Sunday, August 1, 2010

do you want to play paperdolls?

{check out the Ed Hardy high tops}
When I was a little girl I loved to play with paperdolls!
I don't remember thinking of my family as poor & I had my fair share of Barbie's & Skipper's,
but paperdolls seemed to be the one luxury I could possibly talk my Mother into while shopping at our local pharmacy in Belmont Shore.
Jumping out of the car with my new acquisition, I would run to the kitchen, grab a pair of scissors & frantically cut EVERYTHING out.
Do you remember how they had little tabs at the shoulders & on the sides to fold behind your doll to keep the outfits on & how you had to make a tiny, little slit in the hat to slide it on? That was always hard!

So...would you be surprised to know that at 53 years young, I get paid to make paperdolls?
I am! I could never have imagined, in my wildest of dreams, that 1. I would be a shopgirl & own my very own store & 2. I would make whimsical paperdolls & sell them there.
Now I don't cut quite so frantically, glitter is always included, they almost always have wings & are riding on something magical, but yes...I truly do get paid to make these delightful, paper fairies!

Can you imagine my excitement when I was asked to create a custom order for a dear friend's, Mother's 80th birthday? Overjoyed!
She provided me with the black & white photo of her Mommy when she was just a wee lass.
Looking at that sweet little B&W face, I knew she had to have some soft color, so off to Photoshop we went. I then gathered together some of my favorite & white striped tights & high tops being a favorite.

I'm under some strange illusion that all little girls need to look a little bit like 'Alice'.
I then print all the components on a white card stock, cut them out, add glitter & let dry. I edge them with a dark chalk for shadow & attach the elements with brads allowing some of the parts to be movable. The final touch is to add a colorful wire for hanging & again..
Viola!! C'est Tres Magnifique!

Thank you Carol for the chance to rekindle my passion & play again!
And I wish your dear Mommy,
the Sweetest of Birthdays!
Look how happy she looks flying on a bluebird!

PS: Just email me if you'd like a custom doll made for someone you love!


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I loved playing with paperdolls too. Your's is darling.

Dianne said...

She's magical... and thanks so much for bringing back such great memories! My favorite paper dolls were my "Sandra Dee" paper dolls... but I had many more.

Karen said...

I loved paper dolls! Celeste Holmes was the one I remember the most. I loved designing evening gowns for her. So much fun! I hope to get my granddaughter interested in this some day.
Lucky you!!
Ladybug Creek

moose2bear said...

how about the back of McCalls Magazine. I was never girlie but I had a shoe box of my dreams of what could have been.

Anji Johnston said...

She is the cutest, most creative 'doll' I have even seen! You are a master of this and am so glad you get paid for what you love doing. You go girl!

Lynn Richards said...

My mom will be over the moon when she sees this!!! it is just the all-time BEST!!!! You are so creative and your heart shines through all you do.
You and Carol can sure cook up one heck of a paperdoll!

carol said...

I still can't get over how great the 'doll' is. I called my mother today and said she'd be 'gettin' a lil sumpin' in the mail tomorrow. I can hardly wait to hear her excitement. Not every day you get a mini-me paper doll :-) You did a great job. I was fascinated by paper dolls as a kid, but gave them up early in life...what was I thinking?? You've rekindled the love of them for me! Thanks for your creativity and spirit!!

Diane said...

I think this is just beautiful, and you put so much into it =) Very creative indeed!!
I think you are onto something. Really!
We definitely need to talk my friend. I have an idea ~ IMAGINE that???

Susan HP said...

Great doll! And the "tennies" are just too fab!!! :)
When I was a kid, I loved paper dolls too, and have spent some time on EBay buying up all my favorites from childhood.
Lucky & talented you for being able to recreate that joy!

In the Light of the Moon said...

I am so happy for you...doing what you love...AND..getting paid for it!!Of course I can understand why..its gorgeous!!!Hugs,Cat

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember not only the little girl paper dolls but also the dogs that came with my set. I loved them as well. Yours is very nicely as usual from you. LOve the blues and grays together. Happy Birthday to carol's mom!

Becca said...

Oh Susie, I love that doll you made! I used to love paperdolls too, in fact, I had both the tab ones and the rub-ons. I have paperdolls that my mother made when she was young, well she made the clothes for them anyway, but I've been thinking about photographing them and doing a post. Thank you for sharing!

Jacqueline said...

I wish I had my paper dolls, I am sure they were destroyed, but I can still picture them. I just bought my granddaughters some. What a wonderful thing to be able to make a custom one. I am sure that was the most amazing gift she got. It was absolutely incredible.

Andrea said...

Susie, this is just wonderful!!

dulcy said...

Oh do I ever remember paper dolls!! I even cut them out of catalogs. Your are simply darling, and adore the little bluebird!


Alina said...

Paperdolls, how I loved them! Thank you for the memories. Glad you've had a chance to play again. Your creation is just wonderful XO

Jamie said...

This will be cherished forever! Miss you Susie:) Love, Jamie