Friday, May 4, 2012

The JUNK GYPSY'S Take FLIGHT & Soar...

HI Y'all...
Gettin my Texas GROOVE ON here in Southern Cali, cuz my favoritest
Texas Junkers are finally makin their TV debut tomorrow...
can anybody give me a WOOT WOOT!!!!

{blog party Round Top, spring 2011}

Do y'all know who the Junk Gypsy's are???
Amie, Jolie & Mama Gypsy are just about the cutest, sweetest,
coolest 'Purveyors of Junk' on the planet & I ADORE them!!!

{photo by sweet friend Amy Boland, Jolie Gypsy & me, 2011}

They run their 'World O Junk' out of one of my favoritest places,
Round Top, Texas, where the best Antique Festival takes
place twice a year in the spring & the fall & their booth
is ALWAYS a highlight of the event.

They have created their 'JUNKY STYLIN' for some awesome venues,
like the 'Artist's Lounge Tent' for a 3 day music Festival in Austin, Texas
featuring 'The Eagle's' as the headliners {Oh YEA Baby}...

to Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton's Wedding Reception.
These girls create MAGIC & leave behind a touch of
FAIRY DUST & rusty nails, everywhere they go.

Soooooooo, tomorrow night...
May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, the 'Amazing Junk Gypsy's' take FLIGHT & SOAR
into living rooms, family rooms, doublewides & haciendas everywhere
on HGTV to share their JUNKY SPIRIT & LOVE!!!

I can't wait to see them again on my big screen, here in my own home town.
I can't wait to hear their Texas Twang & see what kind of MAGIC
they'll create this time. I can't wait to sit back & watch, while
the world falls in love with theses small town girls
& their Big Time Talent!!!

I hope y'all can tune into HGTV tomorrow night & see what all the fuss is about.
These girls FLY so high already, I can't imagine where they might go given WINGS!
I can't wait to see them...SOAR!!!!

A junk gypsy is a feeling of wanderlust deep down in your soul…

It is believing in the JOURNEY. . .
and delighting in every character, creature, and experience that paves the way.

A junk gypsy takes a roadtrip just to let her hair blow in the wind . . .
and sees more than the road ahead, she sees the world at her fingertips.

A junk gypsy lives for the Wild Blue Yonder and all the wonders it holds in store.
And believes that the road goes onforever, and the party never ends…

So whether you are a working womana certified COUNTRY girl,
a stay-at-home SOCCER mom, or a ROWDY rockstar @ heart . . .
we know you feel that gypsy spirit way down deep so put on those ROSE-COLORED
glasses and take a soul vacation on our magic carpet ride!

Rebel Road Sistas, howl at the moon and dance barefoot through the WILD OATS!
Turn up the rock n’ roll and feed your soul! SLOW DOWN and watch the world unfold around you!