Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A vintagesusie Christmas!

My Sweetest of  Hearts...
It seems I've been so silent as of late...
so much has been spinning around in my head & in my life,
but oh, how I've miss you!

I wasn't sure how Christmas was going to feel this year,
so many things still up in the air...
but Christmas feels like LOVE to me...

As I pull my decorations out, from there year long hibernation,
I look at each treasure with the eyes of a child...

some old decorations that I've had forever,
some new decorations that I purchased after Christmas last year,
but all equally MAGICAL.

My collection of tiny, German made wooden angels
that I've had since my daughter was a baby,

& boxes & boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments...

my twig trees that make a perfect display for my

glitter covered, reproduction vintage French postcards.

Every little thing having a special memory attached to it

like this 1950's Santa Claus from childhood...MAGIC!

At night, our home is cast with a soft amber glow,
the glow of warmth & family & contentment.

I can't help but feel sorry for Santa when he gets to our house,
having to come down & out of our pot belly stove...

but I don't think he minds, he's NEVER missed our house. ;)

The stockings were hung

on the chimney with care,

in hopes that Saint Nicholas

soon would be there.

An old treasure...

a new treasure...

& a small tree for our 1920 cabin in the woods.

And of course...


resting ever so gently on their nest.

Christmas memories surround me

and remind me of what Christmas REALLY is about...

Magic, Peace, Joy & Love.
All the things I wish most for you, during this glorious
Holiday Season.

Season's Greetings to all of my Sweet, Sweet Friends &
Peace on Earth
Goodwill Towards Men!