Saturday, February 4, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

I've been trying my hand at soldering the last few weeks,
dwelling in a place where I've never felt quite comfortable.
As with most things in my life, I am my OWN teacher.
I wander the internet searching for clues, but in the end
I know it's just me & my soldering iron taking this journey.

With every brush of flux & every pass of my iron,
this foreign place begins to feel like home.
The fear subsides & is replaced with reluctant confidence.
I let go of the idea of perfection & embrace the joy of creation
& learn to do exactly what my dear friend told me...

to find the beauty in the Perfectly Imperfect.
I LOVE the smell of soldering...



Jane said...

That is a stunning piece! Looks to me like you're getting the hang of it just fine. After all, the beauty is often in the slight imperfections!

Kit said...

Oh my is that ever pretty! Love it! Kit

Maggie said...

susie, i'm having a hard time seeing ANYTHING imperfect about this piece! I do believe you are getting the hang of it, girl! This is really beautiful.


Linda in New Mexico said...

super piece.....great soldering, how lovely it is. Oma Linda

Kasia said...

Love your little story and I adore the piece! :)


trash talk said...

How do you feel about the smell of burning hair...'cause I guarantee that's all you'd be sniffing if I even tried to do anything this beautiful while armed with a soldering gun. Law...I burn myself on the carpet...can you imagine me with heat?
It truly is a perfect piece of art Suze!

Jill said...

The word "perfect" does NOT exist in the world of solder ; )


Debbie said...

Your doing great and are such an inspiration to me!!


Lynn Richards said...

So pretty! So glad you are enjoying your soldering iron.