Thursday, July 2, 2015

6 Weeks in Europe with a 22" Carry-On

Greetings Friends!!!
With only 12 days to go until my BIG Adventure, I'm starting to KIND
OF stress out about trying to fit 6 weeks worth of clothing & other
necessities into a 22" carry on and a shoulder bag! I have done
LOTS of research on this, as that's just how I roll, but looking
at pictures & reading others suggestion's is far different
then doing the REAL thing...
THUS I Packed!
Let's start with my bag of choice...
after reading many reviews, I decided on the Timbuktu 22" Carry On.
The main  buying features that attracted me to this bag are it's light
weight construction, it's in-line skate quality wheels, it's half &
half opening system with the net closures & it's 22" size
that fits all the International carry on
I went to my favorite source to look at packing solutions, which
is almost ALWAYS, Pinterest! I think we have all heard that the
burrito roll is one of the most practical, space saving ways to pack
our clothes. The one thing I found on Pinterest that I hadn't seen
before, was to layer your like style items before you roll.
This worked perfectly for me.
Here I have packed...
{grey & blue is kind of my color palette}
2 Skinny Jeans
1 Grey Long Skirt
1 Grey Short Skirt
1 Aqua Capri Sweat Pant
2 Grey Tanks
2 JG Tanks
4 Neutral Tanks
1 Navy Cami Tee
1 Heathered Grey Tunic Tee
1 White Embroidered Blouse
1 Oat Short Sleeve Shirt
1 Black Long Sleeve Shirt
1 Blue Lightweight Cropped Sweatshirt
1 Grey/Blue Embroidered Summer Dress
1 Black Flip Flop & 1 Nice Tan Scandal
{you can't see these as this bag has an area for shoes above
where my umbrella is}
Small Cream Leather Cross Shoulder Purse
1 Grey/Blue Neck Scarf
2 JG Baseball Hats
2 White Socks
2 Wash Cloths, 2 Grocery Bags, 2 Ziplock Bags
Hair Dryer
& I actually have a little space for more!
Another thing I liked about this bag is that it has 2 pockets on 1
side of the netting. These were the perfect place to add my
UNMENTIONABLES, which I shall now mention! ;)
1 Black Bra
2 Sports bras
5 Pair of Underwear
In the other pocket I have a...
Travel Flat Iron
Toothbrush & Toiletries
One thing I was SUPER excited about was this cute little
Clear For Take Off  Toiletry Bag, all cleared for size &
you won't BELIEVE what I fit in here!
Shampoo & Conditioner
Shower Gel
Rose Water Spray
Hand Sanitizer
Tooth Paste
 Lip Gloss
Body Lotion
Face Cream & Serum
Face Makeup
Dark Spot Serum
Bar Soap
Not Too Shabby & completely AMAZING!!!
Last but not least is my Carry On Shoulder Bag!
I chose the OGIO Messenger Bag for a couple of reasons.
Soooooo many pockets & bottle holders, lightweight, fit over
my bags handles so I can pull them as one & a great color match! :)
In here I will carry...
iPad, iPhone & Charger
Ear Buds
External Charger
International Adapter & Transformer
Inflatable Neck Pillow
Eye Mask
Ear Plugs
Hand Sanitizer
File & Fly Wallet
{holds money, passport, tickets, maps, etc.}
and of course, because I'm always makin stuff...
my travel journal!!!
It's ready to start filling the pages full of LIFE'S ADVENTURES!
I know I will inevitably forget some things & will also
probably bring things I don't actually use, but when your going
to be gone for 6 weeks, I figure it's better to be safe then sorry.
For now I'm pretty satisfied with my choices, I'll have to let
you know when I get back if everything in THEORY
worked as well while out on the ROAD!!
So for now adieu & I'll leave you with this great quote!
We TRAVEL not to escape life,
but for LIFE not to escape us!