Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Vintage Victorian Bride Art Paper Dolls

As promised, here are my first two Vintage Victorian Bride Paper Dolls...
didn't they turn out CUTE! Above, I have EMMA, her dress is the
bridal gown worn by Wyona Rider in 'The Age of Innocence',
one of my FAVORITE movies!
My second doll is Susannah, a Gorgeous 1880's Bride wearing an original
gown from the period I found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
If you adore vintage clothing like I do, they are a fabulous source
to research from, or just to browse & enjoy all the beauty
of a glorious time gone by, the Gilded Age.
You can find my Paper Dolls at my etsy shop and I hope you enjoy them
& have as much fun playing with them as I did making them.
LOVING these vintage bride dolls!!! :)))

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here Comes The Bride

 What a beautiful day it is up here in our mountain paradise.
All the windows & doors are open & there is such a soft,
cool breeze blowing through the house, I love it!
 Speaking of love, ;) we were just at our dear friends,
daughter's wedding, which was absolutely
stunning & so filled with, there's that
word again...LOVE.

 Love, the stuff that beautiful brides are made of...
 look at how gorgeous this brides lace veil & bodice are
& yet what a simple bouquet of white
carnations she holds, precious.
 {my Queen Victoria post is HERE}
 Did you know that it wasn't traditional for a bride to
wear white, until after Queen Victoria wore an
all white wedding dress decorated in fresh
orange blossoms in 1840?
 {Queen Victoria & Prince Albert of Saxe~Coburg}
Most brides could never be so frivolous as to wear white on
their wedding day, a color that was hard to keep clean
on a dress that they would certainly need to wear
again. Even Queen Victoria altered her dress
so it could be worn later as a ball gown.
Previously, most brides had worn dyed gowns of deep
red, green, black and purple. Here is Queen Victoria's
son Albert Edward, King Edward VII, & his bride,
Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863...
& her youngest child, Princess Beatrice before her wedding
to  Prince Henry of Battenburg in 1885. In the 45 years since
the Queen got married, the tradition of a bride wearing
white was in full swing through most
of the western world.
And aren't we so delighted that's the case, I know I am. There
is nothing like watching a bride walking down the isle
towards her future, all dressed in white.
So, why is this even relevant at this moment? Well, I was thinking...
my husband always says, 'Oh no, not again!', ha. Wouldn't it be fun
for me to make a series of Paper Dolls of Vintage Brides?
I think SO, I ADORE the idea!!
You will be able to find my Paper Dolls on my Etsy Shop  once
I've finished them & until then, you might like to take
a look at my Victorian Era Dolls like...
And if you love Vintage Brides like I do, I got the
last 3 images from the online site of the Musee
McCord Museum in Canada. They have
an amazing collection of vintage
bridal photographs..Enjoy!