Tuesday, April 12, 2011

vintagesusie, Magnolia Pearl & Robin Brown

I ADORE this picture taken by my sweet & beautiful friend Riki of Riki Jewelry!
Opening morning at Marbuger Farms, Magnolia Pearls booth,
with me & the creator of all things Pearl, Robin Brown.
In my own personal heaven, we are all flying high with our glorious white wings,wearin nothin but our ruffly Pearl, flower & ivy wreaths upon our heads, surrounded by bird's, nest's & robin eggs, listening to The Zac Brown Band, some Willie & Waylon & a little Bonnie & Jackson.
Take me now LORD...it sounds Divine!!! ;) 



Karen said...

Loving your stuff! Hope you are feeling better now.
Ladybug Creek

Dar said...

Lovin' your style...brings me back to my youth.
Now, they'd just call me an old lady trying to relive the past...not a bad thing, is it?

Alice said...

One of my dreams is to see Magnolia's lovely wares at Marburger or other venue.

Your image of Heaven is...well...heavenly!

Charlene said...

I was there & saw this myself!!!!!! You're smiling & she almost is... LOL! HUGS!
CHarlene Pearl

Debbie said...

I'm so glad you had such a great trip to TX. Thanks for sharing your trip once again, it just like being there!!
Maybe this fall I'll make it to TX. I can only hope.
Love the bloomers as well!!
Be well, yours always,
Brown eyed girl

Cindy Craine said...

We should make this in poster size!!!I know black velvet! LOL too