Friday, August 17, 2012

The Old Barn Antiques in San Juan Capistrano

Happy TGIF Friends...
I hope you all have had a great week filled with creativity & fun!

I wanted to share with you one more of my favorite places to go
when I'm in San Juan Capistrano...I ADORE,
The Old Barn Antiques Mall!!

First of's HUGE & I LOVE that!!!

Secondly...the prices are usually really quite reasonable, with many vendors
running sales of 10% ~ 40% off their booth.

And Thirdly...being across the street from the mission, they have some
really awesome Vintage Religious Icons, which I am also in love with!

These were just a few pics of some of my favorites...
I need to go back & get some more of the holy cards.

Beautiful Art Nouveau Silver Vanity Set...
I wanted that!!!

Old Vintage Barkcloth to die for...

& of course, colorful Feistaware. I was so excited...I had a wedding
last weekend for a young couple & one of things that was on the bride's
registry was aqua, reproduction Feistaware. So you can imagine how
excited I was to find this cute salt & pepper set for her. I took them
back to my Dad's & cleaned them all up, but 2 old corks were stuck
inside both of them. My Dad & I must have spent a hour trying to get
those things out. It was nearly impossible!! ;)

There was a lovely old photo album there...

probably given for Christmas to
Frederick Henry Hawkins in 1887.

It always makes me sad when I find something like this. I think about family
members like me, who would cherish forever a family heirloom filled with
so much history. Where is this family? Why did they ever let this go?
Is there someone out there that would cry for joy to have it? I am soooo
serious about this, that I actually have reunited a baby book I bought at
an antique shop with it's 62 year old BABY...but that's another story!!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Flyin Solo at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Happy Monday Friends...

This past week has been a busy one for me, with LOTS of driving up
& down the mountain, taking care of family & celebrating with friends...

but I did manage a small solo trip, just for me at one of my favorite
places in all the world, Mission San Juan Capistrano. The
mission was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra.

It was unplanned, a spur of the moment, impulsive trip...
the very best kind if you ask me!

I was already at my Daddy's house in Laguna Hills & San Juan Capistrano
is just down the road from him. I woke up early & thought I would
beat the heat & leave immediately...what a stellar idea!!

I was one of the first visitors there & I pretty much had the
entire place to myself & I LOVED it!!

I have lots of little, odd quirks as many of you know & one of them
is I don't like to have random people in my photographs.
I KNOW, totally quirky & peculiar right..I told you.

So this morning was particularly magical...

bright sunshine, blue sky, a 250 year old mission & me & my camera!

My new little tiny pocket camera...a Samsung ST66.

Doesn't it take lovely photographs!!

I still love my BIG camera, but I needed a little 'sumthin' to throw
in my purse JUST for occasions like this & no..
I don't own an iphone. I know...loser, right! lol

So, I hope you enjoy the tour of Mission San Juan Capistrano.
Our California missions are some of the oldest & most historical
sites in Cali. There are 21 of them up the coast, starting in
San Diego & ending above San Francisco.

Yes, I'm a mission FREAK, so I've seen all of them but 2 & those are
both on my Bucket List, along with Paris.  ;)

The Great Stone Church...

The 'Miracle of the Swallows' takes place every year in March
as these loyal little birds wing their way back home, from a winter
spent in Argentina. 

Do you think this grape vine might be really old???

Clusters of grapes hanging everywhere...

Ancient Cactus...

The water lily's were magnificent!!

It was such a lovely day, but I was hot & tired after walking through
the mission & across the street was the perfect place for me to cool
down & have a refreshing drink...