Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Flea Market Fun

{vintage baby christening gown for a mere $5...that's mine, thank you}
Follow the Wild & Wacky escapades of the 'Old Town Crestline Junker's' as they make their way through the convoluted aisles & alleys of the Friday morning Flea! Watch them as they haggle to save $2, see them turn away & say no only to return to get the treasure for an amazing bargain price, witness their incredibly rusty & slightly broken cart as it fills to the brim with unimaginable wonders!!!
{my daughter Courtney found this one, brand new in the box...grasshopper, I have taught you well}
{isn't it soooooo pretty, the lace is really lovely}

{vintage Golden Books .25 cents, you can never have too many of those}

{camp blanket $2 & vintage prints $8 for the set...Niiiiiiiice}

{vintage satin stocking holder $6...I want to keep this one but since I haven't worn a pair of stockings since 1974, suntan, I will tell myself 'NO'}

{SOLD ~ vintage Boy Scout Handbook $FREE, thrown in with the set of vintage prints. I love the 50's, don't those boys look 'HAPPY' & doesn't it look like 2 of them might be twins??? Yes, I do have an inquiring mind!}

Not included in the pics is a very cool set of blue Bernard prints for $15 & a working, vintage wrist watch I got for a buck. What can I say, I have more fun buying for my shop then I actually do working there! LOL It looks like Courtney, Jenni & Susie had another amazing adventure this morning digging through junk, eatting burritos, passing out one's like they were going out of style & laughing through most of it! Wouldn't you like to come along with me on my next adventure? Till next time...