Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hung Up on Demi Moore & Half Light

I tend to run hot & cold on different projects or momentary
OCD's, but pretty steadily for the past 6 months, I've been all
about a 2006 movie titled 'Half Light', starring Miss Demi Moore.

I'm a HUGE fan of Scary, Thriller type movies anyway...but this
one has a couple extra pluses for me. I LOVE the location, set in
a seaside cottage on an island off Widemouth Bay, in Cornwall,
England. The photography is beautiful & the quint village is the
perfect place for this mystery to unfold. You can rent the
cottage for about £1,800 a week if you go HERE! :)))

But more that all that good stuff...I'm OBSESSED with Demi's
wardrobe in this movie. Literally OBSESSED!! The picture above
shows her in one of my favorite outfits...really simple, but awesome.

She wears a cute black newsboy cap, a rusty brown barn coat,
a cream cable knit sweater, with a crew necked, long sleeve white
tee~shirt underneath. Oh wait...there's more! She has on rolled
up jeans over her black rubber boots & carries a brown leather
messenger bag, that she keeps her wool plaid scarf in when she's
not wearing it. You think I've seen this movie a few times?

So, where did my outfit coveting take me, why to ebay of course,
where else. LOL I have already purchased these items & have
them hanging in my closet as we speak...
{ps: these pics are from ebay, they're horrid, excuse please}

1 Rust Barn Coat with Cord Collar & Cuffs

1 Cream Ann Taylor Cable Knit Wool Sweater

a White Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee~Shirt

& a Black Wool News Boy Hat. Yippeee, I'm 2/3 of the way there!

Still to come, my Favorite Black Rubber Boots

& this Awesome Brown Leather Messenger Bag. Oh, I can't
remember if I said I was a little OCDish or not...Anywho!

There are so many other cute ensembles to choose from in this
movie like this cooool, long, grey wool coat with toggle buttons,
I could be copying it for years to come!

Maybe even one day I'll win the lottery & go to England &
stay in this fabulous cottage by the sea...

you never know, stranger things have happened! But until that
day, I will put a fire in the fireplace, some tea in the kettle & cozy
up with my warm wool sweater & watch it just ONE more time.

There are way TOOOO many things I like about this
movie, the least of which is that it is truly Haunting!!
Check it OUT if you haven't!  ;)