Monday, April 18, 2011

More Round Top, are ya kiddin???

No Sweeties...I am NOT kiddin!
I still have MORE pictures of my beloved Round Top to share with y'all.
So grab a cup of, 'Whatever Sounds Good Right About Now', kick back & enjoy the tour!! ;)

I LOVED the Coffee Bug!!!
I spent many a cold morning huddled under it's canopy, warming myself by the glow of an electric heater, holdin a hot cup of JOE.
{or in my case, Cafe Mocha}

Loved this sweet gal & 'Wild March Hares'...

she 'Doilified' my life!

This was the booth where I made my very 1st purchase of the festival & what did I buy??

Why, a Doilified Purse of course!!
Karen of Valentine Designs & I, both got purses here.
I adored the tea stained purse on the top, unfortunately it was a little more $$$ then I wanted to spend. But that's ok, cuz I LOVE mine & have used nothin but ever since.

Yummmmmmy Stuff...

this girl could make a doilified toilet seat look good! ;)

Paris Montana's booth is in a vintage, Bambi Airstream...soooo very cool!

As is her amazing, over the top jewelry designs!

In her case, I would have to say,
less isn't always more...

sometimes, more truly is just... MORE!!


Renck Hall is another one of the halls that was just, 'Out in the Fields'.
I mean really, talk about a 'Field of Dreams'!  ;)

I was enchanted by all the Textures...

& Color that is Round Top.

I bought a TON of goodies from this Lil Darlin, Claudia from Just Claudia Vintage Junkie blog.
Thank you Sweet Sheila  from Blessed and Distressed blog for giving me her name & helping me find her again!!

she had everything that I LOVE...

little bits & pieces of, STUFF...

old tin types, burlap bags & bottles...

Flotsam & Jetsam...

& doll heads.

And her prices were super GREAT, I just couldn't pass anything up!
I know, I know...y'all are gettin tired of Texas.
We're almost done, I PROMISE...this is the last of the shoppin pictures.
I just still have to show you the Music Institute & a little Dallas, Fort Worth.
They will be WORTHY, I swear!! lol
Thanks for stickin in there with me Sweet Hearts, you know I just want to take you with me everywhere I go!

with XOXO's

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Sweet Friend Diane Cook & Marburger Farms

Yesterday was gloomy, but today is filled with sunshine & I'm ready to do...
Not sure what, but definitely something!

But 1st, a quick post to share with you some pics of my Sweet Friend,
amazing booth at Marburger Farms!

Diane is an awesome Jewelry Designer & Teacher.

Her Etched & Layered Cuffs,
Rhinestone & Rosary Necklaces
& Ice Resin Charms & Necklaces

So yummmmmyyyyy!!

I had to buy some of her Sari Silk bundles, the hues were fabulous! ;)

A drawer filled with her gorgeous handmade earrings...

all her dispalys were DIVINE!!!

Don't you ADORE her Ice Resin Charms???
She teaches classes on how to create most of her designs, just head over to her blog rosa & josie's to find out where she will be teaching next. She's heading to my neck of the woods, So Cali, in May & I can't wait to take her Etched & Layered Cuff class, I LOVE those bracelets!!!

{I'm so diggin the look of those boots Charlene!}
My 2 favorite people in Texas...
Sooo Beautiful Inside & Out!
I LOVE these girls!!!  ;)

Random Marburger shots...

looks like a chair pyramid...

Tuscan urns with sheet music...

vintage metal it!!!

Well, I'm off to shower & shine & to do SOMETHING FUN!!!
I still don't know what, but I think it's comin to me! ;)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

vintagesusie, Magnolia Pearl & Robin Brown

I ADORE this picture taken by my sweet & beautiful friend Riki of Riki Jewelry!
Opening morning at Marbuger Farms, Magnolia Pearls booth,
with me & the creator of all things Pearl, Robin Brown.
In my own personal heaven, we are all flying high with our glorious white wings,wearin nothin but our ruffly Pearl, flower & ivy wreaths upon our heads, surrounded by bird's, nest's & robin eggs, listening to The Zac Brown Band, some Willie & Waylon & a little Bonnie & Jackson.
Take me now sounds Divine!!! ;) 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

500 Friends & Something Special for Natalie!

Good Morning Sweetest of Hearts...
Something amazing has happened to me!!!
Yesterday, I hit what was a huge milestone for me & vintagesusie & wings.
My Dearest Natalie from Tin & Treasures, signed up as my 500th friend!!!

I joined the blogging community 2 summers ago after buying my 1st issue of Artful Blogger at the Barnes & Noble in Baltimore's inner harbor. To be honest at that time, I had heard of blogging, but had absolutely no idea what it was. I could never have imagined the journey this amazing community would take me on!

The places I've been, the people I've met, the friends I've made, the inspiration I've felt, the creativity that's shared, the generosity of spirit, it all has truly just blown me away!!

But for now, back to NATALIE!
Congratulations on being my 500th FRIEND!!!
{balloons are rising, fireworks light up the sky, the sound of cheering can be heard from far & wide, a diamond tiara is placed on your lovely head, 499 heads all turn your way as we walk together to the podium & I pick up the mic}
Sweet Natalie, natalie, natali...{echo}
Thank you so much for becoming my 500TH, 500th, 500...{echo}

You are the winner of an unknown giveaway that I have had in mind for along time now.
Please email me with 3 little things...your name, your mailing address & some of your favorite vintage items that you would have been looking for, if you had gone to Texas with me!
You are my milestone Friend, friend & I can't wait for you to receive your Major Award!
{all things lead back to 'Christmas Story', lol}

The crowd breaks out into a loud and roarous chant...Natalie, Natalie, Natalie,
 as she skips happily off the stage & into the throng of admiring friends!!! ;)
I adore all of you, my Sweetest of Hearts & THANKS to all of you for being a part of my amazing ride!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marburger Farms & Sweet Magnolia Pearl

Happy Sunday Sweet Hearts!!
Oh my many more scrumptious pictures to show you from the 'Crazy in Texas' Tour 2011! Here are a few of my very favorites. On opening day at Marburger Farms, the thing that is on most women's mind is...'Get me to the Magnolia Pearl booth ASAP!!'

It truly is a Feast for the Eyes!

The theme this spring was 'BIRDS' & they were everywhere.

Birds flyin through the booth made from old books & real birds singin in handmade wire cages...

huge flowers made from newspaper...

a sky of woven twine...


To bask in the glory of Magnolia Pearl ruffles is pure heaven on earth...

simply yummmmmy!

I LOVED this Pearl tote with the embroidered birds on it

& gorgeous Krista wears it ALL so well!

Robin's designs for the spring were so beautiful, vintage romance was everywhere. I loved these split ruffled bloomers with the ties, I know Riki got a pair of those.

So, since I ADORE MP so much & really don't have the $$$ to buy what I'd like, on this journey to Texas I bought DOILIES!! Yes, about a million DOILIES! LOL

My thought being, anything must look better with a doily added to it...right?
A doily as a pocket or a patch, added to purses or as an edging.
Yeah I gotta tell ya, right now I'm all about the DOILY!  ;)

Sweet friends Riki & Charlene with our darlin Krista, all decked out in their Pearl.

And my 'Crazy in Texas' pal Cindy who is a complete hoot, actually GAVE me, did you hear that right, GAVE me a pair of MP bloomers! Can anyone say, 'Susie LOVES Cindy'?  ;)

More flowers...

more ruffles...

& more PEARL!

Here's Robin Brown, designer of everything PEARL, helping Cindy adjust her pearly straps appropriately & since Cindy was havin a MP Bloomer Giveaway on her blog...Robin had to pick a number between 1 & 64 to choose the big WINNER.
And the WINNER is... 

you got it, SEVEN! Lucky number 7!
Just so y'all know, the cheapest MP bloomers are $200 & the ones in the giveaway are brocade.
Like I said...LUCKY number 7!

This display was sooo coool, the dress was completely coated in wax & the live birds sang beautifully perched on their antique food stand. There you have it my friends, a little Magnolia Pearl to start your Sunday off right...I hope you had as much fun as I did!
Now, I'm off to Laguna Beach for lunch at The White House with my family. My brother is here from Baltimore interviewing for his fellowship in vascular surgery at several CA university hospitals...
Stanford, USC & Loma Linda.
Yeah, he's wicked smart!  ;)