Monday, May 26, 2014

Vintage Vacationing & 1968 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer

Happy Memorial Day Sweet Friends!!!
I've had a WONDERFUL Weekend filled with good
Food, Family, Friends & Yard Sales...PERFECT!
One of mine & my husbands true Passions are for
Buying, Restoring, Vacationing & Selling
Vintage Travel Trailers.
We see each & every one of them that find there way
into our lives, as diamond's in the rough...
just waiting for someone to bring them back to
life & their original beauty.  
This is one of our most recent finds,
a 10', 1968 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer
& she is sooooo darn cute!
She needs some real restoration done inside in
the dinette/bed area, but her joy is that she
is mainly all there & all original.
We just listed her on eBay today, which makes me sad...
but I know we can't keep them all.
This is probably our...I know, don't freak out,
60th or so Vintage Trailer that we've had over
the past 15 years...
we have 3 in the yard as we speak, but I love all
of them & each one for a different reason.
Why do I love this one, you may ask...
well, I'll tell you!
Her body is so straight & clean.
She is small & COMPACT, which means easy to tow.
She has one of the most original interiors that we've had in awhile...
the vent, sink, stove, frig, gas light, electric lights, back splash,
countertop, tabletop, handles & flooring are all ORIGINAL!
Did I say that is AWESOME & very RARE!!!
Sadly, the window in the back was broken out years ago,
letting the rain & snow come in, ruining the back
interior, but oh..she still has so much life left!
If you're interested in finding out more about Vintage Vacationing,
there are a lot of sites you can on the web now that will
give you information on restoration &
different kinds of Vintage Trailers.
There are also camping groups you can join where everyone
has a Vintage Trailer. It's so cool to go out & see what
everyone has done with their trailers. One of my
favorites was always SPAMBOREE...
And if you ever get a chance, I highly recommend going to
Bisbee, Arizona & staying at the SHADY DELL RV Park.
We loved it! You can spend the night in a Vintage Trailer,
eat at their little, old fashioned diner & wander the park
checking out all the nostalgic setups they have.
Happy Vintage Vacationing Friends &