Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ellicott City, Maryland...So Charming!

Greetings Sweeties, from Baltimore, Maryland!!!

Being a southern California girl born & bred,
going to the East Coast always has a touch of MAGIC to it.

{the oldest surviving railroad station in America}
I LOVE American History!
I wish when I was in high school I would have known that American History
would be such a passion of mine, maybe I would have paid a little more attention! ;)

Here, I'm surrounded by the history that founded this country that I'm so proud of...

it's every where you go & every where you look.

The little hamlet of Historic Ellicott City, MD did not disappoint,
I adored it's beyond CHARMING atmosphere!

It's a town of antique shops, boutiques & bistros,

{Babe Ruth was married at St. Paul's Church to Helen Woodford in 1914}
just the kind of place you can't help but think,
"I want to live here & open up a tiny shop too!"

Old stone churches,


& corbels.

This quaint old town was built on the National Road in the 1700's.
George Washington rode his horse down this road
on his way from Mount Vernon to Annapolis.

This town was here prior to the American Revolution,
how COOL is THAT??

If only windows & wood could talk,
what a story they could tell us.

The Patapsco River winds itself through & around town,

under buildings & bridges,

leaving everything lush & green & GORGIOUS!

Ellicott City was intially a flour mill town, orginally settled by
three Quaker brothers from Pennsylvania in 1772,
4 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Again...Just Cool!

This row of stone houses was built as residences
for mill workers out of granite stones made in the local quarry.

They still stand strong & proud against centuries of wear.

These amazing gems are now filled with boutiques,
outdoor cafes & The French Market coffeeshop...yummmmmy,

all sitting on the banks of the Patapsco River.

Don't you just LOVE to explore new places??

My very favoritest quote by Mark Twain says it all...

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the
things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Wish you were HERE!!!



Home for 6 said...

I love the East Coast. And Ellicot City is awesome. You should plan a trip to Harpers Ferry, WV it has tons of history and wonderful old shops too. That area was home to me. Now I am in NC and it is wonderful too- no snow and the beach- win win.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Looks beautiful. I have never been upstate anywhere. Time to travel. After Florida of course! judy

Alice said...

What a lovely city! I'm bookmarking this post as a place I want to visit...someday.

Are you there to visit family? Enjoy!!

Alice said...

P.S. I noticed the watermarks in second photo and saw there was a flood in 1952. My father nearly lost his life in the 1952 flood here in Kansas. Maybe it was a very wet year for the U.S. in general...

lordblessu said...

hopefully someday I will make special trips and visit "old America". I want to see and feel the backroads of America. Not the busy cities that alot of people visit. I love the quiet towns. Susie you should have been here where we live in the 60's. It was quiet, everybody was friends, people talked to their neighbors. It was small town america. I miss it!!! Have a great trip!!

Charlene said...

These pictures are amazing. You will see so many wonderful things. I'll have to take notes so BF & I can go visit the area since we have our new 5th wheel!!!! You take good notes! Have fun!
Charlene Pearl

Sidereal Day said...

Beautiful Photos! I really love the old stone houses and cobblestones.

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a lovely travel log. I've never been to the east coast, at least in that area. Really great photos. Thanks for sharing your adventure. The Olde Bagg

Cindy said...

Susie, you are just around the corner from me!! I didn't realize you were coming to Baltimore with your Dad. I can see you are having a wonderful time...and would you believe, I've never been to Ellicot City! I've passed it on the beltway many times. Now after seeing your beautiful pictures, I'll certainly add this town to my travels soon. Have a great time, East Coast style!

Suz said...

I have a blog friend who lives there. I knew they had some great estate sales and flea markets but I had no idea that it was beyond charming.
Your pictures...spectacular!