Monday, August 6, 2012

Still Going On About Vintage Purses...

1910~15 French Callot Soers Evening Bag or Pouch
Linen & Silk
18th Century European Bag
circa 1805 French Evening Bag
Taffeta, Silk, Silk Ribbon & Gauche Paper Printing
Vintage Purse
Velvet, Lace, French Ribbon & Beads
Chatelaine Date Unknown
1925 French house of Lanvin Evening Bag
Silk, Metal Silk & Metallic
1926 Evening Bag
1910~15 French Callot Soers Evening Bag or Pouch
Linen & Silk
1915 French Evening bag
Silk, Metal & Metallic
circa 1900 American Chatelaine
Leather & Metal
1890 American Purse
Silk & Metallic
1690~1710 French Gaming Purse
Linen & Silk
18th Century European Pouch
Silk & Metallic Thread
19th Century European Chatelaine
Silk, Silver & Leather
1910 French Bag
Silk & Metallic Thread
1909 American Coin Purse
Metal & Silk
1795 British Pouch

My Questions....
Who wore these lovely little purses???
What did they wear on the occassions that they carrying them??
What grand journey's have these little jewels been taken on??
If only I could go back & see each one of them being used...
it would be such splendid MAGIC!!!
Just a little Eye Candy from The Metropolitan Museum of Art...
I DO ADORE their Collection of
Vintage Bags!!!