Monday, November 14, 2011

HELP ME...Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet???

Happy Monday Sweeties...
Y'all want to know what I did this weekend??
What did I OBSESS about??
Whether to get the Amazon Kindle Fire or
the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet for my birthday!
Sad, huh!
{kindle fire}
I'm a Thanksgiving baby...
this year my birthday is the day after Thanksgiving,
but a girl's gotta start thinking about these things early.
Lists MUST be made, without a LIST I would probably get a!
I don't want a ROBE!!

{nook tablet}
What I REALLY want is a tablet!
Now, I know ipad2 has come out & is number 1 on
EVERY BODY'S LIST as the top of the line tablet...
but I don't want to spend $500 on my tablet.
I would LOVE the front & rear camera that comes on some of the
other more expensive brands, but I have a great camera & that's
just a bell & whistle that I really don't need.
I debated over the weekend, if I wanted a 10" tablet or a 7" tablet.
After much deliberation, I decided the 10" would be a little big & awkward
to work with while out & about & that's really what this tablet will be all about.

{kindle fire}
Are ya still with me???
If you've stuck it out this long I want to give you a BIG OLE HUG!! LOL
So, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, both new & out this month.
Amazon's Kindle Fire at $199 & Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet at $249.
The price is not an issue, they're close enough for me not to worry about that.
Here's the big difference,
the Kindle has very little internal memory,
 but it has Amazon's extensive library of movies, music, games & books
to choice from, plus free storage on their Cloud network.

{nook tablet}
The Nook has 16 GB worth of internal storage & the ability to add a card that can
hold 32 GB worth of memory. It's the world's largest bookstore with all that
in the palm of your hand & because it's a brick & mortar store, which Amazon isn't,
it has in store technical support.
My brain hurts just writing all of this!!! LOL
Sooooooo, Sweetest of Hearts...
I know it's not rocket science or brain surgery or anything of any great importance,
but which would you get it you were me???
Any & ALL suggestions will be greatly
In the end, it may come down to the toss of a coin,
but it would be great to base my decision on something other then,
HEADS or TAILS!!!  ;)
Have a Wonderful Week Friends!!!