Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KC Willis's Workshop ROCKED!!!!

 {the fabric table, I took that top piece}
Really....I mean REALLY Friends???
Is this what an Art Retreat is like?
Is this what I've been missing ALL my life??

 Yesterday, I spent the entire day with KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch & some of the
most delightful, talented & creative women you could ever meet.

 We gathered at a Community Room in Huntington Beach, California.
I got there a little early as they were setting up tables of fabric, paper,
sewing machines, baubles & buttons. It was a FEAST for the eyes!

KC had brought some absolutely AMAZING pieces of her original
fabric collages & had them set up for us all to look at & fall in LOVE with,

Now, I'll tell you a secret...
 I'm a little bit of a KC Willis groupie, all though she wouldn't know that.
I have been following her work & her on-line workshops for years &
quietly coveting her work.

 Not only does the textures & layers & time worn images of her work appeal to me,
but her STRONG WOMEN & their SAYIN's & QUOTES, have captured my heart!

"Inside Every Woman a Gypsy Girl Dances by the Fire."

KC Willis also had these fabric collage envelopes that were pieces of art themselves,
filled with three CD's of workshops & demonstrations on how to create
some of her most popular techniques & art work...pretty cool right!
You can find these HERE if your interested.  ;)

A stack of some of her yummy goodness!!!

I wish I could have gone back today because she was teaching how to make
these awesome Mixed Media Collage Books.

Here's a couple inside pages she had at the workshop as an example...

aren't they FABULOUS!!!

This flag is to die for, it's spectacular with all it's vintage fabrics, red ticking stripes
& multiple vintage image transfers...loving EVERYTHING about it & you can get it in a kit!!!

So what can I say about KC?
She is a spirit filled with light & it's contagious.
Her mantra is 'Give it ALL Away'...you will get back more then you could ever imagine.
She reminds me of one of the Strong Women in her artwork...
she's funny & sassy & I adored her!
{check out her ministry work at The Pine Ridge Reservation on South Dakota}

She holds nothing back, she teaches you ever little technique she uses to create her Magic...

and as we all started our own creations, KC's Magic filled the room & we took FLIGHT!

This being my very FIRST workshop, I can see how you could get addicted to the process,
being surrounded by so many creative & generous women was a delight.

Friends, I had SOOOOOO much fun working on my own creation!  ;)
I learned how to be brave sewing with layers of  fabrics, fibers & papers,
I learned to embrace the accidental mistakes that happen when creating
& I learned that Aleene's Tacky Glue can hold almost ANYTHING in place!! lol

{Marilou & KC Willis}
But best of all, I was able to hang with some of my bloggie friends in person & have the
sincere pleasure of meeting KC Willis the artist, the humanitarian, the 'SPITFIRE'!
It was an AWESOME day!!!!

Driving the 1 1/2 hours home from Huntington Beach, I reflected on the perfect day
& as I made my way up my mountain, I looked in the rear view mirror & saw this.
I pulled into a turn out, grabbed my camera & as I caught the sky's last bit of color
I thought how very Blessed I am & once again,
there's NOTHIN like a Western Sky!!!  ;)
{stick around, my creation reveal will be my next post}


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KC Willis Workshops are in So Cal & I'm Going!!

Happy Wednesday Sweetest of Hearts...
Y'all know about the Amazing artist KC Willis & Lipstick Ranch, right!
I have been loving this girls work for years.
Her fabric collages are filled with layers of textures & vintage elements,
cool phrases & fabulous vintage images. Their richness & time worn
quality, make them look like family heirlooms that have
been treasured for years.
I ADORE them!!!

Sooooo, I am very excited that KC Willis & her Workshop is going to be here in
southern California at the end of October offering 2 workshops.
October 29th is her Mixed Media Book Workshop in LA at The French General,
October 30th is her Collage Camp with Hand Tinted Photos in Huntington Beach &
October 31st she is offering her Mixed Media Book Workshop also in Huntington Beach.
I wish I could take both of these fabulous classes, but I will be taking the Collage Camp workshop
on Sunday from 10 ~ 4pm & I can't WAIT!! Yippppeeeee....finally, my very 1st workshop!

I know there are a couple of spaces still available for these classes, so if you're interested
head on over to KC Studio Retreats & sign-up & maybe I'll see you there!!  ;)
I also have to tell you all just one more thing...
I have always been a big fan of KC & her art,
but since I have been following her on Facebook
I have become a HUGE fan of KC the person!

She is one of the most selfless people I have had the pleasure to get to know.
She is endlessly working to end poverty on her local Indian Reservation.
She gathers coats & shoes for the children to keep them warm,
backpacks, books & school supplies to make sure they get an education.
She puts out a call for help to all her friends & her requests are answered by
other selfless people. It's a community of LOVE & I LOVE watching her
Change the World
one child, one person at a time.
Again, I am so excited...not only to take my workshop, but to meet this woman
who quietly & consistently moves mountains!