Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lambs & Ivy Boutique, My Other Home

{texture provided by me & graphics by The Graphic Fairy}

If you've been following along with me for a while, you already know I own a small boutique here in Crestline high atop the mountains of Southern California. My shop is many things to me. It's my home away from home, my art studio, my business, my job & my pride. {I am a woman entrepreneur trying to make it in an economic environment that would intimidate even the most seasoned businessman.}
Don't you love these vintage Christmas ornaments I have in the shop displayed in un-polished sterling silver serving bowls?
I decided to put all my sterling silver out un-polished this season, I'm just loving the pure shabbiness of it all!
My dear friend Lucy of 'by the hill' makes some of the most gorgeous domino pendants! Here is a small sampling of the ones I was working on today at the shop. {we had our 1st snow last night, so it was a lovely day for creating} Yes Lucy, I was proud of myself...I even got my fingertips really dirty!
The pieces below I made just for me, an altered composition book to keep all my consignee's information in & my new pocket, 2010 calender. If I'm going to be using it & looking at it everyday, I want it to be lovely & represent a piece of who I am. I want it to bring me joy, because friends...I believe to find joy in the smallest of things is simply put, the road to a happy life!
Now, I haven't completely conquered this philosophy myself, LOL, but I try everyday to appreciate the gifts in life that I do have. Oh yeah...the whole reason I wrote this post in the 1st place, how do you like the little logo I made in Photoshop for my shop 'Lambs & Ivy'? I wanted to create something in black & white just for fun & then I'll make another 1 in color's good practice for my new acquired Photoshop Super Powers!:) Have a Wonderful Sunday Friends!!!