Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Spoonin' with Hope, Faith & Love & The Spoon Theory

Happy Tuesday my Sweetest of Hearts...
Guess what I've been doing lately?
Well, if you guessed 'SPOONIN' you'd be RIGHT!
And I haven't been doing just any old 'SPOONIN',
I've been 'SPOONIN' for a cause.

Recently, a dear friend of mine found out she has MS. She shared with me
an amazing story from a website called 'But You Don't Look Sick'. This
is a community for support, education & inspiration for anyone living
with a disability, invisible disease or chronic pain.

This story is written by Christine Miserandino & poignantly describes what
it's like to live a day in her life fighting Lupus, it's called 'The Spoon Theory'.

She helps us understand that the simple, basic things the rest of us
do everyday & don't think twice about, are hurtles for someone with
her disability, that must be carefully thought out & calculated in
terms of how much energy she has in any given day. 

You can read the entire story HERE & I hope you can take a little extra
time to do just that. I know you will be quite moved by it, just as I
have been. There are very few people out there that don't
have a loved one touched by one of these disabilities.
Here's your chance to walk a day in their shoes.

I thank my friend Maria for sharing this information with me.
I wish all my friends living with disability, invisible disease or chronic pain,
And most especially dear friends,
I wish for all of you, an Abundance of Spoons!