Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Controversy, Oh No!!!

{all photo's from Pinterest}
Here I sit at 5am in the morning, unable to sleep any more.
The wind is howling on my mountain top.
I laid in bed for hours just listening to it
whipping wildly through the pines.

As my coffees brewing in the pot,
it's rich aroma stimulating my thoughts,
I think to another situation that seems to be brewing
on the horizon. It seems Pinterest has a bit of controversy
regarding Copyright Infringement...yikes, really.

As I understand it, Pinterest pinners are pinning pictures...
{sounds like a crazy tongue twister to me, lol}
that some original owners don't want pinned.
They feel their copyright & ownership of this content
is being infringed upon. If their photograph is going to
be used in a blog post, like I'm doing right now,
they want to be asked permission first. 

Now this isn't everyone, just some.
I mean I DO get it. I do get that original art work is the sole
property of the artist. I know there are unscrupulous people
out there that claim other people's art as their own, or even
copy & try to sell it. Not only is that incredibly wrong & rude,
it's incredibly illegal too! But do I think that's what most of
the people on Pinterest are doing? No, I do not.

{magnolia pearl by vintagesusie}
An example with photography. I took the picture above at Marburger
in the Magnolia Pearl booth...I ADORE all of her ruffles. I posted it
on my blog along with many other pictures of my trip to Texas. The
reality is, as soon as I uploaded this image onto the internet it was no
longer just mine. Anyone could Google my blog or Google Maggie Pearl
& they could have it in minutes to do with as they want. If it was
important to me that no one use this photo & claim it to be their
own, which it was not, I would have 'watermarked' it.
'Watermarking' is a great way to make sure your
photo is referenced back to you.

I guess my thought is, long before Pinterest was even created,
people were going onto the internet & saving favorite images directly
to their computers & what they did with those images has always been
hard to control. I know copyright is a very important issue, but I don't
think we can be naive enough to think we can mandate, legislate or
sue users or the internet into submission. That would be like trying
to control the tides or hold back the hands of time.

Along with amazing technology, comes a lot of personal responsibility.
What we can do is be careful about what we put on the internet, because
once it's never goes away. If there is any question that an image
may be used inappropriately, watermark, watermark, watermark.

I LOVE Pinterest! I really do!!!
To me Pinterest is a site filled with beauty, inspiration & life.
It inspires me to want to sew, knit, paint, wire, solder & pound.
It ignites the wonder in me as I research vintage clothing, jewelry,
costume design, the Victorian era & Tsar's & Tsarina's. 
It has introduced me to so many new creative people & places
where inspiration resides. It has helped people find me &
encouraged them to take a look at my blog & websites.

Pinterest can also be great free advertising for smaller businesses
& I love that too. I have already bought several things that I've pinned,
that I was able to link back to their original source.

So, here's my answer to the Pinterest Controversy. Pinterest is trying to
address the copyright issue. If you go to the Pinterest Blog, they have a html
code that you can add to any website that you don't want to have pins taken from.
I am going to try & only pin images that have an original source, not just Google.
I like pinning from etsy when someone has something for sale. I feel that may
give a seller an edge & help encourage more creative etsy product images. If
I use an image on my blog, I will make sure I link it back to it's original source.
And finally, if I add an image to the web that I'm concerned about people copying
inappropriately, I will WATERMARK it. There, I've solved World Peace!! LOL

We, the Pinner's, are all kindred spirits.
We are looking for beauty in everyday life.
We are sharing our joys & our passions.
We are the visionary's. We are the doers.
We are the dreamers.
Now go forth & PIN!!!



sweetpea said...

I couldn't agree more with everything you said. The pics in this post are jaw dropping.


trash talk said...

I agree. I recently found the html code on Pinterest Help and shared with my readers as well. I seldom have an idea any one wants to steal so it's not a problem for me, BUT I've recently seen some who are using others images to sell their own products. This seems like a case of Bait & Switch and just generally all around stealing if you ask me. Seems like there is always one bad apple who spoils the fun for everyone else...and Pinterest is just!

Molly Alexander said...

Well said! :)

Shasta @ intheoldroad said...

I agree with everything you said. As far as watermarks go, I think the most effective ones are large and in the middle. The small ones at the bottom or top can be cropped off easily, just sayin'. LOVE the pics in your post!

Rhonda said...

Wow, Susie, I don't know you very well but I wish I did!!! You summed it up perfectly, thank you for that. I agree 100% with you.

Lovely images, I have to go back and look again. Rhonda

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I guess if they don't want anyone using their photo watermark or don't put it out there.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You are right on about this, but I know we all understand the copyright issue, just want credit given where credit is due. I've had someone use my pics and call them theirs, wouldn't have known about it if Fifi O'Neil hadn't posted about it. Yes, the person used her pics too! I don't know if you can ever stop someone from copying your pics, that's why they should be watermarked. Will we see you in Texas this year. Was laughing about you the other day when I thinking of you driving 80mph and the story you told, too funny still...

Alice said...

My problem is trying to find the source of the photos after they have been pinned and repinned. I want to make sure I'm getting it from the proper source but that's not so easy.

Thanks for the information on watermarking. Right now my photos are nothing special so I doubt they will be pinned, but it's good to know for future use.

There will alway be those who use things the wrong way, and will find a way to get around watermarks too, I'm sure. One can only do so much to keep these thiefs at bay.

she dreams big! said...

Funny . . . I just did a post on this issue too. Only I think I was a little more forceful in my opinion! lol

Isn't there always someone who loves to spoil the fun for others?

Florence said...

I am still muddling through Pinterest, hoping that I have not pinned something in the wrong way. Thank you for your information. Florence

Lynn Richards said...

Thanks for the info about the html code from pinterest!
I'm off to take a look.

Kasia said...

PInterest is something I found recently but this is some interesting info! Thank you!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

well said, and i totally agree with you, but unfortunately i don't think all the artists out there know how to put a watermark. some of us can hardly figure out blogger, LOL!

Charlene said...

Oh Susie you hit one of my hot buttons too! First I want to say that Pinterest is BEYOND AMAZING!!! I ADORE IT & am so thankful to have it.

Now, there will always be those who "don't do the right thing" & for that???????? not sure of the answer... But, on the same token... IF you have something & share it on the internet... you have to do your best to protect it (& yes a watermark is a good way to start). But, when you put it out there... it's kind of like out of your control. SO if something is extremely important to not be seen in MASS then think before you hit the post button. Or put one of those Copy Protection Services On it. It is maddening when someone else uses your image or idea for their gain but, when you see how many GOOD people are out there whats the percentage of BAD? And I think you also have to ask yourself where did I get my inspiration for this idea? Have I given the credit to the one I saw it from? IT IS WRONG TO "STEAL" anything... ideas, belongings, etc but, are you going to LOCK YOURSELF AWAY FROM THE WORLD IN FEAR YOU MIGHT BE COPIED, NEED DRUGS FOR STRESS & FRETTING that "SOMEBODY MIGHT STEAL MY IDEA" or are you going to gain inspiration from others, make your own idea of what you love, spread the joy of your creation & enjoy LIFE? Along with the very few who would steal it... how many will see it love it, maybe buy it from you.... I think the old saying of "it has wings & if it belongs to you it will return". I saw a teacher that did multiple posts about a student copying her... REALLY????? What do teacher think a student is going to do? Does a college professor teach a student & then restrict that student from going out to practice a trade in what he learned? I agree the exact project belongs to the teacher but, the technique... the student paid to learn that & the teacher CAN NOT BURN THE STUDENT AT THE STAKE! If you don't want your techniques used then don't take someone's money for a class. NOW... I'm probably in trouble too but, I think life is way to short to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset about this sort of thing. Protect yourself if it's important & enjoy LIFE!!!! It's short & we only go around once... & STRESS is a killer! HUGS Ms Susie for starting a big stink about a subject that should be thought of in many different lights.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Thanks dearie. Oma Linda

juNxtaposition said...

i couldnt have said it better sentiments exactly...
although many many of my internet 'friends' have deleted their pinterest accounts...i'm sorry, but i thoroughly enjoy it..and i am of the theory that if you put it out there, it may get picked up..been that way since the beginning of the www...

Lynne Rutter | the Ornamentalist said...

Hi Susie
you have a beautiful blog here full of beautiful images. But do you really know where they came from? Here is the problem with Pinterest (and Tumblr and other sites like it) The pinner is not giving credit, they are just linking to where they saw the image. The image is maybe already stolen from elsewhere and they don't bother to look. The Pinterest source of the image is most often NOT the source of the image. Pinterest uploads a copy of the image and then claims indefinite copyright of it assuming the pinner has the right to share it, which they usually do not.

The last image in this post is credited to {kreestal tumblr} is actually NOT the work of that blogger but comes from my blog here:
The madonna statue is not bronze, it's plaster that was set on fire by an arsonist later and painstakingly restored by members of my guild. I happen to think that the real story is more interesting that just posting a pretty image of a ruined statue. Don't you think your readers would rather know what they are looking at?

If you aren't sure of where an image originated it's easy to search for them if you take 10 seconds to do so.
Please do not assume that because you saw something on Pinterest or on Tumblr or anywhere on the internet that you have a right to use it without permission or proper credit without at least spending a moment to consider the source of the content you are using.

thank you

susie said...

Well, my I first say that the photo with the Madonna & Child is amazing. Really breathtaking & the story behind it is fabulous & I do wish I had that information to go along with the photo. I know my friends would have loved that.
But my 2nd thought is if you wanted the internet, or should I say the world, to know exactly where this gorgeous photo was taken & the story behind it, why didn't the photographer take the 10 seconds that you were talking about pinners taking to research & watermark it with your web address?
There lies the controvery...when you upload a photo to the worldwide web, that's where it's going...worldwide. God only knows what people are doing with your art or your content.
Again, these are only my feelings, but if that's a concern to anyone, including me, it's MY responsibility to protect my content, not the worlds. I will add the html code to my sites so no one can pin from them, I will always watermark each photo with my website address & if it's something I'm really concerned about, I won't upload it at all. I choose to taken that upon myself & not expect anyone else to protect my work...I just want them to enjoy it!)

Karen Valentine said...

Susie, you and Charlene could not have voiced my opinon better if I had typed it all out myself!! I do think it is deplorable when someone uses another persons image to sell a product or gain financially from the theft, but I don't think that's what happening with Pinterest. 99% of us are using the boards as our own personal inspiration boards and a social media outlet to share our passions with others. I started watermarking my photos recently for the exact reasons you mentioned. I don't want to stop making my photos available for pinning. In fact I LOVE it when people pin my photos. (Pinterest has taken over as my #1 referral site) But watermarking does help insure that people are able to find me if the pin is done improperly. Thanks for sharing the watermark info with everyone!!