Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I've Been Doin Some SPOONIN

Greetings Sweeties...
I had soooooo much fun yesterday,
sitting down at my crafting desk & playin with some SPOONS!

As with all things in life, even my 'SPOONIN'
business comes & goes in cycles. I've been so
focused in on my paper doll line, I've all but
forgotten about 'SPOONIN'.

And then an order comes in & I pull out my vintage spoons
& hammers & anvil & start poundin away &
it feels SO GOOD!

After I'm finished with one & I look at an old spoon
that was tarnished & dirty, now sparkling with new life,
I can't help but SMILE!

Hope you're smiling today too...



Alice said...

Beautiful!!! I have yet to try this....so many things going on right now.

Enjoy your week!

Katherine Wolak said...

These are stunning!!! I love spoon alterations! :D


Kit said...

Nice to know you are smiling. And I can see why. You do such lovely work. I feel that way too today after re-designing one of my living room walls. :) Kit