Monday, April 7, 2014

Paper Bag Fairy Journals DIY


Happy Monday Sweet Friends!!!
A brand new week filled with nothing but possibilities...
don't you LOVE it? I BELIEVE in fairies, do you?

In fact, I know of a tiny fairy princess who's about to
have her 1st birthday. Auntie has been creating some
magic of her own, making paper bag Fairy Journals...
Sooooo Adorable & SO Simple!

What you'll need...
brown paper bags
hole punch
glue stick
ribbon or twine
1 box of colored pencils
wood clothes pins
printed images
stamps & stickers
bits of burlap & lace
baubles it tie onto your bows
Take 4 paper bags & put them together...
bottoms of bags always on the inside, alternate bottom
of bag, opening of bag, with the top bag being a bottom.
Fold each bag in half making a nice crisp fold.
Punch 2 holes on each bag, making sure when you put
them together they will line up properly.
{I punched the 1st bag, then put the 2nd bag folded inside the 1st,
marked holes with a pencil, punched, then the 3rd & 4th}
Add your ribbon or twine through the holes to hold your book
together & tie a nice bow. I used ribbon for the girls
& twine for the boys journals.
Add your images with a glue stick, stamp the front & back
& on a few of the pages on the inside. Decorate with stickers,
add a page or so of stickers inside of the bags openings.
I added a word sticker onto my clothes pins, then used some
clear glitter glue on my finger to cover the top. They can be
used plain too...attach the colored pencil to the side
of book with your clothes pins.
Tie a bauble onto your bow with bits of ribbon or twine.
Add bits of vintage lace or burlap to the front. I also added
some tiny clothes pins to a few of the pages to attach leaves
or pressed flowers. The kids can color in the book & take
a fairy walk, adding their little treasures inside the bags.
These are PERFECT party favors & can be made
using any theme. Super CUTE!!!
You can read one of my favorite Fairy Posts HERE about
The Cottingley Fairies...2 little English girls who
found fairies in 1917 & documented it through
early photography.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
the author of Sherlock Holmes you?
I too was lucky enough to capture the image of a fairy.
I knew she was filled with magic when I saw
her sparkling shoes!!!
Hope you enjoyed the DIY...

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