Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dreamin of Spoons & 'Spoonin'

{fly free bird}
Evenin, My Sweetest of Hearts.
I would LOVE to introduce you to my newest & latest business & passion...
Now actually, it's not JUST any old spoons I'm in love with,
it's Vintage Silverplated Spoons & Flatwear with ornate handles
that Sing to my Soul!

{honky tonk angel}
So, where & when did this passion take hold of me you may ask?
It happened in March before I went on my 'Crazy in Texas Tour' with all my bloggie buddies. I knew there was going to be about 8 of us & I knew that I wanted to make something special to give to everyone to wear while we were out shoppin the fields, but WHAT?

{just hip stuff, live life with love}
That's when my muse settled in on makin something with SPOONS.
So, off I went junkin for some vintage flatwear,
bought myself some metal stamps & an anvil
& started a HAMMERING!!  ;)

{wild at heart}
My design was simple to start with, a pounded flat spoon that said,
'Crazy in Texas' 2011 with a little amethyst bead.
The gals loved them, I loved mine & as serendipity would have it,
{and y'all know how often she's worked her magic in my life lately}
while I was sitting under the lunch tent at Zapp Hall drinkin some sweet tea,
I got my 1st custom order from Kelley of Just Hip Stuff.

{definition of junk, cheap worthless unwanted trashy}
She wanted her company name on the front spoon & the words,
Live Life With Love
on a small butter knife in the back, it turned out lovely!!

{fly like a free bird}
That one order gave me the confidence to BELIEVE that maybe, just maybe, I could make a little business out of this Vintage Spoon Jewelry Design & thus was born 'SPOONIN'!
I'm getting my new & improved etsy shop stocked,
I created a new Facebook Fan Page,
I designed a 'SPOONIN' Facebook Website,
I've been working on designing a .com
& I've been DREAMING BIG!!
You know Sweet Hearts, I was thinking...
don't you think it's time for us to spread our wings & FLY?
I'm ready to say 'YES' to everything that comes my way,
I'm ready to pack my fears in a vintage suitcase & slide it under the bed,
I'm ready to Live Large, Dream Big, Work Hard & wait.
To wait & see what amazing possibilities might lie just over there,
a little out of sight, off in the distance, waiting on the horizon for me.
Come on...Let's Fly!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Do you Adore Victorian Houses? Cape May is Amazing!

Happy Monday Sweet Hearts...
hope you had a fantastically fun weekend!
Hubby & I went on a treasure hunt,
searching for Vintage Trailers, the diamond in the rough.

We found several...
some needed too much work, some owners wanted too many $$$,
and some just weren't in original enough condition for us,

but it was an awesome day with my hubby that ended with a little river walk
& some sushi, who could ask for more, right?  ;)

By the way, do you ADORE Victorian house like me??

{the B&B that M&F stayed in}
Well I DO & my oh sooooo sweet brother & sister-in-law
 know how much I LOVE anything vintage, historic,
old, tarnished or tattered & they fulfilled all my dreams
by taking me & my Dad to one of the first Ocean Resorts in America,

Can I get a Woot Woot, or a Heck Yeah??
Cape May is Completely AMAZING my friends!

Since y'all know I love to add a little trivia to my posts,
Cape May has the second largest collection of Victorians in the nation after San Francisco.

In 1976, Cape May was officially designated a National Historic Landmark...
it is the only city in the United States wholly designated as such,

Going up & down the streets of this quaint village,
I couldn't help but imagine women in hats & long dresses,

the image of a horse & buggy strolling up the avenue,

and the sound of children's laughter, all dressed in white,
playing on the porch in the summer breeze.

There is MAGIC in this place,
I could feel it!

Many of these Gorgeous Victorians have been turned into Bed & Breakfast's...
you can come in the summer, bring along your beach cruisers,

pack a basket full of wine, fruit, cheese & crusty bread
& spend the day riding & shopping & walking through history,

{The Inn of Cape May built in 1894}
making sure you get back in time for afternoon tea.

I'm going back & that's exactly what I'm going to do,
do you want to come along?  ;)

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better,
it DID!

Catholic Church
built in 1911 is Breathtaking!

The stain glass windows in this historic seaside church,
were some of the most GLORIOUS ones I have ever seen.

The richness of their color & intricacy of design,

the beauty of the light shining through them,

spilling light & color onto the church walls,

surrounding you with grace & WONDER,

it was HEAVENLY!

Truly, BREATH...


With my passion for vintage religious icons
that recently seem to be regularly scattered through out my posts,

one might think I am an extremely religious person, but I'm not.
I don't take any pride in saying this, but it is one of my truths.
I am a spiritual person filled with the spirit of LOVE,

of Truth, of Right & Wrong,
of Forgiveness & of Hope.
I fell in LOVE with this little church by the sea!

And just to make an AWESOME place even more AWESOME,
it has a Lighthouse!

Yeah, The Cape May Light was built in 1859 & is a sight to behold.
The tower is 157 feet tall, from the ground to the tower's cast iron spiral staircase.
There are 217 steps from the ground to the top,
with 199 steps in the tower's cast iron spiral staircase. 

The Lighthouse parking lot is lined with these beautifully designed birdhouses.
As you can see, the birdies loved Cape May as much as I did.  ;)

I love the beaches of the Pacific.
I have driven California's coast line many times over my life...

but there is something about East Coast beaches

that seem straight out of a movie to me.
The wavy old picket fences weathered from the sea,

the shingled cottages & estates decorated with gingerbread,

the dunes & wild grasses that grow in the sand,

Does anybody else just want to sell everything you have except for your most cherished pieces,
pack it all up & move to Cape May with me??
Note to Self...Check Mapquest to see with is closer to Round Top, Texas
here or Cape May, NJ. LOL
Let's Fly!!!