Thursday, September 9, 2010

help or fly???

Greeting Friends from sunny California!
Many of you already know & for those of you who don't..I'm headed to TEXAS for the Antique Festivals in Round Top, come Hell or High Water!!

Why, you may ask. Cuz I just WANT too!
{I feel like I'm 10}
I want to meet many of my bloggy buddies in person...

I wanna see a whole lot sh*t kickers like these, & frilly petticoats & cowgirl hats.

And I wanna go to this years Junk-O-Rama Prom & hang out with the Junk Gypsy's!

I hope to find Magnolia Pearl sitting in a booth...

spilling pearls of wisdom to all her Magnolia Groupies.
I wanna shop for antiques & find the most amazing finds on the face of the earth for only $10.
I already paid for my room in Weimar, Texas for the 24th ~ 29th & I'm just sooooo DAMN excited! {excuse my french} But my brain HURTS!!! {ouchhhh...}

Do I drive from So Cal to Texas alone, as I'm plum outta pals to ask to go with me?

Or do I fly into San Antonio & rent a car to take to the festival?

I can see the open road & bring back lots of antiques big & small.
I kinda hate to drive, I like to passenger, but I can if I need to.
It'll take a lot longer, but the haul could be incredible!

Fast, less time away, safer.
I have to rent a car which I've never done before...a little scarey.
I can only bring back small items, enough to fill an empty suitcase.
Maybe ship a few others if I can.

Sooooo, advice is soooooo welcome! I know I'm being a bit of a wimp, but I just can't decide on my own, I can see good & bad things about both choices.
Helppppppppp Me decide friends... I just can't do it on my own!

Big Hugs,



Robin said...

I live in Texas and haven't been to Round Top/Warrenton for the Antique show yet, so I really can't say much! However, if I were you, I would drive so you can haul all your goodies back with you. From what I hear, whatever way you get there, you will have a blast!


Angela said...

If you want to buy'll have to drive. Believe me, you'll want to buy stuff! But that's a very long need a friend. Also, Houston is MUCH closer, even Austin is closer than San Antonio. Anyway you get there, you'll have so much fun shopping and looking!! I haven't been there in several's much bigger now...but my heart would nearly beat out of my chest while I was parking the car! It's too good to be true!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

First, I am so so so so jealous! That is such a dream for me! Wish I was free to go with you. Maybe next year we can road trip it! I'm not going to help because you have a split vote so far . . . I would fly if it were me. Renting a car is easy peasy. I have driven from SoCal to Missouri with my family a million times and the road between here and Texas has some mighty boring desolate areas. Make sure your car is in tip top shape if you drive. Just take the empty suitcase and ship a box home if you need to. That's my two cents. Oh how I wish I could go with you! Hope you have the time of your life!

Alice said...

Oh lucky you! I'd love to go, but don't really need 'stuff'. Besides, I'm the worst at traveling alone (so I can understand your dilema) hubby has no patience, and all my friends are poor....

If you had a travel companion I would say drive. But since you don't I would say to fly and be prepared to ship larger items home.

nacherluver said...

I can't tell you what to do but I would drive! You don't have to limit yourself to purchases. If you found a dream item but couldn't purchase due to travel, that would blow! Plus, the open road, the views, the solitary time of peace and quiet. Ahhhh... Of course if you had a friend it would be a nice long trip of chatting and fun, but going it alone wouldn't be all that bad, would it? Do you have a GPS?

p.s. I'm doing my first ever give-a-way over at my blog and you just might be interested in what's being offered! Check it out?

nacherluver said...

Okay, so I'm a total dork. You already left a comment! sorry! aack! (blushes brightly)
Guess I shouldn't run to my computer immediately after waking and try to do stuff before I can even focus on the super bright screen! My bad.

Good luck on your trip no matter what your decision. It sounds like a blast! Oh, and my 55 y/o friend drives the whole country solo. She's quite the gypsy! It's do-able ;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would drive! I drove from Atlanta to Houston alone and it was fun! Stocked up on great music and lots of snacks and just hit the road. If I could go to Roundtop this year I would!

My Grama's Soul said...

I hear what you are sayin' . I've never really hit the road on my own....boy would I like to tag along!! (O:(O:



junk gypsy said...

it doesn't matter if you drive, fly or take a midnight train. . . just pack yer worn-out cowgirl boots (or buy a pair when ya get here) AND your OlDest, most wonderful, most tattered prom dress . . . and come join us for the time of your life!!!! and thanks for spreadin' the JuNKy love . .
xoxoxo the junk gypsies

Kacie Leah said...

Honey, I would DRIVE!!!
Who knows what other fun roadside treasures and adventures you might come across? Sure it's a whole lot longer, and I know a loooong drive but the memories you'll have, and so much more room for your JUNK you find! And none of your friends can roadtrip with ya?? Man they are missing out!!! Found your blog through Junk Gypsy, so glad to have a new blog to read =)

Whatever your decision, you're gonna have a blast and I wish you a safe and super fun trip! Maybe I'll see ya out in one of the fields, or partying at prom =)

Have a great day!!!

michele g. said...

I have made that drive from Houston to LA and back about 9 years ago when my grandfather passed away. The drive was great you won't be disappointed with the views except around the El Paso area kind boring. My only suggestion it that I would not stop in El Paso to stay the night it is about the half way mark. Stop before or after El Paso. Drive baby Drive!!!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Drive if you can so you can cart lots of big treasures back home. We just booked our first ever trip to Round Top and I am beyond excited! Since we are flying in from Florida, I plan to shop only for "smalls". You can fit LOTS of vintage jewelry pieces in a carry-on bag. Hope you enjoy your trip! p.s. love my first visit to your blog too : ) ~ xo Joy

cathy said...

Love your blog, and I would not want to drive it alone, BUT.....just think of ALL the fun junk and "treasures" you can pack up along the way!!! You are in for a good, ole Texas boot scootin time!!! Would love to go, but my junkin friend Deidra and I will be in Canton then as we have a business Girls Gone Junkin!! Have ALWAYS wanted to go to the prom though and that is on my list of things to do!!!! Have fun however you travel, and I will for sure be following your blog....Cathy aka GGJ

Dianne said...

Ohhh I'm so envious! If it were me, I'd drive...I love road trips... especially when you are on your own, or no one's time clock... You can stop and look and shop and photograph and eat and whatever, whenever! And you have lots of room to bring stuff back... Dang! I wish I was there... I'd drive and you could just ride!

Debbie said...

Wow what an adventure. I would love to go, I tell you what I'll drive from UT to CA meet up and you drive to TX. We can be rebels with a cause. I have a enclosed trailor we can take and fill with all sorts of fun stuff. Oh wait a minute I forgot for just one minute, I got so carried away. I have a family, responsabilities, and all that grown up stuff. Have a great time, no matter how you get there just get there and buy, buy, buy. Also don't forget to pick up some BBQ.

Suz said...

Whatever you do, have a fantastic time! Now I want to go, too, and I didn't even know about it before! (it was that Willie Nelson that got me going!)

That was so sweet of you to put Lynn's pictures in your brochure. It was all done so well.

We are off to Prague and Croatia tomorrow for our exchange student's wedding. I am psyched (as well as Psycho trying to pack LIGHT !)

Sending hugs!


artistickitty said... I'm not a "sweet friend", but I am a sweet stranger ☺...linked to you through JG on FB. I live about 30 minutes from Warrenton and go just about everyday of the shindig. I say only fly if you plan on renting a U-Haul to return to Cali in. You are gonna find treasures galore. And how devastating it will be if you can't take them with you. Drive. Or fly in and drive back if you can. early welcome to Texas and to the greatest show on're gonna luv it!!

Suzanne said...

If you are up for a FAB road Trip---Then Drive baby Drive!!!!! Just pack your fav tunes, some good energy snacks- camera of course...and find whatever little junky dive to spend a night or two in....
I'm a little over an hour from Warrenton and always have to go several times- and EACH time- - My heart goes PIttaR PaTTER when I see the 'Warrenton' Sign!!!!
Have a ball---- See you at PROM!!!!

Lynn Richards said...

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH. If my life was a wee bit different,(ha, who am I kidding? a LOT different right now) I would be on the road with you in a hot second.

Have you ever driven to Texas? It is a looong. Boring. Drive.
I would get too anxious just to GET there!!

Just for saftey's sake, I say fly. Renting a car at an airport is a piece of cake. You can reserve everything on line, and take one of their cool shuttles from the airport right to whatever car place you decide on.

Hmmm. the option of flying there and driving back is good, too!!!
love to you!!!

Charlene said...

Tell me about the room you got??? I had canceled us coming & staying in the RV Park after Hubby had his surgery. But, he is better & just tires easily... hmmm I think I'll call you & we can chat! HUGS! Charlene

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

That's a tough decision, it's too bad one of your friends can't make the drive with you.
I agree with Lynn though, for safety's sake I would definitely fly over.

Have a fabulous time Susie!!!
Hugs, Carol Anne xoxo