Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dreamin of Spoons & 'Spoonin'

{fly free bird}
Evenin, My Sweetest of Hearts.
I would LOVE to introduce you to my newest & latest business & passion...
Now actually, it's not JUST any old spoons I'm in love with,
it's Vintage Silverplated Spoons & Flatwear with ornate handles
that Sing to my Soul!

{honky tonk angel}
So, where & when did this passion take hold of me you may ask?
It happened in March before I went on my 'Crazy in Texas Tour' with all my bloggie buddies. I knew there was going to be about 8 of us & I knew that I wanted to make something special to give to everyone to wear while we were out shoppin the fields, but WHAT?

{just hip stuff, live life with love}
That's when my muse settled in on makin something with SPOONS.
So, off I went junkin for some vintage flatwear,
bought myself some metal stamps & an anvil
& started a HAMMERING!!  ;)

{wild at heart}
My design was simple to start with, a pounded flat spoon that said,
'Crazy in Texas' 2011 with a little amethyst bead.
The gals loved them, I loved mine & as serendipity would have it,
{and y'all know how often she's worked her magic in my life lately}
while I was sitting under the lunch tent at Zapp Hall drinkin some sweet tea,
I got my 1st custom order from Kelley of Just Hip Stuff.

{definition of junk, cheap worthless unwanted trashy}
She wanted her company name on the front spoon & the words,
Live Life With Love
on a small butter knife in the back, it turned out lovely!!

{fly like a free bird}
That one order gave me the confidence to BELIEVE that maybe, just maybe, I could make a little business out of this Vintage Spoon Jewelry Design & thus was born 'SPOONIN'!
I'm getting my new & improved etsy shop stocked,
I created a new Facebook Fan Page,
I designed a 'SPOONIN' Facebook Website,
I've been working on designing a .com
& I've been DREAMING BIG!!
You know Sweet Hearts, I was thinking...
don't you think it's time for us to spread our wings & FLY?
I'm ready to say 'YES' to everything that comes my way,
I'm ready to pack my fears in a vintage suitcase & slide it under the bed,
I'm ready to Live Large, Dream Big, Work Hard & wait.
To wait & see what amazing possibilities might lie just over there,
a little out of sight, off in the distance, waiting on the horizon for me.
Come on...Let's Fly!



Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Yayyyy congratulations on Spoonin'!!!!
They are super cute!! I am lovin'!!


Junk Fairy said...

I love your new venture!!! The Spoonin is fab. and your sanes are inspiring!! Keep Dreaming Big!
Love & Kisses!

~Sheri~ said...

wild at heart is my fav.....i bought some spoons at the Alameda flea dabble a bit but nothin like ur grand it and i want a wild at heart.....that one is my fav!

~Sheri~ said...

did i say...wild at heart is my fav....ha ha!

Gold Charm said...

What a good use of the old spoons.They are looking awesome too.This is a very creative way of decorating them surely.

Retreauxgirl said...

I LOVE your spoons!! I am thinking about what I want on mine? Either my business name Retreauxgirl (not sure if we can make it fit) or "Follow your Dreams" which is what I am doing now!! ....................maybe I will need two!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow , such a cute idea ! Good luck in you venture !
Sharon , from Sharon's Wannabe Cottage

Charlene said...

Good for you!!!! I have been wanting to do some "Stuff" for awhile but, I think my vintage suitcase of fears must be at least the size of a trunk! Do you think that would fit under the bed? Kick me out of that nest & MAKE ME FLY too! HUGS!
Charlene Pearl

Riki Schumacher said...

You go girl! LOVE your spoon necklaces, and treasure the one you made for me. So spread those wings and fly away to wonderful heights! Hugs, Riki

Sue said...

What a fun adventure you are embarking on, Susie! Your creations are so clever and unique. And of course, the name is PERFECT! *grin* Will have to visit your site soon. I'm supposed to be sleeping- but can't. I need my zzzz's!
hugs, Sue

Suz said...

Those are fantastic! The name "Spoonin" is fantastic. Ah, spoonin'! One of life's most underrated pleasures...heehee!!!
Big hugs,

Gretchen said...

Congrats on your new "Spoonin" business. The spoon scene seems to be exploding lately. For 2+ years now, my line of spoon jewelry has been in high demand here in MN. May you find much success with your spoon creations as well. They truly are a labor of love. Once Sue of Junk Market Style featured my spoons, it just exploded the demand for them. Quite fun! I have a 100+ flattened and ready to stamp for my Fall events. Happy Stampin'.

Jennifer said...

I love, love, love your Spoonin'!!!!