Sunday, July 18, 2010

inspiration & making jewelry

{1 of my shop's sidewalk displays yesterday, doesn't it just make you want to wander through France?}
Happy Sunday Sweet Friends,
As I sit on my bed this morning surrounded by the new tools of my trade,
I am reminded of the grandness of serendipity!
Because of a post I wrote awhile back about my
I made a brand new friend, Diane Cook of
She had read the post & new instantly we were
kindred spirits.
She contacted me to work on some digital designs for her.
A new logo, some hang tags & 2...2 sided postcards.
Together we created some wonderful designs, but all the while I was smitten with the
beautiful imagery of her jewelry.

The textures & patinas, the color of the stones & the
mix of old & new.
I am amazed & in awe of her creations!

Then as serendipity will have it, I was contacted by
Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio
to work on some digital designs for her upcoming weekend workshops for
taking place this September in the Washington DC area.
She had been referred to me by Miss Diane , so together
we designed the flyer & blog badge for this must go to event.

While visiting Cindy's blog, I am again struck by the beauty & creativity I find in all her amazing designs. These 2 beyond talented women's jewelry sing to my soul so loudly that I began to believe that maybe I was a jewelry designer in another life.

I have always loved to play with vintage buttons & came up with this little line of accessories called 'Button Up' a year or so ago.

Then I started playing with vintage domino's, painting them with alcohol inks & adding sweet little vintage images on them, accented by some pretty beads.

{tutorial at the top of my blog}
Next came my Frayed Fabric Flower Brooches, which are such fun to make, but using only a glue gun to doesn't really feel like I'm making handmade jewelry.

{tutorial at the top of my blog}
Finally, I jumped on the bird nest bandwagon & touched wire for the very 1st time. I twisted it & wrapped it, twirled it & made spiral tendrils. Many of my early nests were literally tossed out, but as I continued to work through my 'wire frustration', I got a little better at it. I got a little more comfortable with manipulating the wire & making it do my bidding.

And all of this fuss leads up to a bracelet I made last week.
My 1st piece of inspired by my amazing muses, jewelry designs made from vintage buttons & vintage religious metals on antiqued brass findings.
What do you think?
I adore it.
My wire wrapping still sucks & I'm in critical need of some classes, but I have a new love in my life & my hubby isn't even jealous. Last night as we sat on the bed watching 'Practical Magic', my new tools & supplies surrounding us both, he picked up my new copy of 'Easy Wire' magazine & while thumbing through it said, "These are nice earrings, why don't you try & make a pair?"
So, thank you to the Gods of Serendipity.
Thank you to the muses who have touched my life.
Thank you to cupid who shot the arrow through my heart for my amazing soulmate.
And thank you my friends for allowing me to share.
Now I just have to ask my muses 1 simple question.
How do you learn to not want to keep everything you make just for you? LOL

Smiles Friends!



Beach House Living said...

It's not about keeping everything I make for myself although I do it now and again it's some of the findings themselves I have a hard time parting with

Nicki said...

hi to you too, new friend. I like your bracelet, it is really cute. And don't worry. I never took a class in wire wrapping. I live in Germany, and we only have simple stringing classes. All I know is self taught, from magazines, books, and the internet (projects). One necklace that has only wire wrapped links, and you are a ton better. Practice is important. Thanks for your nice note on my blog.

Katsui Jewelry said...

You are doing great! All you need is a little wire-scrapping practice and you will be beading like crazy.

Susie, please contact me re a note I got from Paypal.

Big hugs,

CHERI said...

You are very talented and creative! I am looking for a new hobby but I don't think I have jewelry making in me!

Linda in New Mexico said...

How lovely for you to have "bumped" into an creative direction. I love moments like that...kinda take your breath away. And how even more delightful that your husband shares your hearts desire. You made me smile for and with you in this post....and I love your bracelet, says The Olde Bagg

MosaicMagpie said...

I love the bracelet you made. Those bird nests are as cute as they can be. Your wirewrapping looks good to me.

Pretty Things said...

What awesome photos! And I love the bicycle and the valise!

I love Cindy -- just had lunch with her -- and I am the proud new owner of that necklace, can you believe it? Bought that as soon as it hit her store!

Andrea said...

Susie, LOVE the bracelet!!

Linda said...

Susie~ your bracelet is wonderful! I like playing around with jewelry, too~ so creative!

Cindy said...

Susie, oh my what a sweet, sweet post! Isn't that something how one thing leads to another? When I saw your work on Diane's blog, I HAD to know right away who her designer was!! You two are an inspiration to ME! I'm so excited for you that you're continuing down the path of designing are a natural. I adore your new bracelet with the religious medallions...what a keepsake.
Oh, I do keep plenty of the jewelry I make actually...sometimes after all of the effort, it's hard to part with it. :-)

Lucy - By the Hill said...

Susie, your bracelet is "charming" and you'll want to keep it for yourself for sure!...I've tried a bit of wire wrapping, but don't have the patience! Good luck!

steufel said...

I think the bracelet is great and your brooch tutorial is awesome!

Diane said...

Susie....Oh my dear, you are so sweet to mention me here, and how we came to be soul sisters! Cindy is indeed a wonderful inspiration to us all isn't she??? What a spunky girl she is =)
I love your bracelet, and the fact that you are giving it a whirl! That is how it starts you know.....Just the other day I found my very first piece of jewelry! Inspired by the fact that I bought a pair of earrings and needed a bracelet. I will share will LOL!
p.s. dh and I have been on a little rv trip to a nearby lake and it was loads of back now =))

Dragonfly Creations said...

Love the new creations. The wire wrapping does become easier with practice. My hard to part with thing is the all the beautiful beads I have collected over the years. Not much good just keeping them in boxes to look at, need to get creative with them!

Charlene said...

Jewelry making is indeed addicting! And it's OK to keep what you make. Because later you will make something you like better & then you can let the other go. Kind of like the furniture we buy for our homes. It comes & it goes... I miss talking with my friends. How's Daddy doing? HUGS!