Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Finished Soldered Necklace & More

Hey Sweeties, Happy Hump Day!!!
Today's the day of the big reveal...
the finished product of my 1st soldered necklace & even I must say,
It may actually be worth all the aggravation
of soldering! ;)

Don't you just love my little civil war girl's grumpy face?
She reminds me of Shirley Temple for some reason.
Something I DO enjoy doing, is hand-wiring together crystal beads.
When done with an annealed steel, they have the look
of a vintage rosary...Heavenly. 

Now, being that I am the Queen of SPOONIN,
I had to add a vintage spoon to the mix.
I chose one that is very close to my heart,
a souvenir spoon from
Long Beach, Ca where I was born.

I also added a small vintage brooch as a chain connector.
I love that this piece is just as beautiful on the back, as on the front.
My antique ledger paper I got from The French Larkspur
is perfect with it's 1855 date showing.

I have to tell you though, it was very hard for my to cut something
that was so old. I only know that I will cherish each little piece
& put it only in my art projects that will be loved & treasured.

And how cool is it that on the back of my favorite spoon
the date is marked 1917. This truly is an heirloom necklace.
So overall soldering is still a struggle for me, but I've found that
the end result can be worth every burnt finger &
swear word I had to go through to get here. 

Now in contrast to soldering,
making these cute little vintage coin purses into necklaces is easy
& so much fun. Since I adore tintypes, I just include them to
everything I make these days. They add that touch of the past
that really brings your piece to life!

I LOVE copper!
I love the patina it gets with time

I had a fabulous antique copper skeleton key that I used as a
chain connector for this necklace & I added a bit of
chain with an old Pepsi Cola coin dangling from it.
It worked perfectly as it is an old coin purse, right.

I even made a pair of matching earrings with a couple of metal
elements I got at Round Top from Sandy Schor. I swear,
his booth alone calls me back to Texas!

The set together...
too bad I didn't notice that the key was
backwards when I took the picture. :)

All in all, this past week has been full of creativity.
I've tried my hand at techniques that scare me,
I've learned about the concept of wabi sabi,
I've embraced the beauty of imperfection,

& I know as with all things,
I will only get better with practice.
Patience Grasshopper, patience.


Monday, January 23, 2012

I Can Solder, But it SUCKS!

 Hi Sweeties...
Well, here I am as promised, back to tell you about my
weekend of soldering. I was so inspired having seen all the absolutely
gorgeous pieces of handmade jewelry on Pinterest.
But let me tell you a little secret....
it's NOT as easy as it looks! LOL

I must say, this is not my first attempt at trying to conquer my fear
of soldering, it's my 2nd. My 1st try was a complete failure & you can
check that sad experience out HERE!
Let's just say, I BURNED shit!

So, the good news is...I love to copper wrap!
Instant gratification, just like wrapping a beautiful present...
it's easy & tidy & neat, me likey.  ;)

{don't ya just LOVE the face of my grumpy little girl}
But then comes the hard part, the SOLDERING...arggggggghhhh.
My problem is, I want it to be perfect & as far as I can glean,
there is no perfection in soldering, or at least not in MY soldering.

In the pictures above, I bought the glass soldered charm on the left
& my soldered charm is on the right. When comparing, I see that even the purchased
glass charm has solder dripping on the edges on both sides & I bought it & loved it.
But I need mine to be smooth, which comes from the anal, OCD part of me.
Another problem I have, is that the flux always gets under the glass
leaving a wet mark on my antique, 1855 French paper.

Like I said before....arghhhhhhhhh!
By Sunday evening, this is exactly what my face looked like. lol

But through it all, the trials & tribulations, I did manage
to create this one little perfect gem.

And look...the flux didn't even get under the glass this time.

To reward myself for suffering through a weekend of soldering,
I also worked on some yummy little vintage coin purses
that will be made into long necklaces. 

I still have a few, treasured metal jewelry pieces left from my
Round Top, Texas trip last spring & they make perfect little frames
for a Tintype photograph. 

I ADORE Tintypes...
you can see & feel the history they share with us.

Sooooo....short story long, I can solder, but it SUCKS!!!
I know I will get better in time & I know practice makes perfect,
but for right now...
I will try & find the beauty in imperfection.
And keep in mind,
I haven't even TALKED about jump rings...arrrrgggghhhhhh.  ;)


Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest & Inspired Soldering

{pictures from pinterest}

Happy TGIF Sweet Hearts!!!!
I hope you had an AMAZING week...
I know I did cuz this week, I discovered Pinterest!!!

I'm ALWAYS the last to know right, what's UP with that??
Well, here's my theory...
I spend soooooooo much time on the computer working,
I mean like ALL day, a lot of days,
that I'm already filled with guilt about not being present.
There's Email...
My Blogs...
Blog Design...
Reading Other Blogs...
Photo Downloads...
Spoonin  Website Revisions...
My Kindle Fire...
The idea of one more social media to have to nurture & maintain
was too overwhelming & I had no interest at all in adding to my already full plate.
And then I actually went into Pinterest....

& fell madly in LOVE with everything I saw!!!

So here's my boards...
vintagesusie & wings

Queen of Everything

Needful Things

Jewelry Inspiration

Pearly Love

Junky Love


Words to Live By

Places I've Been & Love

Places I Dream Of

Design Inspiration


Bucket List

Love Old Pictures

Sooooooo, once more I will say to you...
can anybody say OCD!!!!
I'm addicted to Pinterest!!!
I spend my nights {sometimes days, lol}
dreaming of the things I love & looking longingly at the
gorgeous images found in Pinterest, I ADORE it!

The GREAT news is, Pinterest INSPIRES me to CREATE.
So today, I overcome my fear of soldering & make this!!
{well maybe something LIKE this, lol}

{click on photo for soldering tutorial}
I'll be giving you an update on my soldering progress,
as last time I tried it was a complete failure.
Why does it scare me so???
I feel like a 2 year old...HOTTTTT!
Anyway, wish me luck & go forth & PIN!!!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

W.H.O.A. Women Helping One Another

Have you ever said to yourself..

Well lately, I've been saying it quite a lot & here's why...
A new blog is coming out, the brain child of my dear friend
& the concept is beautifully simple.

I have been touched by WHOA, as I'm sure so many of you have.
I know from personal experience, that the women in my life
have truly been...The Wind Beneath My Wings!

When I first starting blogging a few years back after looking through a
gorgeous Artful Blogging magazine, having never even read a blog before,
it was the kind & generous comments from my friends that encouraged me
to continue & in doing so, opened up a world of unknown possibilities to me.

WHOA is the soft nest we can land in as we start a new business venture
or try to accomplish something that's been in our heart for a long time,
but we just didn't feel secure enough to take that leap of faith.
Jenelle's goal is to create a community of women who will be
there for each other to offer support & encouragement,
networking & advice, contact's & idea's.

A place women can go, to truly feel unafraid to speak their dreams out loud.
A place where they will be surrounded by love & positive energy.
A place where each & every one of us can find JOY in knowing
we are a part of something so very special, as we watch
our sisters Spread Their Wings & Fly!

Such a simple concept, something we do everyday without even thinking about it.
And the key to this groups success is going to be, you & me.
It's US. The universal US.

Jenelle is going to be a Guest Curator at CRESCENDOh
on January 16th & I hope you all take this chance to get to
know her a little better. Check out all of her talents & the
things that shes involved in, but most importantly...
head over to WHOA & become a follower.

Together, you & I,
we can make dreams come true.
We can change someone's life.
I know you all changed mine!!!!