Monday, December 5, 2011

The Vintage Marketplace is FABULOUS!

There's nothing I LOVE more then a Christmas Boutique.

Well, actually there is...


The Vintage Marketplace takes place every 3 months

in Fallbrook, California & I look forward to each & every event.

The Talented Artists & Vintage Yummmmminess

at this show is Simply Delightful...

Christmas Joy & Holiday Merriment is everywhere you look,

along with some incredibly Gorgeous, Handmade gift giving ideas!

I ADORED these Christmas Aprons hangin on the line...

& how fun are all these vintage blocks & toys & tiles & SPOONS??

I could have spent ALL DAY in this one booth!

The Vintage Marketplace is organized by two Amazing Women...

Together they throw, what I believe to be,

one of the very BEST Vintage Boutique's in Southern California!

There's a little bit of EVERYTHING here,

WINGS to help you FLY & BOOTS to keep you grounded.

Here's the 2012 show dates so you can mark it on your calender...

if you're in the area, you do NOT want to miss it!

{these dates are Fridays & Saturdays}
March 2nd & 3rd, 2012

June 1st & 2nd, 2012

September 14th & 15th, 2012

November 30th & December 1st, 2012

I had such a fabulous time, I'm already making my wish list for next March...

I want it ALL!!! lol

What a PERFECT way to get into the

Holiday Spirit & start some of my Christmas shopping.

And I want to THANK The Vintage Marketplace

for sharing there photos with me,

I came with camera in hand, ready to snap away,

but FORGOT to put my digital card in the camera...

I NEVER said I was the sharpest tool in the shed!  ;)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

See Possibility, Be Bold...

Greetings Sweetest of Hearts...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

My family & loved ones had a delightful time together, filled with

yummy food, bright sunshine, skies of blue & sparkling ocean waves.

What else could anyone ask for, right! 

I celebrated my Double Nickle birthday over the weekend, which added to the festivities

& wanted to share with you the sentiments from one of my favoritest cards.

See Possibility,

Be Bold,




...Then Follow Through...

I LOVE That!

Thank You so much Diana & Rowan for the SEEDS

planted with these beautiful words.

I feel so BLESSED to be doing exactly what I want to be doing,

hammering words on spoons that mean something to me,

that mean something to someone else & allowing that to be Enough. 

{Courtney, Kai & Munga, Thanksgiving 2011}

'SPOONIN' is my Follow Through...

I am learning to 'DREAM BIG'

& in doing so, I am truly seeing the possibilities.



Monday, November 21, 2011

French Larkspur, A Purse & A Birthday

Happy Monday Sweeties...
This week is a very Special One for all of us with Thanksgiving literally,
right around the corner.
But being a Thanksgiving Baby, that means my birthday is right around the corner too!  ;)
{this Friday to be exact}

I had been thinking about what I might want for my special day & being the purse
junkie that I am, of course I thought of a new purse. Initially my mind went to the basics,
Coach, Brighton, maybe something really fancy...
& then I remembered a purse I had fallen in LOVE with when I had last
seen my dear friend Charlene of My Heart's Ease.

She had told me she ordered it from Tracey at The French Larkspur,
so that set me on my quest to find the PURSE of my DREAMS.
Well, the purse of my DREAMS arrived today, along with some other little
wonders that Tracey sweetly tucked into my parcel.

Some pages torn from old french books, adorable little paper butterflies
made from vintage paper & a beautiful, vintage, handwritten
french ledger sheet...I ADORE them!

And Viola...there it was just as lovely as I had remembered it!!!

Rousseau No 56...
I told you I liked that purse when I saw it Charlene, I really, really liked it!!! LOL

Now when we walk the fields of Marburger together, we'll have our matching
purses & our Maggie Pearl on & we'll look STUNNING!!! :))
Love you friend!!

And as if that wasn't enough, my Daddy got me the new Kindle Fire for my birthday,
 which has been attached to my arm since I opened it.
Life is Good...
& if I don't get back before hand, I want to wish everyone a
Wonderful Thanksgiving,
& most of all


Monday, November 14, 2011

HELP ME...Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet???

Happy Monday Sweeties...
Y'all want to know what I did this weekend??
What did I OBSESS about??
Whether to get the Amazon Kindle Fire or
the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet for my birthday!
Sad, huh!
{kindle fire}
I'm a Thanksgiving baby...
this year my birthday is the day after Thanksgiving,
but a girl's gotta start thinking about these things early.
Lists MUST be made, without a LIST I would probably get a!
I don't want a ROBE!!

{nook tablet}
What I REALLY want is a tablet!
Now, I know ipad2 has come out & is number 1 on
EVERY BODY'S LIST as the top of the line tablet...
but I don't want to spend $500 on my tablet.
I would LOVE the front & rear camera that comes on some of the
other more expensive brands, but I have a great camera & that's
just a bell & whistle that I really don't need.
I debated over the weekend, if I wanted a 10" tablet or a 7" tablet.
After much deliberation, I decided the 10" would be a little big & awkward
to work with while out & about & that's really what this tablet will be all about.

{kindle fire}
Are ya still with me???
If you've stuck it out this long I want to give you a BIG OLE HUG!! LOL
So, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, both new & out this month.
Amazon's Kindle Fire at $199 & Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet at $249.
The price is not an issue, they're close enough for me not to worry about that.
Here's the big difference,
the Kindle has very little internal memory,
 but it has Amazon's extensive library of movies, music, games & books
to choice from, plus free storage on their Cloud network.

{nook tablet}
The Nook has 16 GB worth of internal storage & the ability to add a card that can
hold 32 GB worth of memory. It's the world's largest bookstore with all that
in the palm of your hand & because it's a brick & mortar store, which Amazon isn't,
it has in store technical support.
My brain hurts just writing all of this!!! LOL
Sooooooo, Sweetest of Hearts...
I know it's not rocket science or brain surgery or anything of any great importance,
but which would you get it you were me???
Any & ALL suggestions will be greatly
In the end, it may come down to the toss of a coin,
but it would be great to base my decision on something other then,
HEADS or TAILS!!!  ;)
Have a Wonderful Week Friends!!!