Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharon Stone's Wardrobe in The Quick & the Dead

Howdy Sweet Hearts!!!
I know, what a random post, right!
But does anyone else LOVE Sharon Stone's AMAZINGLY AWESOME
wardrobe in The Quick & the Dead???
This movie came out in 1995 & I've probably seen it at LEAST 100 times
& one of the reasons I can NEVER pass it by when it's on, is because of
Sharon's ROCKIN, ASS KICKIN clothes in this movie!

Her duster is to DIE for!
Can you see all the embroidery work that covers the shoulder flaps & arms?
And that scarf is just way too cool...
It's light weight which is perfect, but what you can't see in these pics,
is that it goes to the floor. I WANT IT!

As soon as she came out in these tiny, wire rimmed sunglasses...
I KNEW I was gonna dig this movie!

Look at the detail on the top portion of this dress,
sexy & sweet & gotta have some!

And as if her lace gloves, stockings & tiny pistol wasn't enough,
those sterling silver rings ROCKKK!!

This pic is kinda blurry, but I LOVE this jacket, it's my favorite!!
The ornamentation on it is incredible.
What you can't see in this picture is that on her shootin arm,
she has a brooch similar to the one at her waist, that keeps the bell
sleeve from gettin in the way of her killin!!! lol

And talkin about the waist brooch....come on, really?
Who wouldn't feel like a bitchin broad wearin that BEAUTY!

{I can't get enough of this jacket & look how she tucks her
gloves over her holster belt in the back}

This too, is one of my favorite looks from the movie...
she's got her amazing duster on & she's ready to reek some serious havoc in this town!

I LOVE her skin tight, dirty white, brocade vest with fabric covered buttons,
her holey, white gauzy shirt with those cool, below the shoulder gathers,
that she wears everyday & sleeps in, & her exquisite silk neck scarf.

The tooled leather holster & ivory handled gun, are just the icing on the cake.
I mean look at that BUCKLE!!!

Soooooo...there's got to be a moral to this story, right???
Hmmmm, let me think.
That deep down inside of this California girl,
a KICKASS OUTLAW longs to come out
Don't make the mistake of Pissin off a
Woman with Bitchin Style, who can SHOOT!!!
Now, I'm gonna try & channel my inner outlaw,
try might like it!!!  ;)



Sidereal Day said...

I never noticed how awesome her wardrobe was in that movie. That jacket is so fabulous!

Roxi said...

OMG, I love this! I need to watch this movie!


Roxi said...

PS...I love your new blog look! ;)

Dianne said...

OMG! I've seen this movie so many times and have never really looked at her clothes! How could I have missed those details? Thanks so much for pointing them out! Next time the movies comes on, I'll be looking more closely!

Barbara said...

Sharon rocked this role, and her clothes were badass! Great post.

Lynn Richards said...

Beautiful clothes, but all I could think of was, have mercy! Wasn't she dying from HEAT????!

Suz said...

i love that duster. I want it. It will cover my big bum and I will look hot...haha!
Great post, Suzie. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone knows which brand of sunglasses Sharon wears?

Reality Check said...

I noticed her sharp clothes right away!! Anybody know where we can find them or at least some similar items! Way too cool!!