Monday, November 8, 2010

11 ~ 20 & a Beautiful Redlands Victorian

Marvelous Monday to all my Sweet Hearts! I have to admit, I do love the start of a brand new seems anything is possible. This weeks new possibility is to start a Low Carb Diet...again. Here's my tiny little goal, to diet & try & lose a few pounds before my birthday on November 25th. {that shouldn't be too hard, right?}

I LOVE it when my birthday falls on makes me feel sooo Special! The thing I don't like about being a TURKEY baby is that often I end up getting a piece of pumpkin pie with a candle on top of it, rather then an actual Happy Birthday cake! Isn't it great how the child in us still manages to find it's way out no matter how old we are! LOL Thanksgiving is at my house this year, so there's no fear of that happening. Maybe I'll call the Cake Boss & get a $300 cake to make up for all the missed cakes I haven't had...nahh. I'd rather get a pair Maggie Pearl bloomers! ;) 

As promised, I wanted to show you a few more pics of the amazing Victorian house in Redlands where Jamie & Lori hosted their lovely boutique. Enjoy your tour as I try & complete a few more questions for '30 Days of Truth'.

Number 11: Something people compliment you the most on.
Even though I've closed my shop, I would have to say I got so many wonderful compliments on my little store 'Lambs & Ivy'. Most of the people who entered through her charming dutch doors, commented on  how much they loved it...I miss that!

Number 12: Something you never get compliments on.
Unfortunately, that's an easy one...
my cooking. ;(

Number 13: A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough times.
Jackson Browne! I started listening to him in high school & it always seemed as if he was singing my soul or my pain. His lyrics are like beautiful poetry to me. He's been in my life longer then most people. 

Number 14: A hero who has let you down.
I have lived my adult life trying very hard not to put ANYONE too high upon a pedestal being that we're all human, they are bound to fall off...I sure know I do. I would guess my biggest disappointments or sadness has come from OD's. River Phoenix or Heath Ledger, young men who had so much to live for & yet still couldn't find happiness.

{house kitty}
Number 15: Something or someone you couldn't live without.
My baby's...if something ever happened to my daughter or my grandson, I can't imagine life going on. Maybe it would, but I just can't imagine a life without them.

Number 16: Something or someone you could definitely live without.
Prejudice...I can't abide by any form of prejudice.

Number 17: A book you've read that changed your view on something.
In my world, life is made up of various shades of gray. I'm not a black & white kinda gal, there's extreme dark grays & grays that can almost look white...but life isn't so clear cut for me. If we're talking about life changing views, it's not a book but a movie. It was so many years ago I couldn't tell you when or even the name, but the story went something like this...
A wife & mother was raped & her world was completely turned upside down. Her rapist had been prosecuted & was serving time in jail, but she felt she couldn't get her life back unless she was able to confront him. With everyone thinking this was a terrible mistake, she made the arrangements for them to meet. After her initial rage, as she quietly cried, she asked her attacker why. He told her his life story, of summer's spent on his grandfather's farm. Of begging his parents not to make him go & yet every summer, for most of his childhood, his grandfather raped him daily. With him now in tears, she slowly walks over to his chair & gently hugs him saying, "I wish I could have been your Mommy & protected you from so much pain." In that moment, my world became gray.

Number 18: Your view on gay marriages.
I have amazing sisters! My youngest sister is a college professor. She is wicked smart,  incredibly loving & caring, she's beautiful inside & out & she's gay. I absolutely believe in gay marriage.

Number 19: What is your opinion on religion.
I am a spiritual person. I try & live a life I can be proud of. Organized religion confuses me often. When I think we should be teaching our children & the world about love & tolerance, sometimes it seems that organized religions are spreading messages of prejudice & intolerance. I know it's simply the flaws of man that creates this, but I don't like it.

Finally Number 20: Your views on drugs & alcohol.
I grew up in the 70's, so for me to say I never took a drug would be ridiculous! I am blessed that my daughter never got into drugs & I pray my grandson never does either. The drugs they have now just seem to be so deadly & addictive, they scare me. Alcohol, I have no problem with social drinking. Anything in excess is not a good thing...except for maybe pizza!  ;)

Look at the gorgeous fruit on this tree! 100 years ago Redlands was nothing but orchards. When the orange blossoms are in bloom, I just want to pull my car over & BREATHE!

So, now I'm down to my final 10 questions & when my task is done, you will all know more about me then you ever wanted to know. I guess the hope is, that maybe I'll know myself a little bit better.

I want to thank Jamie of Two Wild Roses for our wonderful tour of her beautiful home. Here she is standing next to her Mom's, Vintage Shasta travel trailer & y'all know how much I love me a vintage trailer! Soon I'll show you some of the awesome Victorian's we went & saw yesterday in Echo Park. Until then...



Linda in New Mexico said...

Wowee, wowser. You are clipping right along with the 30 day deal. Good for you. You touch my heart every time you post. Sometimes you tickle my fancy and sometimes, like today you bring tears to my eyes. Thanks, your sharings embroider my life with lovely happenings. Sure am glad I bumped into you on your way to Texas by way of adventures. The Olde Bagg
pssssst.....the grey that you speak of should be mandatory to living a peace filled life.

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

I just love all you honest and eloquently written responses and the gorgeous photos are certainly a big plus. You have a lovely serene blog ~ I came over via Mammabellarte and very glad I did.

Charlene said...

Will you take me HERE when I come visit? Did I take the photos you asked me to???? NO!!!!!!!! Will I??????? YES!!!!
Diane & I had sooooooooo much fun together this past weekend. She found us some property to look at down in OUR FAVORITE AREA!!!!!!!!! My back is jacked & I went to the chiropractor Friday & today. Getting old is the pits.... all I did was put away the summer clothes in the storage unit (yeah OK up on a ladder onto a rod way above my head) & all the Halloween boxes.... So what's your point? HUGS!

Tammy said...

I LOVE your blog!! SO SO SO Great!!!
Thanks for visiting over @ my blog JUNK WILD and for being a follower...I'm a new follower here and will BE BACK!!
The music is awesome...gotta add a few more ZBB tunes to my list!!
Have a great week!
Tammy :-)

Dianne said...

It's nice getting to know you better.

Pretty Things said...

I loved this post!

Lisa Loria said...

WONDERFUL Post!!! I couldn't agree more on your opinions of life!!!
Lori and Jamie are wonderful people and their home is a reflection of that.
It was a great event.
Hope to see you again soon.


Jane said...

As always, your words and photos inspire me! Life isn't always black or white....mostly we have to learn to live in the gray, don't we? I share so many of the sentiments you have expressed. Very thought-provoking post!

diane cook said...

My dear are such a precious soul. Your words are strong and clear, but filled with grace and love. What a gift you have!

Alice said...

A beautiful post. I love the beautiful photos of the Redlands home--I wouldn't complain a bit if I HAD to live there.

Thank you for sharing. I grew up where there was no gray area, but thankfully it didn't take me long to see the many different shades of the world and her peoples and ideas. You put it so eloquently--as usual.

Oh, and just in case I'm not around on your birthday, here is one big birthday cake--and a hug!

Cindy said...

Susie, what a fantastic post - full of such gorgeous pictures! I loved learning more about're a fabulous writer and such an interesting lady. :-) I do hope you have a great big cake on your Thanksgiving birthday!!!

VBR said...

What a beautiful old house. Old houses have a heart and soul. Thanks for sharing the photos. They are great. Love the little House Kitty - or should I say 'House Siamese, if you please'? That is a great photo of the catty.
As always, another fun visit to the world of VintageSusie. Love seeing your photos and new work!

Anji Johnston said...

Loved this post so much. Thanks for letting us become part of your world!

Suz said...

I absolutely love reading your answers. Probably because your views are so similar to mine ;-) Actually, I don't think that is true. I like people who have other viewpoints. You explain yours so well. I think that is what I enjoy.

You definitely deserve a big cake. My birthday is this week at Silver Bella for the second time. It is a fun place to celebrate. I am hoping for good cupcakes.

I have gone from the low carb diet to the Lindt Chocolate Ball diet this week! We just keep trying. Jud and I are both down about thirty pounds in the last year so it is all good. It happens when the time is right (then I will gain it again and lose it again...such is life!!)


Dragonfly Creations said...

Thank you for sharing something so personal yet so pertinent to our daily lives. Particularly emphasise with nos 16 (prejudice) and 19 (religion).

Dragonfly Creations said...

Ooops so sorry I just spotted the spelling mistake, should have said 'empathise'. Should think with my fingers sometimes!