Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vintage French Postcard 'Fairy' Freebie 1

I am an eclectic collector as I'm sure you will find out with time. One of my favorite collections which is simple & affordable are vintage postcards of children that have been hand-tinted during the Turn of the Century in Paris. I not only love them for there innocence & beauty, but also for their versatility of use. These postcards can be easily found on ebay for just a few $$ (which is amazing to me as most of them are 100 years old) & once scanned can be used for altered art, scrapbooking, tag art, cards, magnets, etc...the possibilities only end when you have exhausted all of them. Here's a few from my own personal collection, I hope you enjoy them & that they make you smile.


When I think of wings, so many things come to mind. Angel wings wrapping the ones we love in their protection. Fairy wings prancing in delight through gardens & woods trying to keep their light from shining too brightly. The wings of little girls dancing through the house with their tutu's on. The wings of birds & dragonflies, of bees & butterflies, the wings of hope & the wings of freedom. If your lucky enough to have wings, which is pretty lucky indeed, you are given the gift of seeing the earth from a heavenly perspective. What must it all look like from up there? I desire wings.