Friday, October 1, 2010

sunset over tucson, hearts over texas & baby gypsy love

Good Evenin Sweet Hearts...
I wonder how long it will take for me to lose my southern accent? lol
It may take forever for me to lose my southern love.
As I head west following the sunset, my mind & heart are still in Texas.
I take so many delightful images with me like the ruffled britches & cowboy boots of a baby gypsy.

I call this one 'boots & band aids'...

an auntie's watchful eye over the littlest of gypsies...

& my most favoritest Junk Gypsy Model.
{she was very hungry}

For a moment, she had her eye on me...
but then, I had my eye on her too!

This all happened the night of Miss Theresa's Fabulous Blog Party & although it didn't win, my favoritest servin dish for the party was the lampshade!
My Darlin Diane of Rosa & Josie's & Treasured Theresa of Garden Antiques Vintage
enjoyin the evenin.

My sweetest of friends & my dearest of hearts...
they helped me see & find my way.
I never felt lost or alone or scared, cuz they were right there with me, holding my hand on this amazing journey.
Diane & Charlene,
{along with there hubby's Larry & Allen}
you are my Texas Angels!

Enough of that gushy stuff...back to the fields!!
Carolyn Westbrook was there signing her new beyond fabulous book,
The French Inspired Home.
This is a must have book filled with wonderful inspiration an beautiful photography!

This looks like I could be back at the Vintage Trailer Rally, but no...even better!

What could be even better then a Vintage Trailer Rally you may ask?

Sisterbelles Cupcakes!
Does the word yummmmmmmmmy ring a bell? Lemon was my favorite!
I know I ate more cupcakes then the legal limit!
If they had performed a breath analysis on me, it would have come back 100.00 percent sugar!

And who can forget...
The Junk Gypsy's Fabulous
Funny Money

Winning Animals...
Winning Numbers...
How does this sucker work???

Place yer bets Ladies & Gentlemen...
you too can be a winner at the Funny Money Wheel of Fortune!!!
How do they find this stuff??? LOL

I had to go to Royers Cafe while I was in Round Top...

If I didn't, it would be like going to Paris & not seeing the Eiffel Tower!

Do you think anybody would notice if I just happened to take this off the porch & put it in the back of the Durango??
Yeah...that's what I thought.

Wow, I feel so lucky!!! Everybody said this place would be packed & during show week, I could expect to wait upwards of an hour just get in the door!
What...their CLOSED!!!
Don't they know I drove all the way from California just to have a piece of pie here?

Well ladies...I got more then pie here!!!
I found a new boyfriend named Larry. Now, I know he's Charlene's hubby & all, but he's got such a sweet drawl & he says things to her like "if you want it baby, go get-it"!
Now how do you not fall in love with that??? Plus he likes cows that look like oreo's, I mean that's just cool! Now again, as usual I haven't told my hubby yet, so I would appreciate it if you would keep this on the down low for the time bein...till I get around to it. ;)

So friends, as I watch the sunset over the skies of Tucson...
I remember back to some small towns & back roads & open fields.
Of a blue sky & a big yella house & some soft pilla's & I think to myself...

I'm happy to be goin home so I can hug all my baby's, but I know I'll be comin back...
probably sooner then later! :)



Lynn Richards said...

Honestly, Susie-I think you have had the best time of ANYone ate Round top!!!!!!! So much fun to go along for the ride through your blog. Hurry home so we can have lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!

shopgirl said...

That looked like so much fun! I loved the boots and the book does look beautiful!

Glad you had a great time!

trash talk said...

Now why on earth would you want to lose the Southern accent/Texas twang? It's fixta make you stand out in a crowd!
You paint a beautiful picture of the show! Isn't baby Gypsette Indie just the cutest thing in her rumba britches?
I'm lookin' forward to spring and to see that Durango come rollin' into the fields in a cloud of dust and a mighty Hi Ho!

Alice said...

Susie, I thoroughly enjoyed 'traveling' to Texas with you via your lovely photos. Someday I hope to go there and experience it in real life, but it will take a lot of tugging to get hubby to go.

Safe travels home!!!!

Beach House Living said...

Looks like you had such a great time.

Dianne said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time... I know you had a tough time deciding to do this... so now you know you can! And I know you'll do it again and explore even more places... and you've inspired me. It's been a long time since I took a road trip by myself... I'm ready!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susie I am so glad you went this year and had the best time!! I am starting my plans to go next fall. That's my goal. My Grandbaby is due in April so no going in Spring...but Fall...yep. So my biggest question...are you glad you drove? Such wonderful memories you have from the great event!

Hope Ava said...
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Hope Ava said...

Looks like a fun fabulous time! That little be-ruffled girl is truly adorable!

Hope Ava

julie miller said...

Hi Susie! Sure sounds like you had an amazing adventure! Now it's time to face the real world--HA! Glad you got to try the cupcakes! (that would have been my favorite too since I have the worst sweet tooth in the world!) Glad you're back! Julie

Debbie said...

I had so much fun following you through the lone star state of Texas. Can't wait to go there myself someday. But what about the longhorns, "where's the beef" was hopeing to see one of those big bullies. Oh well have a safe trip home. x0x0

Anonymous said...

You may wish to check out this new book on vintage trailers...

Airstreams: Custom Interiors
by David Winick

I've been following his work and he is an amazing designer and craftsman.

junk gypsies said...

SuSieeeeee!!!!! thank you so much for taking the time and having the CouRAge to journey east, across that big ol' blacktop to come to TeXAS! thank you for sharing these wonderful memories of your trip, and for posting these sweet photos of our baby girl!
MuCh MuCh much love from texas to you . . .
the junk gypsies
amie, janie and jolie sikes

Wooden Chest Studio said...

totally adorable1 great pictures too!

Cindy said...

Susie, my goodness I've enjoyed the photos you've been sharing...and traveling along with you on your journey to Texas. And boy do I wish I could go there one day too. You got to meet Diane Cook! Oh lucky you!!! One day maybe I'll find myself wearing boots, talking with a drawl, and shopping for antiques to my heart's content too.... one can dream.