Tuesday, November 29, 2011

See Possibility, Be Bold...

Greetings Sweetest of Hearts...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

My family & loved ones had a delightful time together, filled with

yummy food, bright sunshine, skies of blue & sparkling ocean waves.

What else could anyone ask for, right! 

I celebrated my Double Nickle birthday over the weekend, which added to the festivities

& wanted to share with you the sentiments from one of my favoritest cards.

See Possibility,

Be Bold,




...Then Follow Through...

I LOVE That!

Thank You so much Diana & Rowan for the SEEDS

planted with these beautiful words.

I feel so BLESSED to be doing exactly what I want to be doing,

hammering words on spoons that mean something to me,

that mean something to someone else & allowing that to be Enough. 

{Courtney, Kai & Munga, Thanksgiving 2011}

'SPOONIN' is my Follow Through...

I am learning to 'DREAM BIG'

& in doing so, I am truly seeing the possibilities.



Monday, November 21, 2011

French Larkspur, A Purse & A Birthday

Happy Monday Sweeties...
This week is a very Special One for all of us with Thanksgiving literally,
right around the corner.
But being a Thanksgiving Baby, that means my birthday is right around the corner too!  ;)
{this Friday to be exact}

I had been thinking about what I might want for my special day & being the purse
junkie that I am, of course I thought of a new purse. Initially my mind went to the basics,
Coach, Brighton, maybe something really fancy...
& then I remembered a purse I had fallen in LOVE with when I had last
seen my dear friend Charlene of My Heart's Ease.

She had told me she ordered it from Tracey at The French Larkspur,
so that set me on my quest to find the PURSE of my DREAMS.
Well, the purse of my DREAMS arrived today, along with some other little
wonders that Tracey sweetly tucked into my parcel.

Some pages torn from old french books, adorable little paper butterflies
made from vintage paper & a beautiful, vintage, handwritten
french ledger sheet...I ADORE them!

And Viola...there it was just as lovely as I had remembered it!!!

Rousseau No 56...
I told you I liked that purse when I saw it Charlene, I really, really liked it!!! LOL

Now when we walk the fields of Marburger together, we'll have our matching
purses & our Maggie Pearl on & we'll look STUNNING!!! :))
Love you friend!!

And as if that wasn't enough, my Daddy got me the new Kindle Fire for my birthday,
 which has been attached to my arm since I opened it.
Life is Good...
& if I don't get back before hand, I want to wish everyone a
Wonderful Thanksgiving,
& most of all


Monday, November 14, 2011

HELP ME...Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet???

Happy Monday Sweeties...
Y'all want to know what I did this weekend??
What did I OBSESS about??
Whether to get the Amazon Kindle Fire or
the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet for my birthday!
Sad, huh!
{kindle fire}
I'm a Thanksgiving baby...
this year my birthday is the day after Thanksgiving,
but a girl's gotta start thinking about these things early.
Lists MUST be made, without a LIST I would probably get a ROBE...lol!
I don't want a ROBE!!

{nook tablet}
What I REALLY want is a tablet!
Now, I know ipad2 has come out & is number 1 on
EVERY BODY'S LIST as the top of the line tablet...
but I don't want to spend $500 on my tablet.
I would LOVE the front & rear camera that comes on some of the
other more expensive brands, but I have a great camera & that's
just a bell & whistle that I really don't need.
I debated over the weekend, if I wanted a 10" tablet or a 7" tablet.
After much deliberation, I decided the 10" would be a little big & awkward
to work with while out & about & that's really what this tablet will be all about.

{kindle fire}
Are ya still with me???
If you've stuck it out this long I want to give you a BIG OLE HUG!! LOL
So, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, both new & out this month.
Amazon's Kindle Fire at $199 & Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet at $249.
The price is not an issue, they're close enough for me not to worry about that.
Here's the big difference,
the Kindle has very little internal memory,
 but it has Amazon's extensive library of movies, music, games & books
to choice from, plus free storage on their Cloud network.

{nook tablet}
The Nook has 16 GB worth of internal storage & the ability to add a card that can
hold 32 GB worth of memory. It's the world's largest bookstore with all that
in the palm of your hand & because it's a brick & mortar store, which Amazon isn't,
it has in store technical support.
My brain hurts just writing all of this!!! LOL
Sooooooo, Sweetest of Hearts...
I know it's not rocket science or brain surgery or anything of any great importance,
but which would you get it you were me???
Any & ALL suggestions will be greatly
In the end, it may come down to the toss of a coin,
but it would be great to base my decision on something other then,
HEADS or TAILS!!!  ;)
Have a Wonderful Week Friends!!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharon Stone's Wardrobe in The Quick & the Dead

Howdy Sweet Hearts!!!
I know, what a random post, right!
But does anyone else LOVE Sharon Stone's AMAZINGLY AWESOME
wardrobe in The Quick & the Dead???
This movie came out in 1995 & I've probably seen it at LEAST 100 times
& one of the reasons I can NEVER pass it by when it's on, is because of
Sharon's ROCKIN, ASS KICKIN clothes in this movie!

Her duster is to DIE for!
Can you see all the embroidery work that covers the shoulder flaps & arms?
And that scarf is just way too cool...
It's light weight which is perfect, but what you can't see in these pics,
is that it goes to the floor. I WANT IT!

As soon as she came out in these tiny, wire rimmed sunglasses...
I KNEW I was gonna dig this movie!

Look at the detail on the top portion of this dress,
sexy & sweet & gotta have some!

And as if her lace gloves, stockings & tiny pistol wasn't enough,
those sterling silver rings ROCKKK!!

This pic is kinda blurry, but I LOVE this jacket, it's my favorite!!
The ornamentation on it is incredible.
What you can't see in this picture is that on her shootin arm,
she has a brooch similar to the one at her waist, that keeps the bell
sleeve from gettin in the way of her killin!!! lol

And talkin about the waist brooch....come on, really?
Who wouldn't feel like a bitchin broad wearin that BEAUTY!

{I can't get enough of this jacket & look how she tucks her
gloves over her holster belt in the back}

This too, is one of my favorite looks from the movie...
she's got her amazing duster on & she's ready to reek some serious havoc in this town!

I LOVE her skin tight, dirty white, brocade vest with fabric covered buttons,
her holey, white gauzy shirt with those cool, below the shoulder gathers,
that she wears everyday & sleeps in, & her exquisite silk neck scarf.

The tooled leather holster & ivory handled gun, are just the icing on the cake.
I mean look at that BUCKLE!!!

Soooooo...there's got to be a moral to this story, right???
Hmmmm, let me think.
That deep down inside of this California girl,
a KICKASS OUTLAW longs to come out
Don't make the mistake of Pissin off a
Woman with Bitchin Style, who can SHOOT!!!
Now, I'm gonna try & channel my inner outlaw,
try it...you might like it!!!  ;)


Monday, November 7, 2011

KC Willis & Friends

Thanks Marilou, for this picture of you & Me & KC
surrounded by her beautiful artwork!!!
What a Fabulous Day...
I'm ready for MORE PLEASE!!!!  ;)


Thursday, November 3, 2011

KC Willis & My 'Fallen Angel'

Evenin' Sweeties...
It's time for the Big Reveal for my Mixed Media Collage I made
at KC Willis's Workshop in Huntington Beach....
'Fallen Angel'.

Gathering up my embellishments from home before the class,
I already had in mind the idea of a 'Fallen Angel'.
I have been saving a pair of brass wings I got at Sandy Schor's booth
in Round Top, Texas for something special & for me this class was
Something Special!

I brought some of my favorite Texas dollies, a vintage locket,
some beautiful little vintage buttons Lori Anderson had given me,
an old rusty skeleton key my hubby dug up in my sister's yard while
doing some construction & a cool old, metal GIN bottle tag.
I didn't have my own image, I wanted to pick from one of KC's & when I
saw 'HER', I knew she was the ONE!

One of the things KC said, was to let your image SPEAK to you.
Her words will come, she will unfold herself if you just listen.
And then she spoke...
"a baby's got to eat, I do what I got to."
You can imagine the rest of the story...
The coolest thing was that my locket had an initial on it.
A 'M' for Mother, I put a picture of a vintage baby inside of it.
She hangs proudly on one of my favorite Texas ceiling tins in my living room,
with an ANGEL watching over her & her baby.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KC Willis's Workshop ROCKED!!!!

 {the fabric table, I took that top piece}
Really....I mean REALLY Friends???
Is this what an Art Retreat is like?
Is this what I've been missing ALL my life??

 Yesterday, I spent the entire day with KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch & some of the
most delightful, talented & creative women you could ever meet.

 We gathered at a Community Room in Huntington Beach, California.
I got there a little early as they were setting up tables of fabric, paper,
sewing machines, baubles & buttons. It was a FEAST for the eyes!

KC had brought some absolutely AMAZING pieces of her original
fabric collages & had them set up for us all to look at & fall in LOVE with,

Now, I'll tell you a secret...
 I'm a little bit of a KC Willis groupie, all though she wouldn't know that.
I have been following her work & her on-line workshops for years &
quietly coveting her work.

 Not only does the textures & layers & time worn images of her work appeal to me,
but her STRONG WOMEN & their SAYIN's & QUOTES, have captured my heart!

"Inside Every Woman a Gypsy Girl Dances by the Fire."

KC Willis also had these fabric collage envelopes that were pieces of art themselves,
filled with three CD's of workshops & demonstrations on how to create
some of her most popular techniques & art work...pretty cool right!
You can find these HERE if your interested.  ;)

A stack of some of her yummy goodness!!!

I wish I could have gone back today because she was teaching how to make
these awesome Mixed Media Collage Books.

Here's a couple inside pages she had at the workshop as an example...

aren't they FABULOUS!!!

This flag is to die for, it's spectacular with all it's vintage fabrics, red ticking stripes
& multiple vintage image transfers...loving EVERYTHING about it & you can get it in a kit!!!

So what can I say about KC?
She is a spirit filled with light & it's contagious.
Her mantra is 'Give it ALL Away'...you will get back more then you could ever imagine.
She reminds me of one of the Strong Women in her artwork...
she's funny & sassy & I adored her!
{check out her ministry work at The Pine Ridge Reservation on South Dakota}

She holds nothing back, she teaches you ever little technique she uses to create her Magic...

and as we all started our own creations, KC's Magic filled the room & we took FLIGHT!

This being my very FIRST workshop, I can see how you could get addicted to the process,
being surrounded by so many creative & generous women was a delight.

Friends, I had SOOOOOO much fun working on my own creation!  ;)
I learned how to be brave sewing with layers of  fabrics, fibers & papers,
I learned to embrace the accidental mistakes that happen when creating
& I learned that Aleene's Tacky Glue can hold almost ANYTHING in place!! lol

{Marilou & KC Willis}
But best of all, I was able to hang with some of my bloggie friends in person & have the
sincere pleasure of meeting KC Willis the artist, the humanitarian, the 'SPITFIRE'!
It was an AWESOME day!!!!

Driving the 1 1/2 hours home from Huntington Beach, I reflected on the perfect day
& as I made my way up my mountain, I looked in the rear view mirror & saw this.
I pulled into a turn out, grabbed my camera & as I caught the sky's last bit of color
I thought how very Blessed I am & once again,
there's NOTHIN like a Western Sky!!!  ;)
{stick around, my creation reveal will be my next post}