Monday, August 23, 2010

vintage trailer rally, day 1!

Greetings Friends & Travel Pals!!
We're back from our fun-filled,
Tear-Drop & Vintage Trailer Rally
in Hurkey Creek State Park.
I have so many pictures & stories to tell, I'm going to split this event up into several posts,
but before I get started I want to thank you all for your delightful comments on my last post!
I loved finding out a little more about each one of you & thought Petite Michelle Louise idea of having a '10 Little Things About Me' party was inspired! I will start work on putting that together ASAP...but for now here's our Vintage Trailer Adventure.

I'm so excited about you getting to come along on this journey, as I have taken you on a Vintage Vacation with us before, but never to a Vintage Trailer Rally!
They just...'ROCK'!

The 1st day is all about the Set-Up.
We were greeted by the Rally Hosts Carrousel & Ray, & were given our name sign to put up in the window, a cute little Dutch Oven Patch {which I have soooo much to talk about} & a cute little battery closet light, which we needed since it was a dry camp. {for you novices, that's when you have no power, or water, or hook-ups of any kind, again...TG for generators!}

Hubby gets going on the outside, while I play with all our vintage vignette's on the inside.

Right before we left, I made all new curtains for our baby with cool, old vintage tablecloths...aren't they sew cute!!

And guess what hubby got this year for his birthday??? You got it...a new 22" HD Flat Screen TV for his trailer!!! It's the height of decadence & we LOVE it!

Now be able to watch our new glorious TV we had to turn on our loud & possibly annoying generator, which many of our closer neighbors did not appreciate. So Day 1 we stayed dark & stared at the stars & held hands & used our little propane lantern & just appreciated the beauty of nature & the sound of the wind rustling through the pines. Ahhhhhh....

But by Day 2...we were over that! ;)

This is our awesome vintage fan we use to cool ourselves, that needs power in order to work. We were really HOT on Day 1!

Did you notice our brand new matching awning hubby just had made? We were looking on ebay for a vintage one, which we've had & sold several of...arghhhhh, but we couldn't find one with the right color & the prices were just outrageous! I adore this one!!! Hubster did a Good Job!

And you know another reason why I just LOVE our trailer?
It has a Happy Face on the back.
How cool is that??? the last post you learned I don't cook. Well, this is my idea of the perfect, well balanced meal. Hotdogs for protein, onions for veggies...

butter as the milk product & beanies as a carb or starch or bread, or whatever the heck it is! Thus, our Day 1 meal...that I did cook was,
Beanies & Weanies!
Does anyone else think of this as a perfectly fine meal choice... not just for camping, I mean for all the time!

As Day 1 comes to an end & the sun slowly sinks in the west, we watch as our little trailer is cast in an awesome, amber glow. {the amber shellac on the wood doesn't hurt, lol} This adventure is just beginning, Day 2 gets even better cuz it involves more vintage trailers, dutch ovens, a potluck & power!!!
until we meet again!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 little things about me

Hi Friends...

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday & we're off to a vintage trailer rally for the
weekend & I can't wait to get back & show you all of our Vintage Vacation pics...
they'll be fabulous!!! Since I'm incommunicado, I thought I'd leave you with
TEN little things you may not know about me...soooo enjoy!

1. I hum when I'm nervous & when I'm out shopping. I don't really even
know I'm doing it. My best friend Lizzie brought it up once about 30 years ago.
She said it was cute, like I was comforting myself or something.

2. I'm obsessed with Reality TV. It started with 'Survivor', then
'American Idol', then 'So You Think You Can Dance', then 'Big Brother',
then...please don't make me tell you anymore.
My cheeks are red with shame!

3. I have a genetic defect! I can't stand for a baby...any baby to cry,
a stranger's baby to cry. It breaks my heart. I will do anything,
I mean anything to make a baby stop crying!

No amount of money is too much, I will hold or rock or walk a baby
until my back breaks in the effort to ease it's pain. {thus, my baby's
never cried themselves to sleep}

4. My major in college was Interior Design.

5. I can curse like a sailor on leave if provoked.

6. I do 80% of my work on my huge Cal King bed. Weird huh?
I love to bring all my junk up on the bed, turn on a movie I adore
& spread out & play. {as we speak, guess where I am?}

7. One of my favorite movies is 'Friends With Money'.
I love this movie for many reasons, but the thing I relate to the most is
the 1 friend who hates to wash her hair cuz 'It makes her arms hurt.'
I hate to wash my hair!

8. I'm allergic to beets & penicillin.

9. I'm an organ donor & when I die I want to be cremated. I'd like my
ashes to be kept with family & friends, but I do want a little bit of them
to be covertly brought into Disneyland & sprinkled in some of their flower beds.
Is that a bad thing? {it's like fertilizer, right?}

10. I don't cook. I look at beautiful blogs where they have photographed
these amazing meals they've created & think, 'I should do that,
that's soooo cool...what an inspiring post'.
Then I remember...I don't cook.

So there's a little bit about me.
What's a little something about you that I don't know?
I would love for you to tell me!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

my favorite shop display

Happy & Relaxing Sunday Friends!

I want to thank you all for your dear comments & congratulations on my 300th friend celebration & I have been secretly setting aside some of my 1st little treasures for my giveaway.

I have 2 little sweeties made by MOI, that can go in a book & save your place...

I have 1 of my very 1st handmade jewelry line pieces made from vintage buttons...

I have 1 darling vintage fabric adornment with the most beautiful vintage button in the can be seen in 1 of these pictures, can you find it?

That's all you get to know for now though...more sneak peeks to come!

Yesterday I brought my new beau with me to the shop. We played & played & giggled with joy & then played a some more.

I must say to you with a tiny bit of shame, I haven't told my hubby about him yet...but how do you explain to the man you married, that you have a new love?

It's not as if I hide him...he's sitting on the couch right here next to me on this lovely Sunday morning. Hubby's running in & out excitedly getting our vintage trailer ready for next weekends 'Vintage Trailer Rally',
but that's a whole other post!

So, I guess I would have to say...they just haven't been formally introduced yet.
Is that terrible of me?
But, I do LOVE my new beau sooooo!

Just look at the amazing photograph's he takes of my shop 'Lambs & Ivy' & my very favoritest display!

I truly adore every little thing in it & on it & next to it!

OK, hubby just came in & is washing some things at the sink for the trailer...should I tell him now??? I'm scared, let's go for it. Right now. Here I go, wish me luck!

Oh, that wasn't bad...I'm a little rattled so I can't remember exactly what was said.
I said something like "I have to tell you about something", he's washing dishes.
He said something like "what"?
I said "I bought something, but I really needed it".
He said "what"?
I, with camera in hand said "this new camera that I had to have cuz I'm trying to sell my jewelry on etsy & I needed a better zoom to get some really good pictures".
He said "How much"?
I said with a big smile on my face "I got it on sale at Target & it was only $199.00 & I didn't buy another else like a camera bag or anything, just the camera".
Forgetting until right now that I got a bigger memory card to hold more pictures that was $38.00.
Him, "Where'd you get the money"?
Me, "It was shop money, I had a really good last couple of weeks".
Him, "Just remember, shop money is still OUR money, we don't divide it, it's all OUR money"!
Me, "I bought it with OUR money"!
Him, "OK then, I'm glad you got something you love so much. Maybe we can get some good pictures at the trailer show".
Me, "Oh yeah, this camera is awesome, we can get some GREAT pictures at the trailer show"!
A hug & off he goes outside to continue on his vintage trailer mission.
Isn't life GRAND!!!! :)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

let's celebrate! 300 friends blog give-away

{photo fun by Photofunia}
Let's Party!!!

Let's Get Crazy!!!

Let's get...spin around on a mountain top singin kinda crazy!

Why, you may ask?

Because of you my friends, simply because of you.
Am I celebrating a number, oh...most certainly not.
You see...when I first started this adventure a little more then a year ago, I never expected 10 people to be my friends, let alone 300.
I never expected to love blogging this much.
I never expected to feel so much community & soul from strangers.
I never expected to feel like they weren't strangers.
I never expected to be brave enough to try things I'd never dreamed of at this time in my life.
You see sweet hearts...I never expected any of this.

And so we CELEBRATE!!!
To enter my Give-Away all you need to do is leave a comment to this post.
I'd love it if you would tell your friends or add my badge to your sidebar, but that's not necessary.
The name of the lucky winner will be pulled old school from my favorite cowboy hat on September 5th, 2010, cuz that's just how I roll.

Stay tuned for my Sneek Peeks at the 'PRIZE'...
All I can tell you for now is, I know it will involve some jewelry & most definitely a pair of wings!

Let's Fly!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

happy sunday & getting ready for a celebration!

Happy Sunday Sweet Hearts!!!
Just a brief post before I run off to the Orange Show Swap Meet at the bottom of our mountain in San Bernardino, in search of sweet treasure & time worn trash... my favorites!

As you can see...I've been having soooooo much fun playing with my new camera!

This is the beautiful wall candle holder in our bedroom next to my side of the bed, where I hang my newly created jewelry & my Grandmother's rosary.

My side table with some of my favorite little things on it. An awesome stained glass lamp given to me as a gift from my bestest friend, a photo I took recently of the front of my shop, a magazine holder with an assortment of adored Stampington Publications,

some vintage silver & the small glass holder that I keep my most beloved jewels in at the end of each the day

A newly found treasure, a rusty tin ceiling tile that is on hubby's side of the bed. {I feel a kinda sorry for him cuz he's not use to it & every night as he's getting ready for bed, he hits it with his arm & let's out a tiny curse...but thus are the sacrifice's made in the name of 'junk'!

So, can you guess what next amazing, unbelievable, monumental, can't believe it, I'm so darn excited, celebration I'll be having soon? 300th friend, follower, sweet hearts, gala, extravaganza, celebration!!
This will be my biggest & bestest Give-Away ever!!!
Yes, I know that it is only my 2nd giveaway, but it will be bigger & better then the 1st! lol
& I know it will involve handmade & hand wired jewels. ;)

Five more friends & we're there...another yippppeee from me!
I can't wait & my mind is feverishly conjuring up what all we might do for this very special event so keep checking back as it should be happening pretty soon!

And so I must end with another thank you sweet friends.
Thank you for following me through all of life's amazing & sometimes dull adventures.
Thank you for being my greatest cheerleaders & constant supporters as I'm finding my way.
Thank you for all of your comments & words of wisdom as I've journeyed down this incredible path.
Thank you for teaching me that hearts can shine so brightly, even from far off places.
Thank you for helping me find this amazing community of teachers, artists, jewelers, writers, photographers, junkers, frenchies, shop keepers, swappers, travelers & kindred spirits.
You have become family to me & simply put,
I can't imagine my life without you friends.
You all must know, how very much I HEART you!!!