't sure why all the eyes were on her. She started to sing a little ditty, but could feel the audience growing anxious.

She quickly rebounded & went into a little soft shoe, when suddenly someone in the angry mob yelled out, "give us the name"! The cloud lifted from vintagesusie's head as she recalled why she was there. Clearing her voice she began to speak, "The winner of my 100th Friend Give-Away is..."

"JUDY of New Zealand from MANGAROA MADE!!!" The crowd breaks out into a long cheer as Judy, stunned, can't believe she's the LUCKY winner! "Thank you, oh, thank you so much!" Judy says overwhelmed by the mere thought of her good fortune. The contestants rush over to Judy to wish her a hearty congratulations, some even try & touch her thinking her good luck might just rub off on them for the next Give-Away.

Arriving home that evening, some found themselves in a bit of a malaise thinking "I never win those darn Give-Aways, why couldn't it have been me?" Now these words come from vintagesusie herself, so take heed...
"Please Friends...don't feel disheartened! I only need 56 more friends to have my 200th Friends Give-Away & I promise, it will make this Give-Away pale in comparision!!!"
A soft murmer quickly became a loud roar...
"Long Live Queen Susie, Long Live Queen Susie!" ;) LOL
What a FUN Dream, Right... I think the Crown Jewels post has gone straight to my head!
Congratulations Dear Friend Judy & Thanks to all my Friends who entered & made this such a Fun Give-Away!!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

'It's Good To Be QUEEN'

I have always been fascinated by English royalty. Maybe it's because
of the direct line of lineage that goes back beyond what I could ever
imagine. Maybe it's because my maiden name Brewer, can be traced
back to Old English roots. Maybe it's because the history of the royals
is filled with intrigue, marrying cousins, hemophilia & beheadings
or maybe it's just because of the
Crown Jewels!

Queen Victoria was born Alexandrina Victoria on May 24, 1819.
At the tender age of 18 years old, she became the Queen of England
& on that day she inherited the Crown Jewels. Victoria loved
diamonds & in 1857 she commissioned this amazing Collet necklace
& earrings. The necklace consists of twenty-nine collet diamonds adding
up to a weight of over 160 carats of diamonds. The necklace contains
a famous stone as the pendant named the Lahore Diamond which weights
22.48 carats. The earrings are of typical design, large brilliant followed
by a smaller one, with a large pear shaped drop... OMG!

She is wearing them in both of the photographs above...
can you even imagine?

Queen Victoria bequeathed these jewels to the Crown in her will.
Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary wore the necklace at their
Coronations in 1901 and 1911 & Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother)
wore both necklace and earrings in 1937, as did her daughter
Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation in 1953.

Queen Alexandra is seen here with her 2 daughters, wearing the
Collet necklace... but with all that bling I have to use a magnifying
glass to find it. A top her regal head sits the George IV State
Diadem Crown made in 1820 for his Coronation.

100 years later or so, here it is on Her Majesty the Queen.
{can you see Queen Victoria's Collet necklace peeking out from under
her stole & yes, those are the matching earrings}

The King George IV State Diadem Crown in all it's stunning Glory!
The diadem includes 1333 diamonds weighing 325.75
carats with 169 pearls along its base.

And last, but most certainly not least, the Vladimir Tiara.
Bought by Queen Mary from the Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia,
the Aunt to the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, after her exile.

{Did you know that Queen Victoria was the Grandmother of Alexandra,
wife to Nicholas II whose family was murdered by Bolsheviks in 1918?}

And now we've come full circle as the Vladimir Tiara rests gently a top
the current sovereign's royal head. I didn't mean for this to turn into a
history lesson, but I did tell you I find it all sooooo fascinating!!!

So, what's the moral of this story you may ask?
Sometimes it's Good to be Queen, look at all the awesome jewels
you get to wear! But, maybe we should ask the wives of Henry the VIII
what they thought before we jump to that conclusion.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Costume Design & Imagination

{The Young Victoria}
Here's a little eye candy for you, my bestest friends, from some of my favoritest movies.
Look at this stunning yellow dress with cream lace, how gorgeous it looks accented against the deep, green hedges.

{Pride & Prejudice}
Mr. Darcy..oh Mr. Darcy, I take in every detail of his costume from the buttons on his waistcoat to the ruffles on his simple, opened necked, white cotton shirt...ahhhhhh! {look how the sun rises like a halo in his hair}

{The Duchess}
Whether it's the simple grandeur of the English countryside or the lush dreaminess of a palace in France, I am transported to another place & time, making me long for petticoats & lace, hats & ribbons & a long skirt with a slightly muddy hem, dragging on the path behind me.

{Marie Antoinette}
Who wouldn't want to eat french pastries & wear diamonds & wonderful, lavish gowns if you were living in Paris at the palace & money was no object? {well, I mean it was an object...she just didn't quite understand how much}

{Sense & Sensibility}
Can you see that 'ever so sheer' neck scarf Marianne has on? It's just enough to be proper & yet still sheer enough to be naughty...I love it!

{Age of Innocence}
And what about lace parasols...battenburg lace parasols. The idea of a women's skin being so sensitive & fair that it needs to be shielded from the sun at all times is just too romantic! I want a lace parasol with a bamboo handle. I close my eyes & see myself walking down a path in the English countryside along a sparkling lake with the sunlight filtering through the leaves. I lift my face up to the sun just as I open my parasol & in that moment...all is right with the world.

Smiles friends & thanks for coming with me!