Tuesday, October 5, 2010

home sweet home & how to make an american quilt

{photo's from Pandora de Balthazar's booth}
I am once again 'Home Sweet Home', after my amazing journey through the southwest & my awakening to the Texas Junkin Lifestyle.

My eye's opened & seeing clearly & honestly, after spending umpteen hours driving through countryside unlike anything I've seen before.

Alone in my car, with no curtains to shield me from my own truths, allowing me to come to the realization that my heart is no longer in my shop. That my love & joy & pride in my shop no longer outweigh my desire to spread my wings & fly.

I am so often reminded of one of my favorite movies & 1 I think all women should see...
'How To Make An American Quilt'.
The story centers on the stories of several women in a quilting bee as they construct a wedding quilt as a gift for a member's granddaughter. As the women share their life stories, the granddaughter is lead down a path that helps her to reflect on her own life & where she is headed...I just adore it!

The part I love the most is at the very end.
From the back, you see an elderly lady standing on the edge of a high dive, looking down into the water below. As a young girl she was a great driver, but had stopped many years ago because of heartbreaking circumstances & fear. As she holds her arms & hands up over her head the narrative says:

"As Anna says about making a quilt,
you have to choose your combination carefully.
The right choices will enhance your quilt.
The wrong choices will dull the colors, hide their original beauty.
There are no rules you can follow.
You have to go by your instinct.
And you have to be BRAVE."

The brave thing I am going to do, is to close the shop.
No excuses, only with visions & dreams for the future. With my wings untied & nothing but possibilites before us, my sweet hubby & I will dare to imagine a life that can lead us to greener pastures & greater adventures.

Be happy for me...this freedom sings so sweetly to my heart.
As I told a friend, if you try your best to live your life by following your heart, it must lead to a place where you are truly rich in the things that matter most!

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Linda in New Mexico said...

How sweet realization can be when it is filtered through pure heart motive. Good for you. May you continue to be blessed and a blessing. The Olde Bagg
pssssst....I love San Antonio, so I'll be anxiously waiting your take on the city.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think listening to your heart and following what you know to be true, it always the right thing. On to a new adventure!!

Linda said...

I understand how it is freeing to follow your heart! When your heart's not in something anymore...it becomes work. So happy for you that you have clarity and excitement over new opportunities...

Charlene said...

Been there done that sweetie! And I'm not sorry. But, you know what????? If you change your mind later... you can always open your shop again. There is indeed a whole life to lead as YOU want to. It would be a shame that if in the end you would say "I wish I had..." Be happy & fly free sweet girl! Hug Robert & tell him that Texas whispers her call for you to show him her beauty. And we want to come back to my much loved California to see your neck of the woods(but NOT in the snow). HUGS!

Diane Cook said...

Oh, you know I am having that very same feeling right now my sweet Susie =))
I long for new horizons, but feel a little intimidated by it ALL. I will do it, and I will do it strong with a clear heart and mind. I know you will too, as I believe we are cut from the same cloth my friend =)
BTW...I loved that movie. When it came out, my daughter and I went to see it together. It was so long ago thou that I can hardly remember it. I must see it again...you always bring back the best memories for me, my dear kindred sister!
Luv ya lots and lots!

trash talk said...

Susie Q,
I closed my shop (actually 2) back in 1998 and I've never looked back. Things have a way of happening that forever change our outlook (age does that too!). I think hitting the open road is your calling...I smell a book! You're such a great story teller and with your passion for the State Parks...sounds like a bestseller to me!

Alina said...

Follow your heart! May you find nothing but magic in your new ventures! XO

moose2bear said...

I'm happy for you, but sad that I will no longer see your happy smiling face, Our craft sharing talks. But for sure follow your heart!!! The street has lost its charm!!! Things revolve and always change.. I will truly miss you

Alice said...

How wonderful to make such a decision and be at peace with it. I'm excited to see what the future holds for you as you and your hubby travel through lifes great adventures.

julie miller said...

It can be both scary and exhilarating to make a big life-changing decision! But it sounds like you are sure and confident and I wish you only the best!!! Take care, Julie

~Que Bella~ said...

Always follow your heart :) We only have this one life, so do whatever makes you happy!

Two Wild Roses Antiques said...

Susie.I followed your blog and wished that I too could of Been brave enought to travel to Texas.I grew up during the 50s, 60s.and 70s got married young, had my kids young,and am ready to spread my wings and fly! You have a gift to write and us to dream, and maybe one day be brave enought to tske a chance like you!! Peace, Love, and Happiness, xo Lori

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh Susie, yes, I am SO happy for you!!!
Your big and joyous smile there says it all.
I think a fabulous new adventure awaits you now, and I just hope I get to meet you along the way. :-)

Big hugs,

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, friend. How happy I am for you, but at the same time, well. a little sad. I am more than thankful for the wonderful memories shared in your sweet store, and look forward to seeing what fabulous adventures you continue to have!!!!!
p.s. I still need to have a salad from the restaurant across the street!!