Friday, November 26, 2010

Shelf Life...

Greetings Sweet Hearts!
What inspires you to create a room or a space the way that you do?
Is it a beautiful picture from a magazine or book?
Is it something you saw in a movie, that you fell madly in love with?
A booth in your favorite antique mall that captured your imagination?
Or maybe it's simply, one piece.
One perfect piece of something, anything, that sings to your soul & says, this IS who I am.
For me, it's my antique Round Top Texas, tin ceiling tiles.

They capture the essence of everything I LOVE.
Their subtle,  neutral color.
The tarnish & tatters of age.
The remembrance of an era lost.
The attempt of ornamentation with limited means.
The dream of their journey, until they got to me.

To me, that's the magic of choosing something old over something that's new, the story.
Looking at this sweet little wall shelf, one could never imagine the story it has to tell, but it has one.
I bought this shelf new from Pottery Barn.
It has hung on my walls for over 20 years.
It was once as white as snow, with lovely glass windows in the door & on the sides.
I have always adored it.

This sweet little shelf, once bright & new, has endured more then most people have. You see, there was a fire.
The fire was so hot, it shattered all of the tiny glass window panes & the smoke was so thick, it's snow white paint turned as black as coal.
 In despair, I flung the sweet little shelf out onto the pile of ruble that once was my life.

Un beknowst to me, the little shelf had been spared.
Someone had taken it from the ruble, still seeing the diamond in the rough.
They knocked out the remaining pieces of broken glass
& sanded off most of the black soot
that covered it.

When my little shelf made it's way back to me, I cried in joy & in grief.
I cried for the things I had loved & lost.
 I cried for something loved & lost, that was given a new life & found it's way home.

This little shelf hangs on the wall next to my bed now, filled with the little things I love.
A silver baby mirror & brush.

Old tin types & hand rolled thread.

Baby shoes & clock faces.

Business cards & button cards.

White linen & rusty tub feet.

Holy cards & an antique hair comb.
The little shelf reminds me everyday of the possibility of pain & joy,
of death & rebirth.
It's why I love my ceiling tiles & it reminds me of who I am.
Subtle but strong, living my life in greys,
rusty & tattered, enjoying the patina of age,
coming from a lost era of innocence, still looking back,
& always dreaming of the journey that waits, just around the next corner.

I am joining Debra of Common Ground for her Vintage Inspiration Friday post. There are many lovely links to visit and I hope you will enjoy them as well.

I hope all of you friends, had a Blessed & Loving Thanksgiving!
Mine was PERFECT, proving you can still teach an old dog new tricks! ;)



Alice said...

I love seeing beautiful rooms on blogs and in magazines, but when I try to duplicate them in my own home they never look as good.

I'm so glad your pretty little shelf made its way back to you. A great reminder that new memories can be made with something that came from the ashes of a disaster.

Whimsey Creations said...

Wow that story gave me chill bumps! And what a lovely piece it is today. Hugs!

Natasha said...

I find beautiful blogs like yours to be the main source of inspiration for my decorating! I love getting ideas from talented fellow bloggers so thank you very much!

Best wishes,

A Cottage Muse said...

Visiting beautiful blogs like yours gives me great inspiration!!

Dar said...

Your story of the fired shelf is the sweetest thing I've read today. What a lovely surprise and so charished. I am inspired to now do something with the rustic picture frame in my dining room hanging empty of memory.
BlessYourHeart for inspiring others

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Thanks for sharing that it really was pleasant to read. It reminded me that it is the meaning of an item - not the item itself.
Thanks, tammy

Charlene said...

What a wonderful post sweet friend. I LOVE your shelf & all the goodies it holds. But, most of all the story of its hard times & now it's place of honor. HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!! I sent you birthday wishes on your blog. Did you see it? I have a tiny present for you that I will be sending out. Not much but, the thought is what counts right? HUGS!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Girl I love it! What a story, can't believe your beautiful shelf survived. I adore the patina it has now. Funny, I have the same little cabinet hanging next to my bed. It holds baby items, some from my kids, some from ancestors. But now I want to rub soot on it & give it some age. Lisa

Hope Ava said...

What a beautiful story! I'm so glad your thanksgiving was a good one! I wanted to stop by and invite you to enter my first ever giveaway...I'm celebrating a hundred followers!

Hope Ava

Lynn Stevens said...

Its beautiful, How wonderful someone could still see the beauty that was inside, even better than new, We all get better with age and our imperfections !

Amy said...

I just love your cabinet full of shelves and beautiful collections.
What a wonderful little keepsake box of memories you have made, LOVE IT

trash talk said...

I want to know the ending...who rescued that sweet cupboard for you. I want to give them a hug and kiss for loving you that much to know what it would mean to you. This just melts my heart.

Dianne said...

Your little shelf is so very lovely... and I love the way you've placed your favorite things in it. Its story is bittersweet... I'm glad it has a happy ending.

Linda said...

This is really a wonderful story that parallels life so well...I feel like a rescued little cabinet sometimes myself! Thank you for sharing and the photos are wonderful eye candy!

Lynn Richards said...

Hey Susie!!
I so love the story of your shelf...and all that is in it!! Glad it is back with you.

Nettie's Blog said...

i have just bought a little cupboard with the mesh sides all painted white and looks very french provincile that will be used for just those memories that i cant being myself to throw away ..I am about to move to my new MODERN house in March 11...thank you for sharing your heart have given me courage and i am more determined than ever to fill my little cupboard full of my treaures and memories that everyone(my two girls) thinks is just junk...even if it is in my wald in robe where no sees it...I WILL....

Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Susie - Thanks for visiting my blog. What a lovely post! I love that story. I didn't realize how close by you are! I'm in Riverside and my step-sister lives in Crestline. What a small world.
Blessings to you!

julie miller said...

Hi Susie, I'm glad your sweet little cabinet made its way back to you! Thanks for sharing this wonderful little story that symbolizes our lives at times! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and birthday! Hugs, Julie

The Divine Mrs M said...

How wonderful that someone saved your shelf and brought it back to life for you! I love all of your mementos that have found a home there in that even-better-than-before-the-fire cabinet! I adore vintage and, like you, I am enthralled by the story a piece has to tell. If only they could talk, right?!

Hoping you are having days filled with laughter in celebration of you and all that your story has been & will come to be!!!

diane cook said...

Ah...such a sweet story from a cabinet that was~and now is so much more =)) You are an amazing story teller you know.....

awal.ny said...

That is the sweetest cabinet so full of fun treasures.

Anonymous said...