Wednesday, September 29, 2010

livin large, lovin magnolia pearl & marburger & sadly leavin Texas

This has been a WHIRLWIND tour of Texas for vintagesusie & wings!!!
I have walked more fields, drank more sweet tea, eaten more yummy cupcakes, seen more divine vintage & justifiable junk, loved more Junky Gypsy's, drivin more miles of back roads for a meal, loved me more bloggy gals & their men, seen more teased up hair & ruffled britches, then I ever have in my whole, entire crazy life & I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with TEXAS!!!
I have SOOOOOOOO much to share with y'all, {yes, now I have a southern accent...what? I think they're cute!} I barely know where to begin from here...but, after Warrenton & The Junk Gypsy's, my next big adventure was Marbuger Farms & what comes with that is a phenomenon all it's own named Magnolia Pearl!
Many of you know this magical sea nymph of the Texas plains. This is Robin Pearl Brown, creator of Magnolia Pearl designs on the opening morning at Marburger Farm.
My sweet as Texas tea, gal pal Charlene from My Hearts Ease & her boyfriend hubby Larry & I, had arrived early opening day to see our favorite lovie, jewelry designer Diane Cook of Rosa & Josie's. {& that's another post all on it's own} After spending time admiring her fabulous booth & new jewelry creations, Charlene & I made a beeline for MP.

One of the things on my list of MUST DO'S in Texas, was to buy something from MP. I had no idea what to expect when we got to her showroom, but it surpassed any expectations I could have had. It was like entering Fairyland! & suddenly I too, wanted to be a fairy.

Robin was surrounded by her fellow fairies & adoring fans, but to my joy, she took the time to come over & tell me she liked the way my fairy blouse looked with my camo shorts.

This sweet as pie girl, is one of Robin's models & was she was helping Charlene find a pair of ruffled britches...we just adored her!!!

Everything in there was stunning!

I wanted it all, as did every other women in her booth!

For me The Junk Gypsy's & Magnolia Pearl were two of the highlights of my trip! They are ying & yang & yet both... pure Texas!

I LOVE this picture of my shabby little shopping cart sittin outside of Magnolia Pearl at Marburger Farms. She has had quite a trip & seen more then many people ever will...lucky little cart! {TG for her, she saved my arms}

Finally out of the MP booth, I display my new attire, but who cares about me...look at those chandeliers!

By now, I couldn't even tell you where we were. I can only let you share in some of the glories that were Marbuger...Enjoy!

Oh, so yummmmmy...

I adore this baby shoe...

lovely linens...

rust & lace, so cool...

I love any & all religious icon...

again, stunning...

& what a fabulous antique crib, right!
I'll tell you my friends, I am heartbroken to be leavin Texas.
We share a common spirit.
A love for junk.
A common passion for creation & design.
And I will NEVER, ever forget... the Wide Open Spaces
& Glorious Skies above this awesome state!
I will forever dream of CLOUDS!
Thank you Texas, thank you friends, thank you family who got me here.
I am blessed!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warrenton in all it's glory!

Greetings Sweet Hearts!!!
My adventure has been as big as the great state of TEXAS, but by yesterday it was time to just kick back & enjoy the show! Nothin CRAZY happened, thank the Lord, as I needed a break & just wanted to take in Warrenton in all it's JUNKY GLORY!!

I LOVE me some good ole rusty mailboxes...

& I'll tell you what...our traffic cops sure don't look like this!!

Can I say I was DIGGIN the guns & the saddle! He was tellin me to MOVE ON, but I told him to HOLD ON, I just had to get some more PICTURES OF HIM & he gave me a tiny little grin...ain't he cute?

I still haven't gotten over to this booth, but I want some of her white, flowing cotton. It looks soooo cooool! {as in not hot, lol}

Fall in Warrenton, equipment & pumpkins, LOVE IT!

The line for the cupcakes is longer then the line for the port-a-potty, but today I'm gettin me one...yummmmy!
I ended my day yesterday at Zapp Hall lookin for the fabulous Miss Theresa from Garden Antiques Vintage bloggy fame.

& look who I found sittin in her booth...the infamous & divine Miss Debbie & Cat Daddy from Trash Talking! They are a HOOT & A HALF & I adored them both right off the bat!

And Sweet as Pie Miss Theresa was truly the hostess with the mostest. She had the greatest fan known to man & gave me an iced tea & the cutest little red vintage chair to sit on & I didn't leave until she was ready to roll up shop! Tonight she's having a blog party & I can't wait to go say "Hi Y'all" to all my bloggy buddies!

Oh & by the way...did I tell ya she had the most wonderful junk in her booth!

Here in Texas, I've seen some glorious things...but do you know what I'm going to miss the most when I have to go back to Cali? Yes the friends I've made, yes the gingerbread houses, yes the amazing array of antiques. But what I'm going to miss the very most is...

The skies of Texas are like no other!

Ever changing.

Always amazing.
If you want to see God's handy work & you happen to be in Texas...just LOOK UP!
I do LOVE it here...If it only wasn't so dog gone HOT!!!!
Today, I'm off for yet another day of walkin the fields looking for some more good junk
& tonight
So, from one Cowgirl to another,
Happy Trails Friends!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

feeling the junky love!!!

Excuse my french ladies but,
'Helllll Yeahhhhh"!
Zapp Hall, Hall of the Kings & Queens of JUNK!
I made it. I drove half way across the country to be here & can I just say, it truly is a

Y'all probably already know where I made a bee line too...The Junk Gypsy's of course!!!
Look at the cooooolest car in the history of cars!

This is the entrance to the hottest ticket at the show, at least it was for me.

And although I had my handy dandy, old as dirt, flea market cart...
I LOVED these vintage shopping baskets. Look at that rack, again the coooolest!

Walking in you are captivated by Hollywood icon, Walter Matthau. He was kinda like the Mona Lisa, his eyes followed you everywhere. {he may have been some kind of high tech security system, I'm just never know}

Now I was tired & I was hot. Did I say I was HOT?
But this bed looked mighty inviting & if I wasn't covered from head to toe in sweat, I would have loved to jump in it & just lay there to soak all this Junkified Goodness in.
{there was also a huge ceiling fan above it, moving air yesterday was a GOOD THING}

I do believe after making my holy trek to Junkland I should be considered an honorary 'COWGIRL', what do ya think??

Turquoise, Aqua...I just love anything in those shades of blue.

So, after viewing the entire booth at least 3 times, I needed to get down to business & SHOP!!!

Oh, wait...another awesome bed beckoning me to come take a load off.

I had to get a couple of these, my tank says 'Let's Get Back to the Basics of LOVE' & I now am an official member of the 'Junk Gypsy Road Crew' cuz that's what my hat & my bumper sticker says!!!

After spending WAY TO MUCH TIME in their booth, I was thinkin...these girls probably think I'm a stalker! Well, I guess I kinda am.
I walked over to the counter & said to Miss Jolie, "Hey girl, I'm Susie & I just drove all the way from Cali to see y'all". She then says, hold on to your hats..I couldn't believe it, "This is vintagesusie! She was the one trying to decide whether to drive or fly here, you drove! We posted your blog on our Facebook to let everybody weigh in...let me take a picture of you to put on Facebook!" So stunned & honored & sweating, I smiled as she took a couple of pictures of me. Then out comes my camera, to get a picture of her with George Burns telling a joke in the background. This sweet gal with her comes twice a year, for 12 years, from Georgia to help them with their sale. Jolie says "yeah, it's cuz we pay her so much." I say, "you could just pay me in t-shirts...'I Work For Tee's', Jolie thought that was pretty funny. ;)

She says, "You've got to meet Mama & Amie, this is vintagesusie...she's the one who was trying to decide if she should drive or fly from Cali!" Hugs all around, I told them they didn't have to hug me cuz I was so sweaty...but they did anyway.
They were worth the drive to Texas themselves!
Mama Gypsy thought I was getting over heated & I should go get a nice cold glass of ice tea & cool down a little. I told them I'd be back & I did exactly what Mama Gypsy told me to do. You know, since I don't have a Mama, I adored that Mama Gypsy took care of me. I wonder... if I hang around enough, do you think they might adopt me? My luck, they'll just call the State Trooper, LOL.
NEVER, They are FABULOUS & I truly do LOVEEEE them!
Back for more Junky Love today!!!
Oh & by the by...I did get some REALLY COOL JUNK already! Load me up my Texas pals!
PS: I lost my cell phone, so I'm off to find another...silly me!