Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Days Your Spoonin & Some Days Your Forkin...

Today, I've been forkin...
Today, I've been reminding myself of who I am
& where I'm headed.
Today, I've been thinking about the forks in the road
& the paths one chooses to take & why.
Today I made a fork necklace for myself,
so if I ever get lost I can read it & remember.
Mark Twain's words wrap around me like a summer breeze...
'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

Catch the Trade Winds in Your Sails

I added the Create.

And just in case my compass ever gets totally broken,
today I did a little spoonin too.
Long Beach
with a 1917 Vintage Souvenir Spoon handle from
Long Beach, CA.
My simple reminder of where I began.
I hope you had a Beautiful Sunday
Sweet Friends!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank God for AAA

Now, I know I'm getting REALLY old...I mean, old as DIRT kinda old!
I'm so old that I actually remember a time when service stations were just that, Service Stations.
I remember a rubber hose that ran along the ground & as you drove over it it would ding,
alerting the Service Station attendant that he had a customer.
He'd come running out, smile on his face in his clean, white uniform, hat cocked
to one side & yell out "What can I get ya?", & as we all sat comfortably in the car
my Daddy would yell back, "Fill her up with Ethel please."

I never knew who Ethel was until I got much older, but I figured she was a nice lady cuz our
car always ran down the road perfectly after we got filled with her.  ;)
These gentle men not only filled your car up with gas, but they also:
washed your windshields spotless,
checked your oil,
checked the radiator,
checked the air pressure in your tires
& if any of these were amiss, they fixed the problem immediately, with a smile.
I MISS those days, I really do. Life was just SWEETER.

Fast Forward fifty years...
Yesterday, I had a tire blow out. Not just a little, I came out of the store & my tire was flat
or a small, slow leak of air as I was driving down the road & had to pull over.
I had a going, 65mph, on a 2 lane HWY, in the middle of NOWHERE
'Shut the Front Door', I'm surprised I didn't die.
It was 6:30pm, I didn't know what city I was in cuz I was in the middle of the desert,
the shoulder WAS the desert, I was an hour from home, an hour from my friends house,
cars & semi's were flying past me at the speed of sound, I was freaked out, a little stupefied
& the one thing I AM GRATEFUL for in these modern times, is my cell phone.
So, what do I do first...
Call my Hubby & what does he tell me to do, call AAA & call him right back.
I called the emergency hot line & talk to Angie.
I gave her my card number & she then asks, "Where are you?"
I panicky answer like the brilliant woman that I am, "I don't know!"
She asks "What city are you in?" I answer, "I don't know, I'm in the middle of a desert."
Brilliant, right?
Long story short, through my vague ramblings & inaccurate information, she decides my
location & sends a AAA tow truck out to help me. It will take 54 minutes.
Call Hubby back, we decide it's silly for him to drive that far, I will wait.
He tells me there are crazy drivers out there, not to wait in the car...
I say I'm scared of someone seeing me & kidnapping me {oldnapping me}
or maybe even worse, getting bite by a snake.
He says, just take my water & take a little walk off the road & make it a pleasant wait.
I say ok...I stay in the car & put my seat belt on, Angie calls again to check on me.
An hour later as the sun is getting lower in the sky, I hear the sound of a truck
pulling up behind me...yipppeeee, I'm saved!!!
I hop out of the car clapping my hands & all women do this
or am I just a moron? The sun is now slightly behind the driver as he jumps out of the
truck, clipboard in hand, blue one piece uniform on & a smile on his face.
"Are you Susie?", "Yes, yes, that's me...I've been waiting!"
"Can I see your card Mam?" "Oh yes, here it is, I've got it!"
"Thank you Mam, no worries. I'll take care of everything. These drivers out here
are crazy! If I could have you step back & away from the car for your own safety,
I would really appreciate it."
"Certainly, certainly, why didn't I think of that!"  ;)
He now went to work & with the sun setting behind him, there was a soft glow of light
surrounding him. His skin glistened & his hair blew softly in the desert breeze,
at least that's the way I remember it.
He mentions that he was leaving to go home when he got the call, but was concerned
about a women being stranded out here alone...I think he's my savior.
As he finishes up, I thank him profusely & run over to my purse to get him a tip.
I only have $3 & I fold it up & put it in his hand. He says no, he can't except it. I say
he must. He says he can't take my last few dollars & I say he has to take it. I say he saved
me & it's the least I can do & wish it were more.
He shakes my hand & says, with a smile on his face,
"It's just my job."
I get in my car & slowly merge back out into the traffic, finally heading for home.
I think, I hope he stops at a bar before he goes home & has a beer on me.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spoonin at Mount Vernon

I hope all my Sweetest of Hearts...
had a fabulous 4th of July weekend filled with Family, Franks & Fireworks! ;)
I've been SPOONIN & just had to make myself a necklace when I found this
awesome, vintage Mount Vernon, silver plate spoon with
George Washington on the handle.
The sari ribbon just looked perfect on it, giving it a feeling of days long past.
I've got 2 orders I'm trying to work on finishing today, so I guess it's
pound, pound, pound
for it!

Here's a pic of Kai & Munga at our small town 4th of July Parade.
I wish for all of you, the simple magic of a small town parade.
It doesn't matter if it's 1911 or 2011,
in those moments as the simple floats go by & the band plays,
war veteran's march in uniform, carrying our red, white & blue,
children dressed in clothes from the revolutionary war proudly wave to the crowd,
policemen, firemen, scouts & their leaders, toss candy to the kids
faces sticky & wet from snow cones & ice cream,
horses & their riders prancing stoutly down Main Street...
time stands still.
In that instance, we're all just Americans, united in the common belief
that we live in the Greatest Country on earth & it's our moment to
I LOVE the 4th of July!!!