Thursday, September 9, 2010

help or fly???

Greeting Friends from sunny California!
Many of you already know & for those of you who don't..I'm headed to TEXAS for the Antique Festivals in Round Top, come Hell or High Water!!

Why, you may ask. Cuz I just WANT too!
{I feel like I'm 10}
I want to meet many of my bloggy buddies in person...

I wanna see a whole lot sh*t kickers like these, & frilly petticoats & cowgirl hats.

And I wanna go to this years Junk-O-Rama Prom & hang out with the Junk Gypsy's!

I hope to find Magnolia Pearl sitting in a booth...

spilling pearls of wisdom to all her Magnolia Groupies.
I wanna shop for antiques & find the most amazing finds on the face of the earth for only $10.
I already paid for my room in Weimar, Texas for the 24th ~ 29th & I'm just sooooo DAMN excited! {excuse my french} But my brain HURTS!!! {ouchhhh...}

Do I drive from So Cal to Texas alone, as I'm plum outta pals to ask to go with me?

Or do I fly into San Antonio & rent a car to take to the festival?

I can see the open road & bring back lots of antiques big & small.
I kinda hate to drive, I like to passenger, but I can if I need to.
It'll take a lot longer, but the haul could be incredible!

Fast, less time away, safer.
I have to rent a car which I've never done before...a little scarey.
I can only bring back small items, enough to fill an empty suitcase.
Maybe ship a few others if I can.

Sooooo, advice is soooooo welcome! I know I'm being a bit of a wimp, but I just can't decide on my own, I can see good & bad things about both choices.
Helppppppppp Me decide friends... I just can't do it on my own!

Big Hugs,


Sunday, September 5, 2010

a wild west extravaganza & a Winner!

Howdy Y'all!!!!
Since all things in my life right now are pointing towards TEXAS & Round Top & meeting my bloggie buddies & shopping like a fool & going to a prom & driving like a CRAZY person, alone, from California...
I thought this Give-Away should have a western theme!
So Round-Up your little doggies or whatever it is they round up in Texas, get out your pistols, put on a petticoat, hold on to your hat & let's get this party started!!!

In honor of this special occasion I've asked my friend & fellow Wild Child, Annie Oakley, to say a few words. Now, I don't know if any of you were in LOVE with the HBO series 'Deadwood', but I was & if that's really how Annie talks...I think we'll keep this PG & just wonder at her amazing 'Peerless Lady Wing-Shot'.
As she goes through some of her sharp shooting techniques the audience is enthralled, though silently praying she doesn't have to sneeze.

Another great friend of mine here to CELEBRATE, is Darlin' Dinah. She's a hard workin woman who works 2 jobs to keep herself in bullets. By day she's a daring gunslinger, but when that sun sinks slowly in the west, she's off to the 'Red Lamp District' where she sinks into a feather bed & rests her weary feet. {ps: her jewelry was designed by the junk gypsy's, sooo coooool}

I've done heard it said, that a man's best friend is his dog? Well, as you can see, a women's best friend is obviously her gun & her horse!

These gals came by especially to find out who the 'WINNER' is of my 300 Friends 'Wild West Show Extravaganza' & sadly to say...they meant business!
The gal on the right is wearin, my lamb from 'Lambs & Ivy Boutique' & the one on the left told me I'd better give her the prize cuz "she was Joni on Happy Days"!
Geez...the things a person has to go through to give away a prize. Those fools, don't they know I only do these things Fair & Square?
Enough Ladies...let's get to the GOOD STUFF!!
Drum roll please.
The much anticipated winner of my
300 Friends
Wild West Show
Extravaganza is...

Carol Anne of Carol Anne's Boutique, Congratulations Friend!!!!
As the crowd starts hootin' & hollerin' & shootin' off rounds into the air, some swearin' can be heard in the background from the gals who DIDN'T win vintagesusie's big prize. Joni's pissed! Since vintagesusie knows how to handle disgruntled women, she yells out into the crowd "whiskey shots on me"!
Enthusiastically the women all run over to the local bar to get drunk & brawl. Susie on the other hand, quietly climbs onto her appaloosa 'Mirage' & rides slowly in the opposite direction towards the setting sun & Round Top!
{oh yeah, that's a pic of my hubby tryin to lasso me back home, fearful of what kind of trouble this ole, crazy gal might get herself into in Texas without a man...sorry honey, I love ya...but a bloggy girl's gotta do, what a bloggy girl's got to do!}

Happy Trails Gals...