Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank God for the Beautiful Circle of Life!

Oh, my Sweetest of Hearts,
How do I thank my friends for all their love & support during this past week?
How can they ever know how much each & every one of their comments meant to me or how many times over the course of the week, I came back here to read them
& gain strength from their thoughts & prayers?
It meant EVERYTHING to me!

Yesterday, was my grandson Kai's 6th birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.
If you've never been to a Chuck-E-Cheese before, it's like a nightclub for kids, really!
It's kind of dark inside like a nightclub & instead of getting high on booze,
they just run around & get high on cake & candy & fun rides...Kai LOVES it!

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny & warm spring day that put a smile on my face from the moment I woke up. As Robert & I started our drive to the party, I couldn't help but be touched by God's greater plans. I said to him, "Isn't it amazing that my brother died on Monday & it's Kai's 6th birthday on Sunday. In the course of a single week, I have felt some of my greatest sorrows along with some of my greatest joys."

That is truly the Beauty of Life.

The 'Circle of Life' keeps spinning whether we'd like it to or not.
As one life comes to an end, another life is just beginning &
I believe that is part of God's greater plan.
For me, it is a concrete symbol of Hope.

The Hope that life goes on,
the Hope that joy goes on,
the Hope of a renewal of Life.

On Monday I was crying...

& on Sunday I was laughing.

God is so much smarter then me!
He can see the whole entire picture, while I can only see the tiniest glimpse.
But even through my little window of life, I can see the Circle Turning...
& in the seeing, I am smiling!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Sweet Johnny has Gone Ahead...

My Sweet Johnny has gone ahead.
A piece of my heart is gone, my big brother Johnny passed away yesterday morning
& my heart is breaking.

Growing up he was always by my side, every childhood memory I have, has Johnny in it.

Standing next to me, his arm around me, walking with me to school,

watching over me, even when I wasn't looking.

I was rarely afraid as a child because I was never alone, I always had Johnny with me.

I was so very blessed to have found him.
He was so very strong & held on so long, waiting for me to find him.
He knew I would never have Peace without finding the missing Piece of my Heart.

I have a scene from 'Out of Africa' that has been playing over & over in my mind.

Karen: Do you remember how it was on safari? In the afternoons I would
send you ahead to look for a camp and you would wait for me.
Farah: So you can see the fire and come to this place.
Karen: Yes. Well, it will be like that. Only this time I will go ahead and wait for you.
Farah: It is far, this place where you are going?
Karen: Yes.
Farah: Then you must make this fire very big, so I can find you.

My Sweet Johnny has gone ahead to watch out for me & guide me home,
just like when we were children.
I miss him so much already.
Oh, how I wish I could see you fly!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Memories & Johnny Jump Ups

Tomorrow is Easter, a time for rejoicing & remembering & being with the one's we love.
Easter always brings me some of my happiest memories.

{Susie & Johnny, Easter 1962}
As a child, Easter was a time for new dresses, white patent leather Maryjane's, a matching purse, crisp white gloves, a hat that I usually didn't like to wear, hidden baskets & Johnny Jump Ups.
My older brother Johnny & I {Johnny & Susie, it doesn't get any more 50's then that} would dress-up in our fancy new clothes, have our picture taken on the front porch, jump into the back seat of our family car & head off to Belmont Height's United Methodist Church in Long Beach, where we'd spend the morning at Sunday School.

{at Mission San Juan Capistrano 1963}
My most nostalgic Easter memories are of how excited I was to go to Sunday School on that particular morning. When we got there, we'd all be given crayons & little paper cups to decorate with bunnies or eggs or flowers. We would then be given some soil that we would carefully add to our cups trying very hard not to get any on our new clothes. Then each child was given their own tiny, Johnny Jump Up to plant ever so tenderly into their cup.

 {I couldn't wait for my Mommy to get her McCall's Magazine so I would get this}
And as the teacher would talk to us of spring & the renewal of life, of our sins & the Gift that our Father had given us in his son, I would look at the bright purple & yellow faces of my pretty flowers & smile. When my parents came to pick us up, I would proudly show them my very own flowers that I had planted myself. I would take my flowers home & keep them next to my bed. I watered them & nurtured them & loved them. Is it silly that I remember that so clearly? I have adored Johnny Jump Ups for as long as I can remember & now you know why!
What are some of your favorite childhood Easter Memories???
I would love for you to tell me...
Sweetest of Hearts,
May your Easter Joy & Chocolate Eggs be Abundant.
Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round Top Festival Institute...Glorious!

Have you ever wanted to take the road less traveled
or been tempted to step away from the crowd & start your own journey?
What wonders might await you, just around the next bend?

Who would have ever thought little ole Round Top, home to 77 people & the junk capital of the world,
was also home to one of the best kept secrets in Texas.
it truly is, Glorious!

At the end of one of our busy days of junkin our tour guide, Charlene of 'My Heart's Ease', had mentioned wanting to take us to see this amazing music institute. I think getting back to the fields was primary in every body's mind, but as we started to drive by,
 Charlene made an executive decision.
"We don't have to stay very long, but I do think this is worth seein!" she said with her adorable southern accent, as we turned down the drive.

We were so blessed to have the lovely Charlene leading us.
Thank You Sweetest of  Friends, for taking us on the 'Road Less Traveled'.
While 1,000's of junker's shopped the fields of Round Top,
we were nestled away from the rest of the world at one of the most beautiful,
tranquil places I have ever seen...

a place of complete serenity.

& it's remarkable grounds,

it's corridors & paths

drawing you forward into a world of peace

& divinity.

I wandered alone on these grounds wanting to take in every magical sight & sound...

the Madonna & Child, hidden alcoves

& the soft, constant sound of water.

I have been to Rome, toured the Vatican & walked the historic Missions's of California & Texas...

but this simple chapel in the hill country of Texas, touched my soul.

Can you sense it?
Can you feel it?
Can you see it?

The Edythe Bates Old chapel was built in La Grange, Texas in 1883 as the Episcopal Methodist Church & was moved to this location in 1994...

& to our glory, the doors were open.

The only light we had once inside, was what streamed through the antique stained glass windows

& illuminated the dark within, again MAGIC!

Now don't get me wrong...
I LOVE my Junk Gypsy's & Magnolia Pearl,
I LOVE the fields filled with junk & treasures,
I LOVE Royer's pie & Blue Bell ice cream & Bar-B-Que,

but the highlight for me on this trip, was the Sweet Sanctuary at the
Thank you God & Miss Charlene, for the 'Roads Less Travelled',
for every time I have taken one, it has been, AMAZING!  ;)


Monday, April 18, 2011

More Round Top, are ya kiddin???

No Sweeties...I am NOT kiddin!
I still have MORE pictures of my beloved Round Top to share with y'all.
So grab a cup of, 'Whatever Sounds Good Right About Now', kick back & enjoy the tour!! ;)

I LOVED the Coffee Bug!!!
I spent many a cold morning huddled under it's canopy, warming myself by the glow of an electric heater, holdin a hot cup of JOE.
{or in my case, Cafe Mocha}

Loved this sweet gal & 'Wild March Hares'...

she 'Doilified' my life!

This was the booth where I made my very 1st purchase of the festival & what did I buy??

Why, a Doilified Purse of course!!
Karen of Valentine Designs & I, both got purses here.
I adored the tea stained purse on the top, unfortunately it was a little more $$$ then I wanted to spend. But that's ok, cuz I LOVE mine & have used nothin but ever since.

Yummmmmmy Stuff...

this girl could make a doilified toilet seat look good! ;)

Paris Montana's booth is in a vintage, Bambi Airstream...soooo very cool!

As is her amazing, over the top jewelry designs!

In her case, I would have to say,
less isn't always more...

sometimes, more truly is just... MORE!!


Renck Hall is another one of the halls that was just, 'Out in the Fields'.
I mean really, talk about a 'Field of Dreams'!  ;)

I was enchanted by all the Textures...

& Color that is Round Top.

I bought a TON of goodies from this Lil Darlin, Claudia from Just Claudia Vintage Junkie blog.
Thank you Sweet Sheila  from Blessed and Distressed blog for giving me her name & helping me find her again!!

she had everything that I LOVE...

little bits & pieces of, STUFF...

old tin types, burlap bags & bottles...

Flotsam & Jetsam...

& doll heads.

And her prices were super GREAT, I just couldn't pass anything up!
I know, I know...y'all are gettin tired of Texas.
We're almost done, I PROMISE...this is the last of the shoppin pictures.
I just still have to show you the Music Institute & a little Dallas, Fort Worth.
They will be WORTHY, I swear!! lol
Thanks for stickin in there with me Sweet Hearts, you know I just want to take you with me everywhere I go!

with XOXO's