Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fabulous Vintage Fabric Flower Brooches

Oh sweet friends, I had so many wonderful comments on my last post, thank you all. I feel blessed to have so many creative & supportive friends walking with me & in front of me & next to me on my journey, you always make my blog feel like home!

{SOLD ~ Thanks so much Jayne!}
I have been OCDing on making these fabric flower brooches out of vintage fabrics & buttons. They are super fun & easy to make & I love that they can be made from scraps. Any holey {not as in 'holy', lol} vintage tablecloth or curtain or barkcloth or muslin can be used.
Here are some brief instructions for any of you who would like to make some yourself & I will be listing these in my etsy for $12.95 in case you must have one made by vintagesusie herself in a complete OCD frenzy!! lol

OK, I've never done this before so bare with me...& plug in the glue gun.

1. cut a 3in circle free-hand of any cardstock you have handy
2. cut a 2" strip of fabric about 2ft long, work with your fabric folded in half, right sides out, frayed edges are cool & you will be twisting this fabric so it doesn't need to be ironed or neat
3. put a dollop of glue in the center of your circle & attach a twisted tip of your fabric, let set
4. now start twisting the fabric & wrapping it in a circle towards the center, as you go put a drop of glue each 1/2" or so to hold your rolls in place {this craft really does look like a cinnabun as your making it}
5. continue twisting & wrapping & gluing until it's at your desired size, leave a little paper showing & then STOP
6. cut the tail off leaving enough fabric to pull over & glue on the back, undercut the paper circle around the flower {no paper should show}, now glue the tiny tale to the back
7. make a smaller 2nd flower & glue down in the center of your flower
8. in the center add some bling, glue on a vintage button or earring or faux pearls
9. using a circle template {mine was the top of a champagne glass} cut & glue a piece of fabric onto the back of your flower to cover your work {I was always taught to cover my work}
10. last attach a pin back with your glue gun & VIOLA...your own custom vintage fabric floral brooch
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for sleepless nights, cramped fingers or any OCD related injuries...make flowers at your own risk! LOL