Thursday, December 6, 2012

My 1st Week Of Christmas Handmade Advent Ornaments!

JOY to The World!!
On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
7 stars a blinking, with an angel on top of the
world on my Christmas tree!

On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
vintage doilies & buttons on my Christmas tree.

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
2 darlin angels & a doe on my Christmas tree!

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
some little children playin in the snow, on my Christmas tree!

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
some burlap & lace on my Christmas tree!

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
a sparkling snowman on my Christmas tree!

Happy Holiday Dear Ones!!!
I know this post is a little bit backward,
 as I'm sharing with you my newly made Christmas Ornament Advent!
I really wanted to make some kind of Advent Calender & thought
if they went on the tree & were made with pieces of old lace
& buttons & bows, I would really get into it...which I DID!
So, we will be counting down the days until Christmas,
starting here with ONE!!!
On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
a sweet little beauty wrapped in glittery fur on
my Christmas Tree!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Art Paperdolls...'Lydia, Oh Lydia'

Lydia, oh Lydia,
Have you met Lydia,
Lydia The Tattooed Lady.
She has eyes that folks adore so,
And a torso, even more so.

Oh Lydia oh Lydia,
Say have you met Lydia,
Oh Lydia the Tattooed Lady,
When her muscles start relaxin,
Up the hill comes Andrew Jackson.

I just love the idea of 'Upstairs Downstairs' & the secrets of servants
of the Victorian era. 'Albert Nobbs' was a wonderful movie from last
years Academy Award season, that tragically told this tale. Lydia's
story isn't quite so sad...she simply ran away from home as a young
girl & joined the circus. After a tiring day of duty & service to her
wealthy employers, she goes to her tiny room, locking the door
behind her. She takes her uniform off & sitting on the edge of her
bed, she takes out her few treasured mementos. She looks into
the mirror at her tattoos & is transported to faraway places
& a life of adventure. I wonder why Lydia had to quit
the circus & become a maid?? I have my ideas... ;)

Lydia can be found HERE on my ETSY for $5.00!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Art Paperdolls...'There Was A Little Girl'

Happy November 1st Sweeties!!!
Well, I've made a rash decision...
I'm bypassing Thanksgiving & going straight into Christmas.
Enough pumpkins for me, I'm READY for Pine Trees & Pine Cones.
Merry Christmas Friends!!
{I know, don't die hard people like me just make you sick, lol}

Here's another little friend I've made to add to my
Art Paperdoll Collage Sheet Collection,
She's my 'NOT so well behaved' lady's daughter & she loves
dolls too! You can find her at my ETSY Shop for $5.00.
You will receive a digital download to your computer,
ready for you to print as many as you'd like.

More FUN to Come, I'm just SURE of it!!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

I LOVE Art Paperdolls...'Well Behaved Women'

Greetings Friends...
I don't know about you, but I LOVE paperdolls!!!
I have ever since I was a child. I couldn't wait for my Mommy's
McCalls magazine to come in the mail every month, so I could get
the one page I ADORED...Betsy McCall.

Over the years, I have made my own Art Paperdolls & sold them at
my shop or given them as gifts. I LOVE giving my dolls as a card
rather then a traditional card. I think a card is looked at, appreciated,
saved for a couple of weeks & then tossed, where a paperdoll is
enjoyed, displayed & considered as a work of art.

{my finished doll}

This Christmas I decided I'm going to make paperdolls for my family &
loved ones & use them as the gift tag. Believe it or not, a lot of digital
work goes into making these little Sweeties! Searching the internet for
just the right images, sizing & coloring all the images, days spent on
Photoshop getting everything as perfect as possible, for ONE doll. 

{havin a little bubbly, while undressing...naughty}

This Naughty & Nice, Victorian Beauty is called...
How very true, right & she turned out so darn CUTE!!!
Sooooooo, I thought maybe it would be fun to share my one of a kind
creations on ETSY for everyone to enjoy. These are fun & easy to make,
just like when you were a kid. Instead of cutting & pasting, this time
your cutting & brading!! {adding brads} LOL
I will be listing them on ETSY for $5.00 as I design them. You will
receive a digital download, that you can download right to your own
computer & print from home & then Let The Fun Begin!!!
Hope you like them...there will be many more to come.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Ugly Truth...

Hope y'all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
I had a 3 day Yard Sale, which kept me busy & made me some
extra $$$. What a great combination, right!

With a title like 'The Ugly Truth', you must be expecting some juicy
morsels of scandal or at the very least some torrid trouble that I've
gotten myself into, but what I'm going to share with you is a little
bit of movie TRIVIA. My brother & sister-in-law live in the 1930
apartment that Katherine Heigl lived in the movie, 'The Ugly Truth'!

This cracks me up...I found this picture on the internet of a random girl
standing in front of their apartments under the title,
I am NOT a STALKER. lol

Now, their apartment is not just one of the apartments in this
quint, California bungalow style, courtyard setting...

it is THE apartment they filmed 'The Ugly Truth' in.

Kinda CoooooL, right!  ;)

Sooo, since I'm their family & you're my friends...
you get a personal tour of this awesome little jewel, with all the charm
& character that only a 1930, Los Feliz home could have.

This is Pichu, catching some of the rays of light filtering
in through the gorgeous leaded windows.
{can you see my brother's reflection in the window?}

OK, leaded, stained & bayed windows... Aweeeeeeeee.

I have to go to a post office to get my mail, not only is this mail box
awesomely vintage, the mail lands on their floor...must be nice!

Their view into the courtyard, no wonder Pichu loves sitting here.

A Peek~A~Boo window in the front door, too cute.

This architectural detail goes all the way around the living room,
absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

What was once a phone box, see the shelf below for the phone book?

Here it is in the background of a scene with Gerard Butler & Kathrine Heigl.
The dining room is through the arch behind them...

& the corner cabinet built~ins & old windows in there are to die for.

The original old ice box that is tiled into the kitchen,
how cool is that?

The kitchen is completely tiled with soft yellow tiles & has a built~in
mirror/medicine cabinet & a little space to put your sponge.
I forgot to get a picture of the tiny milk bottle door,
where the milkman would leave your milk.
Those were the days!

The huge downstairs bathroom window.

A gorgeous upstairs nook with a built~in linen this!

This is the subtle design that goes around the walls of the
master bedroom. All the little added details that
no one takes the time to make anymore.

The base of the built~in vanity. I didn't want to include the top, as it
had personal items on it, but it is AMAZING. It has a vintage
round mirror, with great drawers & cabinets. I would love
to get ready for my day sitting here.

The Spanish style baloney over looking their courtyard &
gorgeous bougainvillea, a California staple. 

The view looking down into the courtyard...

not too shabby!!!

I love this sweet baptismal font, or maybe it's just
a bird bath, but it's perfect.

Headin down the Famous Stairs, which were featured in the movie...

yeah, I was standin there a minute ago. I think I was taking
up a little more space then Katherine, but I was standin right there! lol

Well, that's 'The Ugly Truth' friends.
The Ugly Truth is that I ADORE my brother & sister~in~laws new
apartment & think I need to live in one of the units right across from
theirs. Wouldn't that be so fun? It could be my CITY crib.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Officer, CUFF Me...Please!

Sew...I DO have some good stories about thinkin I'd be cuffed by
an officer on my cross country trek to Texas,
but I'll save that for another time.  ;)

I must say though, I have been obsessing about cuffs. A much
softer & much more beautiful kind of a cuff...
a Gorgeous Fabric Cuff Bracelet.

I've been wanting to make one for ever sew long. I love the one's made of
Leather & Lace & always think of the Stevie Nicks & Don Henley song
when I hear those two words together, but since I had no leather
mine would be made of scraps of fabric & lace.

Looking through my Jewelry Love Board on Pinterest, I saw a sweet
& simple cuff tutorial by Vintiquites Workshop & it inspired
me to get all my tiny bits & pieces of vintage love out
& try something new.

Here's the lovely cuff made by Thespoena McLaughlin & her awesome
TUTORIAL. Thank you SEW much for sharing this with us, your words
were just what I needed to guide me through these uncharted waters.

What I loved about her method was that all that it takes is some
scraps & a needle & thread. I also used some fabric glue
just to secure any loose frays of fabric.

I ADORE the way my cuff turned out & enjoyed making it so much,
I'm sure this will be my NEW jewelry craze for the moment!

Sew, like I said...Officer CUFF me, PLEASE!!! LOL