Monday, January 10, 2011

Embracing Change

Happy Monday Sweeties...
Hope your weekend was wonderful!
With the holidays over & some time on my hands, this weekend I decided to just PLAY. I made a huge cup of my much loved Cafe Mocha, stayed in my jammie's ALL day & cruised my way through some of my very favoritest blogspaces. I may not have commented on each & every one as I really was trying to see them all, but I so enjoyed feeling apart of all your grand & simple, honest & heartfelt, inspired & ordinary dreams for the New's hard not to do some revising & reevaluating when thinking of all the POSSIBILITIES!

{don't you love the intials, vs&w...I do. lol}
One post in particular really caught my eye & heart & not only did I want to participate,
but I wanted to share it with all of you.
Deryn Mertock creator of Something Sublime & an amzing jewelry designer, had been given an idea by a bloggy friend of hers, Rebecca Sowers of  "a Glance Back through your work to find your Creative Path Forward." Doesn't that sound inspiring?

{I just made my Heirloom Texas necklace this weekend with little toy charms I found at Round Top}
They both created a photo mosaic of their recent work and asked these questions:

Would I create this same piece again?
Would I wear this?
Is this something that really speaks of who I am artistically?
Will I still love this piece a year from now?
Five years from now?
Does this piece give me that special "ahhhh!" moment?

{my Heirloom Necklace with so many treasured memories}
Being a newbie to jewelry design & having never taken a class, I am still so 'in the process' of finding my way. In looking at my mosaic, I saw some of my 1st pieces that are a little more delicate then what I'm attracted to now & I realize that's just not me. I love chunky, junky, clumpy & nostalic jewelry..
they sing to my soul.

Hummm, why do I feel like following the course of 'Embracing Change' in the New Year?
First would be the great experience I had working on Riki's blog, Riki Jewelry. Each time I create with a new friend, I am forced to work outside my box & always learn something invaluable. This time it was how to alter & stretch templates & work in the html to achieve the desired look. Well it looked so darn good, I just HAD to do it to my own blog too! LOL Thanks Riki, I love the cleaner look & the possibility of larger images.

And secondly, following the path I have already started in my life, trying to Be Brave!
It doesn't come naturally to me friends. I know it may seem like I can be tough as nails & can accomplish anything if I put my mind & heart to it, but it does come at a price. Being Brave is not my usual reaction, being scared is. So this months brave task is, to take the two above pieces of jewelry, already mounted for presentation, to Stampington Publication for submission in Belle Armoire Jewelry. I'll just have to be patient & wait & see. Nothing extordinary can ever happen if you aren't brave enough to step out of the ordinary, now & then... right!
Next, a brand new header, I LOVE PS! ;)



trash talk said...

Change is good my friend...especially when I find it in the bottom of the washer!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you although I don't think you'll need it...the pieces are beautiful!
P.S. I haven't forgotten about sending you something...a little thing like life kinda got in my way for a moment!

Becca said...

Hi! I haven't seen you in a while, or maybe I just haven't been here, but now that the holidays are over, I too am looking forward to what 2011 has in store for me! Some things didn't move in the direction that I would have liked, so it's hard not to keep hoping and praying that 2011 will be the year! I love chunky jewelry too, and I wish you luck with your submission to Somerset, I think you will certainly make it. I also love your new blog new look, and I need to do something like that myself.
Have a great week!

Alice said...

Change is always difficult for me, and so is trying something new. I'm hoping to change that this year.

Your creations are beautiful! I'll bet B.A.J. will take them in a heartbeat.

I'm looking forward to spending 2011 with you and your lovely blog.

Libby Leuchtman said...

Hi! I am stopping by bloggers who are participating in Bead Soup with Lori. I am so glad I did your work and blog are very cool! Can't see what you create. See you soon.

Unknown said...

You go, brave friend of mine! So proud of you..

Cameron said...

Good for you! I'm applauding you case you couldn't hear me up there in the mountains :) It is my goal this year to submit some work, as well...

I'm rooting for you and expect to hear good news about this brave act (and more brave acts to come) in the future...heehee!

Diane said...

You go girl! Sometimes it takes that first step, that will lead you onto another, and then...over the moon!

Anji Johnston said...

You go for it girl!! No time like the present. Your work is simply scrumptious and deserves a spot on the front cover of B.A.J! I was a quivering mess last year when I was advised (by a blogging friend) to submit my digital art to Somerset Digital Workshop - but I did it none the less. I must admit I was a little disappointed when I got no response but never gave up hope. Then two weeks ago I received an e-mail from the editor to say that I will be published in the March edition! See, unless you try and get over that fear of the unknown, you will never know! So you do it dear friend. Have faith and conviction and you will know that ANYTHING is possible!

Charlene said...

Oh Susie Pearl... I remember us standing at Sandy Shores going through that huge container of charms. I LOVE what you did with them. AND I love the clean look of your blog as well as the design you did for Riki. I am thinking I need a freshen up. HUGS! Love Ya! Charlene Pearl

lordblessu said...

I love love your necklaces!!!!! I have some charms, maybe I should be brave and try to make one.
I too stepped out of my comfort zone and submitted my painted pieces to teach at a seminar. One I didn't get picked, but the other one I did. I had such a great time being "brave". I really am very shy. I could do it. I did do it!!!!!
Susie, I don't know how to get hold of you. I don't see an email address on this blog.
I look forward to seeing your blogs.

Sue said...

Love the refreshing look to the blog and am in awe of the gorgeous jewelry! I want a bracelet now after seeing these- and I've never been a bracelet girl! I only yesterday changed my blog header and would like to attempt some font changes. But I really need to study those html changes I saw in a tutorial. I'm a bit of a chicken, so I'll try it on my test blog first. I love using larger photos in minima stretch. I use Writer, too- so much easier than Blogger. Hope you're enjoying nicer weather than us here in Ohio. It's snowy and cold...... hugs, Sue

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Go for it girl! And pray for it too! I love the new header. Have fun with your new adventures!

VildesVerden said...

Love your jewlery

Suz said...

You really are doing a wonderful jobI i love the look of the many little charms and the mixed metals. I read the initial article, too, and thought it was really thoughtful. No, I wouldn't wear all I make. Sometimes I like to make " little" things that my daughter would wear or something I think (hope) someone would wear, just for a change. Lately I have made nothing because we are at Stanford and I don't have supplies. I sure wish I did or had a store to go to where I could take creative breaks! Riki is one of my heroines! I love what she does and I love
what you did with her blog.

Your mosaic is great, too, oh, woman of many talents!


Cindy said...

Susie, Just look at your new look for 2011! I love the magic you created with Riki's blog as well. I've been drawn to your design style from the start. :-)
Your charm necklaces are gorgeous...chunky and sentimental and everything I love. I think this will be a fantastic year ahead for you & I'm so happy we "met" in 2010! :-)