Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Sweet Friend Diane Cook & Marburger Farms

Yesterday was gloomy, but today is filled with sunshine & I'm ready to do...
Not sure what, but definitely something!

But 1st, a quick post to share with you some pics of my Sweet Friend,
amazing booth at Marburger Farms!

Diane is an awesome Jewelry Designer & Teacher.

Her Etched & Layered Cuffs,
Rhinestone & Rosary Necklaces
& Ice Resin Charms & Necklaces

So yummmmmyyyyy!!

I had to buy some of her Sari Silk bundles, the hues were fabulous! ;)

A drawer filled with her gorgeous handmade earrings...

all her dispalys were DIVINE!!!

Don't you ADORE her Ice Resin Charms???
She teaches classes on how to create most of her designs, just head over to her blog rosa & josie's to find out where she will be teaching next. She's heading to my neck of the woods, So Cali, in May & I can't wait to take her Etched & Layered Cuff class, I LOVE those bracelets!!!

{I'm so diggin the look of those boots Charlene!}
My 2 favorite people in Texas...
Sooo Beautiful Inside & Out!
I LOVE these girls!!!  ;)

Random Marburger shots...

looks like a chair pyramid...

Tuscan urns with sheet music...

vintage metal it!!!

Well, I'm off to shower & shine & to do SOMETHING FUN!!!
I still don't know what, but I think it's comin to me! ;)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

vintagesusie, Magnolia Pearl & Robin Brown

I ADORE this picture taken by my sweet & beautiful friend Riki of Riki Jewelry!
Opening morning at Marbuger Farms, Magnolia Pearls booth,
with me & the creator of all things Pearl, Robin Brown.
In my own personal heaven, we are all flying high with our glorious white wings,wearin nothin but our ruffly Pearl, flower & ivy wreaths upon our heads, surrounded by bird's, nest's & robin eggs, listening to The Zac Brown Band, some Willie & Waylon & a little Bonnie & Jackson.
Take me now sounds Divine!!! ;)