Saturday, March 3, 2012

Haute Couture & Vintage Fashion Design, Ooh la la

I have no idea why, but lately I've been fascinated with
The History of Fashion. I spend a lot of my Pinterest time
looking at vintage clothing design & have fallen in LOVE with
Old Clothes. I think it comes from my LOVE of Magnolia Pearl
& realizing how much of current design is just a new version of
something old & fabulous.

Believe it or not, the first picture is of a newly designed Haute Couture gown.
Looking at it, it seemed I had saved a vintage outfit in my Pinterest board
called Vintage Rags that looked very similar. I'm getting a whole
new appreciation for the beauty of couture gowns.

Here again, classic styling with a big, beautiful brooch...
now what does that remind me of?

This gorgeous vintage lace, high neck tea gown from the early 1900's.
I could even see the brooch working perfectly on this beauty.

When I saw this Valentino gown from the 2012 spring line,

I new I had seen a couple amazing vintage dresses that had a
very similar style & look to them. {gorgeous detail}

I ADORE both of these, they are sooooo amazing!
The one above is an afternoon dress from 1905...

& this is an Irish lace coat from the same year...swoon.
Look at that lace work friends, literally to die for. I would so wear
these, maybe over a pair of jeans or Magnolia Pearl bloomers

A lace couture dress...

& an American lace dress made in & around 1907.

Another current couture ball gown overflowing with tulle...

& a vintage ball gown with ruffles of tulle,
aren't they both just glorious?

Soft layers of tulle will forever be in style,
whether it's 2012 or...

1957, the year after I was born.  ;)

This dress is completely glorious, I adore it too..
one of Elie Saab's couture gowns...

but, so is this vintage 1950's Cotillion Party Dress.
So here's the big surprise friends...
that this So Cal born & breed beach girl, who is the epitome of
jeans, a tank top & flip flops & always has been, is seeing the
beauty & drama & glory of fabulous clothing, vintage & couture.
That there is more IN common with newly designed couture &
classic vintage, then NOT & my appreciation of both is at an
all time high. I just swoon for a lacy, tulley ball gown whether it's
Worth or maybe it's not that I was born in the
wrong era like I always thought, but more that I was born in
the wrong income bracket. If I was filthy rich I'd be sitting front
row at the great fashion shows around the world, buying
couture for my closet & antique/vintage for my museum. LOL



That Girl Ang said...

I've finally come back to the blogs. Fashion is my first love. I've enjoyed this post.

trash talk said...

Funny thing Suze...when I was watching the MP fashion show video, my first thought was this is Texas Couture at it's finest!
I've always been a fan of House of Worth couture...glorious ballgowns and Hubert Givenchy...high fashion icon. Art never goes out of style.

Boom said...

How Lovely!!!! Wonderful to get away from a world dressed in sweats or jeans. Thank you for sharing.

Gypsy Brocante said...

Amazing gowns ... deep sigh ; )


Lynn Stevens said...

These dresses old and new make me swoon!!!!