Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spoonin at Mount Vernon

I hope all my Sweetest of Hearts...
had a fabulous 4th of July weekend filled with Family, Franks & Fireworks! ;)
I've been SPOONIN & just had to make myself a necklace when I found this
awesome, vintage Mount Vernon, silver plate spoon with
George Washington on the handle.
The sari ribbon just looked perfect on it, giving it a feeling of days long past.
I've got 2 orders I'm trying to work on finishing today, so I guess it's
pound, pound, pound
for it!

Here's a pic of Kai & Munga at our small town 4th of July Parade.
I wish for all of you, the simple magic of a small town parade.
It doesn't matter if it's 1911 or 2011,
in those moments as the simple floats go by & the band plays,
war veteran's march in uniform, carrying our red, white & blue,
children dressed in clothes from the revolutionary war proudly wave to the crowd,
policemen, firemen, scouts & their leaders, toss candy to the kids
faces sticky & wet from snow cones & ice cream,
horses & their riders prancing stoutly down Main Street...
time stands still.
In that instance, we're all just Americans, united in the common belief
that we live in the Greatest Country on earth & it's our moment to
I LOVE the 4th of July!!!



Alice said...

Tsk, tsk! Well I guess a little spoonin' doesn't hurt--ha ha!

I love your spoon pendant! What a clever idea!

Tonight is our little town's parade. It has changed a lot from when I was young, but still it makes me proud to see the community gather together for the event.

Trisha said...

I love that necklace and the ribbon is just perfect!!


Dianne said...

Oh Susie! What a gorgeous necklace! I'm back from a self imposed break from blogging... So glad to see you well!

Sue said...

This necklace is awful cute, Susie Girl! Love the ribbon withe the frayed edges. :-) Didn't watch the parade this year- instead I slept in! I must be gettin' old! LOL
~ Sue

Charlene said...

LOVE the photo of you & Kai!!! And that necklace with Georgy Boy is darlin!!! GOOD JOB! Now, is that for you or for sale? Hard to part with some things isn't it? HUGS!