Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sister's & Vintage Matching Dresses...LOVE

Greetings Friends...
I hope you all had a lovely Springtime Holiday, we most
certainly did! The end of April is always packed full
of events with Easter & birthdays, but I LOVE
all the Celebrations & it gave me a chance to
gather some lovely images of vintage
sister's in Matching Dresses.
I LOVE these sister's & their outfits. Look at the subtle
little differences between the older sister's dress & the
younger one's...a little more off the shoulders, a
little longer & a lovely necklace surrounds
her neck, Gorgeous!
How adorable are these sweet sisters? They're much
younger, but their dear little matching
dresses are sew perfect.
I love the little embellishment of zig-zagged fabric around
the shoulders, cuffs & hem. I would guess that most of
these dresses were made by Mommy's. When buying
fabric, it just makes sense that it would be less
expensive to make a couple in the same style
then two totally different designs.
The dresses, necklaces, bloomers, shoes & hair are all
matching on these girls...I imagine Mommy saying
"Take her hand Sissy", as the older one grabs the
hand of the smaller one, looking not all too
happy for having to do so.
These outfits are lovely, the jackets trimmed in velvet
on the collar & the cuffs & the beautiful full front
panel of velvet on the skirt. I wonder what color
they are, do you think they were black?
I don't...I picture them as being a deep, sapphire blue &
look how sweetly the younger one takes her
big sister's arm.
Aweeee...this one is sooooo cute. These girls are literally
less then a year apart, don't you think! I love her little
arm around her sister's shoulder, precious.
And of course, there are always the twins,
or triplets or a mother & her 2 daughters?
This picture confuses me. lol
But this is my very favorite...five little stair stepped daughters
all in matching dresses, all holding their hands together in
front of them, even the baby. How did Mama do that?
The older girls have a peek-a-boo sleeve, while the three younger
girls sleeves are edged in white. I ADORE them, their necklaces
& curls, their hands & dresses, oh & their faces too...perfect!
Hope you enjoyed this little post. Maybe you have a sister that you
wore matching dresses with. Maybe you have twin girls that you put
in matching dresses for their special pictures. Life has changed
so much, but it's lovely to think in many ways, in the ways
of Mother's & Daughter's, things are still very much
the same, that makes me smile!