Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage Coin Purse Necklace...A Tutorial!

Hi Sweeties...
Have y'all been LOVIN your summer as much as I have??
I know some of you are in very HOT places, which makes it not as fun...
but I live in a place that is so often COLD,
the Warmth of Summer is a welcome change!

I have a true love affair with little, vintage leather coin purses!
I could NEVER have TOO many of them, there are so many endless
ideas of  charming things to do with these adorable Victorian gems.

I've made necklaces out of them, which I adore, but recently I was thinking
about the purses women wore attached to their waist with a decorative
belt clip or chatelaine. They are so Simple & Sweet, I just
wanted to make one, so I did!

This is a really EASY DIY piece, that requires very little technique or supplies.
Prior to doing anything else, I added a small tintype & cast, repo metal frame
with some E6000 adhesive & let dry completely over night. I have added this
on to the leather of a vintage coin purse & the metal lid, both work perfectly.

With the lid open, you can see a space right next to where the hinge connects
the lid to the leather, that's wear you will attach either a large jump ring or
hand wire a double ended connector. {which is what I did} You can then
open the end of any length of chain you desire & attach it to both of your
jump rings or connectors. Tie a bit of sari silk through one of the jump
rings & VIOLA...you have a great little vintage necklace or waist coin
purse. Now depending on how much knowledge you have in jewelry
making, you can just open up your chain in a few different places
& add some beads & bobbles as you please!
Easy Peasey!!!

Here's one I made into a long necklace. The main difference with this one is that I
only used 1 connection on the corner of the coin purse, so it would hang
at an angle. LOVE THESE!!!

Before women actually carried purses, they wore a chatelaine...
a decorative belt hook or clasp worn at the waist with a series of chains
suspended from it with accessories, like a watch or thimble or scissors.
I would definitely hurt myself with something like this around my waist! ;)

So, I'm now looking for a cool vintage belt hook like the ones above, to
hold my coin purse at my waist. Won't it be soooo cute with my
Magnolia Pearl top & rolled up jeans??

No matter what or when, you can't separate a woman from her purse...
without it, where would we put all of our crap??
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial & give it a try, I bet you'll love them
just as much as I do!!!