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PASSION for Paper Dolls

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I've had a Passion for Paper Dolls ever since I was a
little girl. I would eagerly wait every month, for my
Mommy's new McCall's magazine to come in the mail.
We would flip slowly through the pages together until
we found the page with 'Betsy' on it. My Mommy would
carefully remove the page from her magazine & hand it
to me, at which time I would skip joyfully to my room &
begin the process of cutting her & her lovely accessories
out. It's such a vivid memory, it reminds me of a time
when Simple Pleasures were some of the Best.

As I became interested in digital design, I began to
play around with the idea of making my own paper
dolls...just for fun, just for me. Then for me turned
into family, which then turned into to friends, which
turned into customers & suddenly my Joy became my
Blissful Business. Who could ask for more, right!

My first series of Paper Dolls was 'Upstairs Downstairs'...

imagining a Victorian family, the Husband, Wife, Little Girl

& their Maid Lydia, who keeps hidden her wild & crazy past.

Then came the Queens...
Queen Alexandra of England,

Empress Alexandra of Russia, wife to the Last Czar,

Granddaughter of Queen Victoria

& of course my much beloved Queen of France,

Marie Antoinette.

Maire's 'LET THEM EAT CAKE' Digital Bookmark.

Paper Dolls & Bookmarks of Jane Austen & many of her characters...

Celebrating 200 years of Pride & Prejudice...

& a favorite of mine, Sense & Sensibility.

My most recent creations are Paper Dolls of the
women of 'Downton Abbey', I truly ADORE 'Downton Abbey'!

These are just a few of the many Paper Dolls &
Bookmarks I have to offer at my etsy shop...
vintagesusie & wings.

Stop by & take a look, you just might see something
that makes you want to cut & paste again!
Do you remember what paste smelled like?
I do, to me it's the smell of childhood.  :)))